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a Chisholm, James, 16 Commerce street.
Cook, John, 98 South Portland street.
a Cook, William, 14 Garthland street.
Dunbar, Thomas. 41 North Albion street.
a Gilmour, James, 81 Shamrock street.
Goetz and Davis, 109 Buchanan street.
Graham, Alexander, 34 York street.
Hamilton, William, 49 Cadogan street.
a Hennedy, Roger, 17 Holmhead street.
Innes, Robert, 45 John street.
Lang, John, 124 Trongate.
M'Alpine, John, 1 Royal Exchange court.
M'Laren, Walter, 57 West Nile street.
M'Nab, Alexander, 190 Trongate.
Morrison, Archibald, 18 Hutcheson street.
Morrison, John, and Son, 22 Pitt street.
Murphy, J. & A., 88 Glassford street.
Murphy, J., designer, 58 N. Hanover st.
Murphy, Neil, 107 Buchanan street.
Murphy, Thomas, 73 Hutcheson street.
Reid, Archibald L., Ill Virginia street.
Smith, James, 1 7 Virginia street.
Thomson, John, 50 Great Hamilton st.
Wright, John, 14 Garthland street.
Wylie, W. & R., 25 North Albion street.
Fyfe, James, Canal bank, Port-Dundas.
Henderson, William, 112 Blythswood ter.
M'Grouther, J., Canal bank, P.-Dundas.
Affleck, J., 172 Argyle st. and 6 Union st.
Adelphi Street Equitable Loan Office, 30
Adelphi street.
Blair, E., 3 College street.
Cameron, W., 229 Argyle street.
Clark, John, 79 Brown street and 82
M'Alpine street.
Couper & Co., 43 High street.
Devlin, John, 62 Stockwell.
Eastern Accommodation Co., 44 Trongate.
Eastern Loan Company, 482 Gallowgate.
Fairley, James, 288 Gallowgate.
Fleming, W., 27 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Eraser, John, 4 St. Andrew square.
Gillon, Neil, 3 Coulter's lane.
Glasgow Central Loan Co., 46 Saltmarket
and 12 Princes street.
Glasgow Equitable Loan Co., 109 Argyle
street and 9 Maxwell street.
Hamilton, William, 68 High street.
Hill, Walter, 10 Stirling square.
Holt, Miller, and Holt, 27 Maitland st.
Holt, T., & Co., 201 High street and 15
Herbertson street.
Hutchison, Henry, 11 George street.
Keanedyj Charles, 76 Gallowgate.
Logan, John, 2 Kent street.
Lundie, John, 8 East Clyde street.
M 'Arthur and Robb, 132 Gallowgate.
M'Connell, B., 27 King street.
Marshall, John, 54 Main street, Gorbals.
Ma}', John, 56 Bridge street.
Miller, John, 27 Maitland lane.
Murphy, A., & Co., 2 Tobago st. Calton.
Murphy, Henry, 137 Bridgegate.
New Equitable Loan Co., 139 Saltmarket:
John Taylor, manager.
Northern Loan Company, 1 1 George st.
Ogilvie, S. S., & Co., 4 Dunlop street.
Old Exchange Loan Co., 142 Trongate
and 48 Stockwell.
O'Neil, John, jun., 12 Princes street and
46 Saltmarket.
Scanlan, J , 113 Kinsf st. and 44 Bridg.
Scanlan, John, 30 Adelphi street.
Scouler, W., 6 Saltmarket, 17 Trongate.
and 10 Main street, Bridgeton.
Shannon, Charles, 6 Old Dalmarnock rd.
Smith and M'Mutrie, 104 Main st. Ander.
Smith, John, & Co., 44 Trongate.
Stirling Square Loan Office, No. 10.
Union Loan Co., 8 East Clyde street.
Union Load Fund, 5 Drury street.
Warrington, William, 173 Cowcaddens, 5
Ferguson street, and 110 Renfield st.
White, J., 141 Canning st. and 13 Orrst.
Baird, Steven, 57 New street, Calton.
Brown, John, 3 Glassford street,
Coventry, William, 300 Argyle street.
Gardner, J., 178 Hope street.
Kyle, W., 68 George street.
Lambie, Andrew, 301 High street.
Mackenzie, Wm., 32 Eglinton street.
Meek, John, 53 St. Vincent street.
Moore, John, 291 Sauchiehall street.
Naismith, John, 65 Ingram street.
Price & Co., 15 Cambridge street.
Provan, Hugh, 195 Gallowgate.
Provan, James, 181 Trongate.
Reid, John, 33 Sauchiehall street.
Shaw, William, 48 Jamaica street.
Stewart and Donald, 20 Argyle arcade.
Sturrock and Sons, 123 Buchanan st.
Tennent, Walter, 72 Queen street.
Wishart, Robert, 271 Buchanan street.
Wright, G., 7 Macfarlane street.
Drew, William, & Co., 66 Wilson street.
Galbraith, R., 118 King street.
Reid, H., 156 Argyle street.
Bito, H. L., 67 West Nile street.
Desahris, B., 20 Howard street.
Hughes, Cornelius J., 67 Buchanan st.
Magues, Louis, 64 Buchanan street.
Panton, James, & Co., 85 Buchanan st.
Taylor, John, 65 Jamaica street.

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