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Cameron, Catherine, 27 Stobcross street.
Cameron, Donald, 8 Canning st. Calton.
Campbell, A., 7 Clyde st. Port-Dundfis
Campbell, Archd., 64 M'Alpine street.
Campbell, John, 224 Gallowgate.
Carmiehael, James, 470 Gallowgate.
Carmichael, James, 122 Bridgegate.
Carrick, James, 47 Saltmarket.
Chalmers, John, Bogside, St. Rollox.
Clark, John, 6 Marlborough street.
Clark, John, 62 Stevenson street.
Clark, Margaret, 465 Gallowgate.
Coats, Philip, 18 Laigh Kirk close.
Cochrane, Hugh, 211 High street.
Cochrane, William, 121 Gallowgate.
Cochrane, William, 189 Main st. Gorbals.
Collins, James, 26 Marlborough street.
Colquhoun, J., 1 Clyde street, Calton.
Connell and M'Divett, 69 Bridgegate.
Corsair, David, 102 Great Hamilton st.
Costello, Patrick, 370 Gallowgate.
Cowan, James, 93 New Dalmarnock rd.
Cowie, James, 37 Port-Dundas road.
Craig, David, 40 William st. Anderston
Craig, James, 79 King street, Tradeston.
Craig, Robert, 661 Gallowgate.
Craig, Mrs. John, 81 North st. Anderston.
Crawford, Andrew, 37 Rutherglen road.
Crawford, Jas., 100 Thistle st. Hutchn.
Crawford, Mrs., 7 South Mungo street.
Crombie, Mrs., 31 Anderston quay.
Crow, John, 196 West Nile street.
Cullen, William, 30 Stevenson street.
Currie, James, 12 M'Alpine street.
Currie, William, 47 Abereromby street.
Dalglish, J. and J., 63 Norfolk street and
90 Bridgegate.
Daly, Denis, 18 Glebe street.
Darroch, William, 45 Burnside street.
Davidson, A., Ill New Dalmarnock rd.
Denholm, Mrs. J., 79 Main st. Bridgeton.
Devitt, James, 155 Bridgegate.
Dougall, Andrew, 597 Gallowgate.
Downs, Thomas, 252 High street.
Dunlop, Gilbert, 68 Main street, Gorbals.
Dunlop, Thomas. 538 Dobbie's loan.
Dunsmore, Joseph, 28 Main st. Calton^
Eaglesham, John, 64 Brown street.
Elder, David, 77 Castle street.
Fairlie, Mrs. Robt., 147 Gt. Hamilton st.
laulds, James, 22 West Campbell street.
Fell, John, 42 Kirk street, Calton.
Ferguson, T., 65 King street.
Fisher, Thomas, 1 King street, Mile-end.
Fleming, James, 28 Main street, Gorbals.
Fleming, Mrs., 49 Main street, Calton.
Forgie, Andrew, 275, 277 Garscube road.
Fotheringham, Miss, 38 Brown street.
Frame, Robert, 32 Duke street.
Fraser, Robert, 79 Carrick street.
Friend, George, 62 Maitland street.
Fulton, Hugh, 32 George street.
Goodlet, Alex., 134 Saltmarket.
Gray, Alfred, 130 Cowcaddens.
Gray, James, 39 George street, Mile-end.
Gray, John, 18 Clyde street, Anderston.
Gray, John, 39 Clyde street, Anderston.
Greenhorn, John, 45^ Crown street.
Halliday and Matheson, 102 Gallowgate.
Hamilton, Andrew, 26 Kent street.
Hamilton, Archibald, 29 M'Kechnie st.
Hamilton, James, 2 Clyde st. Anderston.
Hannay, Matthew, 23 Canning street.
Hannay, Thomas, 41 Gordon street.
Hannay, Mrs., 24 Duke street.
Harper, Andrew, 11 Stirling street.
Hay, John, 178 Stirling's road.
Hay, William, 134 Gallowgate and 93
Henderson, A., and Son, 127 Bridgegate.
Henderson, John, 43, 45 King street.
Henderson, Roderick, 95 Old vennel.
Hill, Andrew, 53 New street, Calton.
Hill, Robert, 80 Muslin street, Bridgeton.
Hislop, Robert, 39 Bishop st. Anderston.
Hodge, Robert, 3 Oxford street.
Horn, John, 139, 141 Castle street.
Howatson, James, 78 Abbotsford place.
Hume, R. and D., 75 Cumberland street.
Hunter, James, 1 30 Main st. Anderston.
Hunter, John, 142 Stirling's road.
Hunter, Robert, 32 Prince's street.
Hunter, Robt., 89 Main street, Anderston.
Hunter, Mrs., 80 Whitevale street.
Hutton, Robert, 55 Eglinton street.
Ireland, James, 99 High street.
Jack, James, 74 Garscube road.
Jack, Mrs. William, 231 Cowcaddens;
Jamieson, James, 24 Main st. Gorbals.
Johnston, Archibald, 73 High street.
Johnstone, James, 95 High street.
Johnston, Robert, 146 Thistle street.
Johnston, T., sen., 154 Main st. Gorbals.
Kelly, Thomas, 114 Main st. Gorbals.
Kennedy, Robt, Bluevale, 400 Duke st.
Kerr, James, 27, 29 New street, Calton.
King, Wm., 79 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Lachlan, C, 48 Canning street.
Lang, George, 286 Argyle street.
Latta, George, 90 Stevenson street and 5
Union street, Calton.
Latta, Thomas, 93 King street, Calton.
Lawson, Gavin, 129 Bridgegate.
Lawson, James, 52 Eglinton street.
Leitch, Charles, 27 Oswald street.
Liddell, Mrs., 19 Drygate.
Liston, Matthew, 10 Spoutmouth.
Lochhead, Thomas, 48 Dale st. Bridgeton.
Logan, James, 179 Gallowgate.
Loudon, William, 38 Ladywell street.
Low, David, 23 Norfolk street.
M'Bride, Alex., 3 Grove street.
M'Callum, John, 50 Hospital street
M'Cash, James, 433 Duke street.
M'Caul, Mrs., 340 High street.
M'Connechy, Miss Margaret, 63 Bell st.

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