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Brunton, C. 3 Pitt street.
Campbell, W. M., 392 Parliamentary rd.
Anderson and Henderson, 13 Waterloo st.
and 50 Mitchell street.
Bain, D., 75 Cathedral street.
Brown and Gray, 45 Dundas street.
Brown, James, 273 George street and 30
George square.
Brown, Robert, 71 Mitchell street.
Ferguson, George, 14 North Portland St.
Finlay and Neilson, 94 Queen street.
Gibson, Joseph, & Co., 13 Dundas street
and 162 Buchanan street.
Graham, Wm., & Co., 53 Candleriggs.
Henderson, James, 73 "West Campbell st.
Jamieson, W., 33 George square.
Jeffrey, Wm., 101 Holm street.
M'AUister, Robert, 73 West Campbell st.
M'Craw & Kay, Melville lane, Gordon st.
M'Gown, W., & Co., 25 N. Albion street.
Miller and Bannerman, 30 Gordon street.
Miller, R., & Son, 29 Stirling st. and 94
Nelson street.
Nairn, John, & Son, 24, 26 Cochran st.
Paterson & M'Farlane, 76 Wellington st.
and 8 Cadogan street.
Sclanders, James, 33, 41 George square.
Sclanders and Paton, 38 Montrose st.
Scott, J. & A., & Co., 81 Wellington st.
Small & Barnett, 120 South Albion street.
Steel, Thomas, 43 Brunswick street.
Woodmas, James, 33 John street.
Those marked (a) are also Paperhangers.
Aird, Andrew, 9 Buchanan street.
a Anderson, David. 92 Glassford street.
a Anderson, H. L., 19 Renfield street.
Arnot, James C, 96 St. Vincent street.
a Arnot, Thomas, 96 St. Vincent street.
Auld, John, 165, 290 High street.
Barclay, R., & Curie, 59 M'Alpine street.
a Bicket, James, 32 Bridge street.
a Black, John, 132, 134 London street.
a Bogle, Hugh, & Co., 50 Gordon street.
a Bowie, C. T., 50 Queen street and 26
Bothwell street.
a Brown, James, 40 King st. Tradeston.
a Buchanan, Archibald, 25 Kent street.
a Buchanan, James, 18 York street.
Burden, John, 33 Saltmarket.
Cairney, John, 46 Bath street.
a Cairns, John, 97 High street.
a Carlton, Chas., & Co., 20 Stevenson st.
a Clubb, James, 31 Findlay street.
Craig, Peter, 48 Stockwell street.
a Currie, Edward, 32 Main st. Bridgeton.
a Daly, Michael, 73 West Campbell st.
Elliot, Jas. and Archd., 18 Bridge street.
a Ferguson, R., & Son, 139 Cambridge st.
Fisher, Peter, 55, 57 High street.
a Fletcher & Martin, 233 Buchanan street.
Gilchrist, Robert, skip, 8 Brown street.
a Gilfillan, William, 46 Gordon street.
a Granger, W., 6 Rose & 11 Crown sts.
a Gray, Charles, 6, 8 Bath street.
Grierson, William, 16 Green street.
a Guthrie, John, 184 Sauchiehall street.
a Halley, John, 53 Cambridge street.
a Hastie, Mrs. William, 51 Hutcheson st.
a Hay, William, 39 Castle street.
Hobbs, Samuel, 60 Anderston quay.
a Hutcheson, Geo., Renfrew' court.
a Johnston, A., 13 Cathcart street.
Kerr, James, 10 Windmill croft.
a Kerr, James, 70 King street, Tradeston.
a Laird, James, 69 Stevenson st. Calton.
a Lawrie, Thomas, 24 Union street.
a Liddell, A., & Co., 192 Trongate and
43 Queen street.
a Lindsay, John, and Son, 84 Brown st.
a Loekhart, Robert, 117 London street.
a Lyle, James, 4 Gibson street.
M'Alpine, Charles, 217 Sauchiehall street.
M'Call, David, 39 Clyde st. Port-Dundas.
a M'Calman, Donald, 186 St. Vincent st
and 6 Royal Bank place.
M'Intosh, John, 112 New City road.
a MTntosh, Thomas, 5 Bath street.
M'Kay, John, 28 Kent street.
a M'Kenzie, Ewing, 116 Blythswood ter.
a M'Kenzie, Mrs. David, 19" Norfolk st.
M'Leod, Alexander, 242 High street.
a Menzies, T. and W., 40 Sauchiehall st.
a Middleton, M., & Co., 116 Union st.
a Minto, J., 73 Union street.
a Mitchell, James, 27 King street.
a Morison, Daniel, 89 Union street.
a Murdoch, Wm., & Co., 7 S. Portland st.
a Murray, David, 9 Findlay street.
a Newlands, A., 554 Gallowgate.
a Ormiston, Peter, 120 West Nile street.
a Paul, James 8 Dale street.
a Popple, Wm., 47 Nelson st. Tradeston.
Railton, George, 419 Gallowgate.
Ramage and Brown, 61 Union street.
a Ramsay, Alexander, and Sons, 5 East
Nile street.
a Rankin, A., 67 Garscube road.
Rankin, Thomas, 26 Sauchiehall street.
a Rankin, Thomas, 64 George street.
a Rattray, George, 174 West Nile street.
Robinson, J. & N., 179 Gt. Hamilton st,
Rodger, D., 50 Main street, Anderston.
Roebuck, Jonathan, 75 Eglinton street.
Roger, Samuel, 74 Main st. Anderston.
a Rogers, John, 23 Nelson st. Tradeston.
a Ross, Charles, 24 Cleland street.
a Russell, John, 19 Eglinton street
, a Scobie, David S., 76 Bath street.

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