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6 Munro, George, 100 Holm street.
Murphy, Jas., & Co., 16 Douglas street.
Murty, Peter, 98 London street.
Nairn, Archibald, 24 Cochran street.
Nairn, John, and Son, '26 Cochran street.
Nixon, William, 31 Graeme street.
Park, James, 159 London street.
Paterson and M'Farlane, 76 Wellington St.
b Paul, Matthew, 117 Duke street.
b Paul, William, 245 Duke street.
Peacock, Andrew, South Kinning place.
Petrie, David, 33 King street, Tradeston.
Phillips, James, 114 Waterloo street.
b Phillips, Thomas, 3 North Apsley place.
Pratt, Robert, 8 Melville street.
Ramsay, Mrs. John, 15 Macfarlane street.
Reid, Andrew, 279 Parliamentary road.
Reid, Hugh, 43 Anderson st. Gallowgate.
Reid, John, 154 East Milton street.
Robb, James, and Sons, 122 Saltmarket.
Robb, William, 8 Kirk street, Calton.
Rodger, John. 13 Well street, Calton.
Ross, David, and Son, 19 New wynd.
Rowand, Daniel, 38, 40 Bishop street.
6 Russell, James, Franklin terrace.
Sawers, James, 48 Stockwell street.
Sclanders, James, 33, 41 George square.
Sclanders, Robert, 38 Montrose street.
Shaw, William, 44 Wallace street.
Simpson, Ardrew, Cubie street.
Simpson, J., 88 Gallowgate & Union pi.
Small, Fred., 40 East Howard street.
Small & Barnet, 87 Renfrew street.
Smillie, Brothers, 83 Dumbarton rd. Part.
Steel, Thomas, 43 Brunswick street.
b Steven, George, 63 Duke street.
Stirrat, Hugh, & Son, 119 Henfield st.
b Taylor, J., & Brothers, 6 Main st. And.
Taylor, Thomas, 80 Cadogan street.
Templeton, Robert, 13 Stirling street.
6 Thomson, John, 54 Abbotsfurd place.
Thomson, Peter, 158 Great Hamilton st.
Trench, Thomas, 4 Centre street.
Turnbull, Joseph, 21 Greenhead street.
b Walls, Hugh, 91 Maitland street.
Ward, Robert, 106 North Frederick st.
Weir, William, 197 Thistle street.
b Wilkinson, John, 13 Dundas street.
Wilson, James, 27 Trongate.
Wilson, James, 73 W. Campbell street.
Wilson, James, 4 Great Hamilton street.
Wilson, John, 8 Cambridge street.
Wilson, John, 124 Crown street.
Wishart, I'eter, 12 North Portland st.
Wyper, John, 13 Salisbury street.
Young, Andrew, 251 Main st. Gorbals.
Younger, James, 172 Argyle street.
Alexander, James 33 West Nile street.
Allan, James, 20 Buchanan street.
Ambrose, Wm., 65 St. Vincent street.
Anderson, M., 14 Bridge street.
Anderson, Robert, 68 Glassford street.
Anderson, Thomas, 24 Hntcheson street.
Annan, William, 29 St. Vincent place.
Bain. Joseph, 33 West Nile street.
Baud, C. & R., &Muirhead, 54 W. Nile st.
Bannatynes & Kirkwood, 50 W. George st.
Bird, D., 107 Buchanan street.
Black and Dill, 116 St. Vincent street.
Blair, Horatius, 13 John street.
Blair, S. F., 53 Cumberland lane.
Boyd, John, 1 7 Gordon street.
Brown & Dunlop, 49 Virginia street.
Brown, Thomas, 49 Virginia street.
Bryson, John Burns, 166 Buchanan st.
Buchan, W. R., 1 Royal Exchange court.
Buchanan, John, 87 Union street.
Burnet, James B., 1 3 John street.
Burnet, John, 66 Hutcheson street.
Burns, William, 41 West George street.
Burrell, Alex., 4 South Hanover street.
Campbell, James, 36 St. Vincent place.
Campbell, John, 31 North Frederick st.
Carswell, Robert, 72 Wilsou street.
Christie, G. Fyffe, 24 Goidon street.
Clark, John, 146 Buchanan street.
Clark, Robert, 28 Miller street.
Colledge, William, St. Andrew's road,
Couper & Mackenzie, 13 St. Vincent pi.
Crawford, George, 97 West George street.
Cruickshanks, S. H., 36 Renfield street.
Cruden, James, 57 West Nile street.
Cunningham, George, 63 John street.
Cunningham, William, 39 Brunswick pi.
Davie, William, LL.D., Town-clerk, City
Dempster, Robert, 22 Renfield street.
Dick, Alexander, 153 Queen street.
Dick, Alexander, jun., 100 Brunswiek st.
Dick, Quintin, 48 Buchanan street.
Donald, C. D , & Sons, 37 Virginia street.
Donald, Colin D., 41 Virginia street.
Donald, C. D., jun., Commissary ClerJs-
depute of Lanarkshire, 41 Virginia St..
Donald, Samuel, 33 Buchanan street.
Douglas, R. D., 123 West George street.
Douglas and Rauken, 81 St. George's pi.
Drew and M'Clure, 11 Buchanan street.
Dunbar, John, 29 St. Vincent place.
Dunlop, Robert, 49 Virginia street.
Faulds, W. B., 46 George square.
Ferguson & Hall, 131 Buchanan street.
Findlay, John, 29 St Vincent place.
Finlayson, James, 28 St. Vincent place.
Fisher, Donald, 77 St. Vincent street.
Fleming, James S., Western Bank of Scot.
Fleming, William, 68 St. Vincent street.
Forbes, Arthur, Town-clerk, City Cham.
Forbes, D., 52 West Nile street.
Frazer, John, T., 22 Renfield street.
Gebbie, John, 146 Buchanan street.
Gibson, John, 17 St. Enoch lane.
Gemuiill, Andrew, 38 Queen street.

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