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M'Gregor, Mrs., 50 North Albion street.
M'Intosh, Miss, 184 Hope street.
M'lntyre, Mrs., 20 Nelson street.
M'lutyre, Misses, 8 Bedford street.
M'lntyre, Misses, 41 Main's street.
M'Kay, Miss, 32 Stevenson st. Calton.
M'Kechnie, Misses, 93 Abercromby st.
M'Kinnon, Miss, 41 Main st. Anderston.
M'Lause, Misses, 69 Eglintou street.
M'Lean, Misses, 6 Wellington street.
M'Lean, Miss C, 70 Argyle street.
M'Naughton, Misses, 86 Rutherglen road.
M'Neil, A., 33 Nelson street, Tradeston.
M'Phail, Mrs., 63 Stockwell street.
Mair, Mrs., 47 Wallace street.
Maltraan, Misses, 42 John street.
Marchbank, Susan, 26 S. Wellington st.
Martin, M., 51, 52 Argyle arcade.
Meggat, Miss, 4 Great Hamilton street.
Menzies, Misses, 166 West Regent street.
Meyer, Charles, 14 Moore place.
Miller, Mrs., Wm., 35 Renfrew street.
Miller, Miss, 283 Sauchiehall street.
Miller, Miss,. 5 Wellington arcade.
Milliken, Miss, 3 Gerraiston street.
Milne, Miss, 208 Hope street.
Mitchell, M. S., 75 Renfield street.
Moffat, Mrs., 18 Nelson street.
Monock, Mrs , 242 Gallowgate.
Morrison, Misses, 21 Castle street.
.Morton, Mrs. Agnes, 4 Queen arcade.
Muir, Misses, 1 Corunna street.
Munro, Mary, 67 Nelson st. Tradeston.
Muirhead, Miss, 104 Sauchiehall street.
Murdoch, Miss M., 86 Sauchiehall street.
Murray, Mrs., 181 Buchanan street.
Murray, Misses, 143 West Regent street.
Neilson, Miss, 23 Centre street.
Oliver, Misses, 47 Sauchiehall street.
Paterson, Miss, 239 Sauchiehall street.
Pearson, Mrs., 223 Sauchiehall street.
Primrose & Jervey, Misses, 144 Sauchie-
hall street.
Rankin, Misses, 134 Blythswood terrace.
Rattray, Mrs. Patrick, 3 Bath street.
Reid, Euphemia, 243 Duke street.
Reid, Mrs. J., 78 Govan street.
Renwick, Miss, 28 Rose pi. Rose street.
Robertson, Miss, 86 Sauchiehall street.
Robertson, Miss, 166 Hospital street.
Robertson, Misses, 176 Sauchiehall street.
Robertson, Misses, 28 Jamaica street.
Roxburgh & Co., 5 Abercromby place.
Roxburgh, Misses, 40 Union street,
Russell, Marion, 19 Adelphi street.
Russell, A. & M., 223 Main st. Gorbals.
Saunders, Misses, 44 Shamrock street.
Sclanders, Misses, 56 King street.
Shanks, John, 29^ Bridge street.
Shields, Misses, 98 West George street.
Sim, Misses, 8 Sauchiehall street.
Simpson, George, 93 St. Vincent street.
Simpson, Mrs. George, 68 Renfield street.
Smart, Mrs., 77 Carrick street.
Smith, Mrs., 37 John street.
Smith, Mrs., 141 Clarence place.
Smith, Mrs., 26 Argyle arcade.
Smith, Misses, 425 Argyle street.
Smith, Misses, 146 Renfrew street.
Somerville, Mrs. J., 260 West Bath st.
Somerville, Misses, 1 Cranston place.
Spaven, Mrs., 5 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Spence, Misses, 46 Shamrock street.
Stewart, Miss Jane, 435 Argyle street.
Stewart, Miss, 166 West Regent street.
Stirton, Mrs., 353 Argyle street.
Strong, Mrs. W., 10, 1*2 Nelson street.
Tait, Miss, 109 Renfrew street.
Taylor, Miss E., 24 Gt. Hamilton street.
Thomson, J. and A. B., 8 Nor. Clyde st.
Thomson, Mrs., 10 East Russell street.
Thomson, Miss, 66 Sauchiehall street.
Turnbull, Misses, 21 Cranston street.
Tweedie, Mrs. A., 200 Sauchiehall street.
Waddell, Misses, 50 Argyle arcade.
Walker, Agnes, 58 Argyle arcade.
Walker, James, 61 South Portland street.
Wallace, Mrs., 98 Cowcaddens street.
Wallace, Miss C, 95 Nelson st. Tradest.
Wardle, G. I., 42 Argyle arcade.
Ware, Miss, 48 Garscube road.
Watson, Miss Jane, 493 Gallowgate.
Weatherhead, Mrs., 135 West Nile street.
Wilkie, Mrs , 191 Sauchiehall street.
Williams, Miss, 41 Young street.
Williamson, Misses, 35 Renfrew street.
Wilson and Miller, 6 Nicholson street.
Wilson, Mrs., 3 1 5 Argyle street.
Wright, Mrs., 39 Bell street.
Young, Gavin, 232 Gallowgate.
Young, Mrs. Gavin, 19 Stevenson street.
Young, Miss, 151 Sauchiehall street.
Zuill, M., 16 London street.
Aitken, J., & Co., Cranstonhill Foundry.
Brodie, Thomas, 152 London road.
Brown, John, and Sons, Govanhaugh.
Campbell and Christie, 598 Gallowgate.
Canal Basin Foundry Co., Port-Dundas.
Drummond, Robt., 69 and 71 Canning st.
Duff, J., & Co., Oakbank Engine-works.
Eadie, Wm., & Co., 25 St. Enoch lane.
Forrest, E., 11 Soho place.
Forrest, James, 1 Hope street, Anderston.
Forrest, Wm., & Co., 112 Dobbie's loan.
Hamilton, John, 112 West George street,
and Johnstone, by Paisley.
Hoey, Kennedy, & Co., 56 Cook street.
Howie, Wm., 54 Union street.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lawrie, & Co., Clyde Holm Foundry,
Lister, Alex., & Co., John St. Foundry.

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