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Walls, William, 5 Viewfield terrace.
Warden, Arclid., 5 Bloonifield place.
Wilkie, John, writer, Hillhead house.
Wilson, Dr. Robert, 9 Bloonifield place.
Wolski, F. A., master at the High School
of Glasgow, 8 Hillhead place.
Wyld, John, 3 Bloonifield place.
Young, John, provision merchant, South
Woodside ; house, 4 Wellington street.
Young, Miss, 1 Wilson street
Black and Wingate, spin, and weav. fac.
Black, James, Eastvale.
Campbell, James.
Campbell, Mrs. Chas., smallware dealer.
Caldwell, Findlay, Kelvinhaugh cottage.
Caldwell and Ritchie, calico-printers.
Clark, John, gardener, Clayslaps, Wheat
Sheaf inn.
Craig, Allan, builder, 3 Kelvinhaugh St.
Davidson and Lonie, grocers, 27 Kelvin-
haugh street.
Dornin, Thomas, spirit merchant, 3 Kel-
vinhaugh street.
Fletcher, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 15, 17
Kelvinhaugh street.
Gillies, Duncan, market gardener, Over-
newton, Partick road.
Graham, George, millwright, Ferry-road,
Partick; house, Kelvinhaugh street.
Jenkins, Wm., groc, 13 Kelvinhaugh st.
M'Coll & Co., bleachers and finishers.
Reeves, H., Thoinbank cottage.
Reid, Peter, coal mer., agent for lighters,
&c, Pointhouse inn, Govan ferry.
Bitchie, William, Eastvale cottage.
Smith, T. and J.,gro. and spt. dealers, P.O.
Stephen, Alex., and Sons, iron and wood
shipbuilders; slip-dock and building-
yard, Kelvinhaugh.
Stevenson, John, & Son, grain millers,
Bishop Grain Mills, Partick.
Taylor, Mrs., Overnewton house.
Wilson, Robert, miller and grain mercht.,
Slitt Mills, Partick ; house, Slitt Mills.
Abbott, William, spirit dealer.
Alexander, Thomas, joiner.
Allan, Thos , ironfounder; ho. Garroch.
Bain, Isabella, furnishings.
Balgray Coal Co. ; G. WMngate, manager.
Barclay, And., & Co., Garscube Coal Wks.
Barclay, James, Garscube Coal Works:
Blair, Andrew, Dalsholm Print Works.
Brown, James, carter and potato mercht.
Bryan, David, saddler.
Bryce, James, carter, Garroch.
Buchanan, Robert, grocer.
Buist, Andrew, factor, Garscube.
Burnside, Robert, wright, Canniesburn.
Cairns, R., washer & bleacher, Bellgreen.
Carrick, James, grocer and spirit dealer.
Collins, Edward, & Son, paper-makers &
wood-grinders, Kelvindale.
Collins, Edward, jun., Kelvindale.
Colvin, Rev. John, minister.
Crookshanks, John, gardener, Killennont.
Cumming, David, carpenter, Kelvindock.
Danks, J., manager, Garscube Iron Wks.
Davidson, William J., Ruchill.
Davidson, J., manag., Garscube Coal Wks.
Davis, Wm., & Son, nail manufacturers.
Dickson, James, general grocer.
Dickson, T. M. ; house, Victoria place.
Dougall, Mis., storekeeper, Bcatervjg
Coal Works.
Dunsmore, James ; warehouse, Dalsholm.
Erskine, Miss A , teacher.
Ferguson, A., leader of Garscube patrole.
Fulton, William, farmer, Temple.
Garscube Quarry Co. ; J. Bennie, manag.
Gilchrist, D., & Co., Dalsholm Print Wks.
Gilchrist, David, Dalsholm.
Gordon, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer,
Knights wood.
Gow, Archibald, grocer.
Gowland, John, West Balgray house.
Graham, George, grocer.
Graham, James, gardener, Garscube.
Graham, Robert, Lochside.
Gray, William, spirit dealer, Botany.
Greenhill, James, gamekeeper, Garscube.
Harper, Wm., accountant.
Harrold, J., agent, Balgray Coal Works.
Henderson, Joseph, grocer and carter.
Hilson, Andrew, manager, Gas Works.
Horn, James, shoemaker, Wyndford.
Horn, John, Garbraid house.
Horn, Malcolm, coal-master.
Hunter, James & Walter, potato merehts.
Imrie, James, farmer, Caddercult.
Imrie, John, farmer, Caddercult.
Imrie, Win., farmer, Blackhill.
Jeffrey, Jas., manufact. ; ho. Wyndford.
Jeffrey, Rt., manufact ; ho. Wyndford.
Jeffrey, Rt.Jun., manuf. ; ho. Wyndford.
Jeffrey, W., cotton- spin. ; ho. Wyndtbid.
Johnston, Alexander, farmer, Lochburn.
Johnston, David, surgeon.
Johnston, George, farmer, Cadde;cult.
Johnston, Joseph, shoemaker.
Keir, John, cattle-dealer, Wyndford.
Kelly, Jame^, umbrella-maker.
Kenna, Rev. Patrick, Catholic clergyman.
Kinloch, Archibald, spirit dealer, Temple.
Kirkwood, Hugh, factor, Killermont.
Lennie, William, grocer.
Lyle, Alexander, farmer, Knightswood.
M'Arthur, A., & Co., Dalsholm pap. mill.
M'Callum, Daniel, Canniesburn toll.
M'Donald, D., grocer.
M'Donald, John, grocer.
M' Dougall, Mrs., straw-hat maker.
M'Dowall, William, grocer.

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