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Beckett, Hugh, 6 Hillhead place.
Bell, David, 15 Oaktield terrace.
Bell, Robert, manufac, 4 Gt. George st.
Bews, David, 7 Bloomfield place.
Borthwick, H. G. S., Rose cottage.
Bost, A., of A. Bost § Co. ; house, 6
Bloomtield place.
Bruce, William, Gilmorehill.
Caldwell, William, Great George street.
Canning, Thos., city porter, 9 Kelvinrow.
Carrick, D. M., acct., 8 Gt. Kelvin ter.
Clark, George, 8 Bloomfield place.
Clark, Peter, curator, R. Botanic Gardens.
Cochrane, John, 18 Oakfield terrace.
Cowan, William, accountant, Oakvale.
Crawford, J. Kerr, writer, Saughfield ho.
Crooks, Thomas, 3 Viewfield terrace.
Cullen, Mrs., 18 Great George street.
dimming, William, of Camming, Wallace,
(f Co., Queen street ; house, Bank st.
Dalglish, A. S., Hillhead house.
Douglas, John, measurer, 2 Smith street.
Douglas, Mrs. Alex., 8 Bloomfield place.
Duncan, John, 8 Oakfield terrace.
Duncan, Mrs. Jas., 7 Great Kelvin ter.
Edie, James, clerk, 11 Bloomfield place.
Farmer, William, grocer, P.O. Receiving
house, 1 Craiglaw place.
Ferguson, W. R., victualler, Kelvin row,
Frame, Thos., Dowanside,Observatory hill.
Gibson, James, 5 Portman place.
Govan, John, grain mer., 4 Portman pi.
Govan, William, jun., Southpark.
Govan, William, sen., Southpark.
Gray, Misses, 2 Bloomfield place.
Gwynneth, John, builder, So. Woodside.
Hamilton, Andrew, Tyrelield house.
Hamilton, M., Lilybank.
Hamilton, D. S , 5 Oakfield terrace.
Harper, Andrew, spirit and provision mer-
chant, 1 6 Eldon st. South Woodside.
Hay, Mr., G Hillhead place.
Hay, T., potato mer. & dairym., Ash cot.
Henderson, John, coach- builder, 5 Hill-
head place.
Henderson, William, 5 Bloomfield place.
Houston, J. G., 3 Great Kelvin terrace.
Jackson, Andrew, Kelvinside cottage.
Jackson, George, Kelvinside cottage.
Kay, A. jun., Dowanside, Observat. hill.
Ker, Alex., merchant, Florentine bank.
Kerr, John, writer, Saughfield house.
Kerr, John, 17 Oakfield terrace.
Kerr, Mrs. James, yr , 8 Bloomfield pi.
Knox, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 5 Bloom-
field place.
Lamont, John, 5 Kelvin terrace.
Leishman, John B., mer., 6 Oakfield ter.
Liebert, S. A., merchant, 11 Oakfield ter.
Lusk, D. H., paper manuf., South Wood-
side ; house, 9 Kelvin terrace.
M' Arthur, Mrs. James, 4 Hillhead place,
Bank street.
M'Arthur, Mrs., 12 Oakfield terrace.
M'Gregor, William, 9 Hillhead place.
M'Grouther, Mrs, 10 Bloomfield place.
MTndoe, James, wright and builder,
Hillhead place, Bank street.
M'Keand, Anthony, Thornville.
M'Meckin, John, & Son, florists, Blyths-
wood nursery, South Woodside.
M'Nab, Allan, teacher of writing, High
School; house, 10 Great Kelvin terrace.
M'Nichol, Arch., 4 Great Kelvin terrace.
M'Vey, William, cab proprietor, 14 Eldon
street, South Woodside.
Marshall, A. S., 1 Wilson street.
Marshall, J., of Chapelton, 14aL)akfield ter.
Martin, William, 1 Kelvin terrace.
Miller, James P., commission merchant,
11 Bloomfield place.
Morrison, Rev. James, of North Dundas
Street Evangelical Union Church;
house, 2 Viewfield terrace.
Murray, Stewart, landscape gardener ;
house, 2 Hillhead place.
Murray, Mrs, 18 Bloomfield place.
Murray, John B , mer., 1 Gt. Kelvin ter.
Napier, W., jun., coahnaster, Cowdenhill
Colliery, N. Kilpatrick ; ho. Oakvale.
Nichol, John Pringle, LL.O., professor of
Astronomy, Observatory.
Nicholson, S. T., 20 Great George street.
Ogilvie, Thomas, 12 Bloomfield place.
Ogilvie, W. B., 2 Kelvin terrace.
Pasly, Mrs., 8 Great Kelvin terrace.
Paterson, Andrew, merchant.
Paul, James, Great Kelvin terrace.
Ritchie, John, green grocer & com. agent.
Robertson, John, 4 Portman place.
Russell, Bernard, Oakvale.
Salmond, John, Cliff house.
Shanks, ■ 1 Wilson street.
Simson, Thomas, 4 Hillhead place.
Skene, A., com. agent, Blythsw. cottage.
Sloane, John F., 2 Portman place.
Sloane, Bliss, 3 Hillhead place.
Smith, David, civil engineer, West bank.
Smith, Duncan, gardener, Sauchfield cot.
Smith, R., com. agent, 1 Viewfield ter.
Smith, William, 11 Bloomfield place.
Smith, James, 9 Oakfield terrace.
Stewart, J., Gabrochill, 4 Oakfield ter.
Stirling, Mrs. Wm., 2 Oakfield terrace.
Sword, Robert, Marleybank.
Taylor, Rev. D , Oakfield house.
Thomson,E, of F. Thomson tj' Co. ; house,
Great George street
Thomson, Jonathan, Laurelbank.
Tod, William, 13 Oakfield terrace.
Ure, John, 3 Portman place.
Waddell, Thomas, 10 Kelvin terrace.
Wadham, Thomas, Oakvale house, Ilillh.
Walker, John E., 1 Great Kelvin ter.

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