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Carswell, A., sen., 104 Queen street.
Carswell, J., 14 Killermont street.
Carswell, William, jun., 14 Killermont St.
Christie, John, jun., 5 Kew terrace.
Cochran, John, 28 Cook street, Tradeston.
Coghill and King, 135 Hospital street.
Corbett, Robert, 37 Stevenson st. Calton.
Coulter, John, 8 Park place, Paisley rd.
Craig, Robert, 157 Crown street.
Crawford, James, 88 Commerce street.
Crawford, Robert, 458 Duke street.
Cruickshank, James, 89 East Milton st.
Cruickshank, R., & Son, 89 East Milton st.
Cruickshank, R., 53 Holmhead street.
Denholm and Nisbet, 131 Dundas street.
Dick, James, 103 South Portland street.
Dunbar, James, 173 Great Hamilton st.
Dykes, John, 12 Canning street.
Eaton, F. and C, 16 Rosehall street.
Edmiston, W. T., 124 Crown street.
Ferguson, J. and S., 26 Cumberland place.
Findlay and Barr, Graham street, west.
Findlay, John, 14 Woodlands road.
Findlay, William, Parson street.
Forgan, Thomas, 32 Pollok street.
Fulton, Hugh, 18 South Portland street.
Galloway & Lumsden, 1 1 Gt. Western rd.
Gardner, William, Cranstonhill street.
Gemmell, Alex., 50 William st. Anderst.
Govan, John, sen., 573 Main street.
Graham, James, 184 George street.
Grant, James, jun., 27 Douglas street.
Grant, James, 2 Hope street, Anderston.
Hay, James, 07 Eglinton street.
Henderson, M., 137 Cambridge street.
Henderson & Paterson, 69 William street,
Herbertson, Jas., & Sons, 37£ Bedford st.
Herbertson, J., & Brothers, Lynedoch st.
Hunter, Thomas, 58 High street.
Hutcheson, James. 69 Norfolk street.
Johnston, R., 12 Canning st. Greenhead.
Keltie, David, 160 Hill street.
Kennedy, Hugh, Windsor place, Partick.
Kerr, Wm. and T., Kerr street, off St.
James' road.
Laing, John, 59 St. James' road.
Lamb, James, 55 Cathedral street.
Lamb, John, 160 Graham street.
Law, David, 9 Abercorn street, N. C. rd.
Lawrie, J., 206 Mayfield place, North st.
Lindsay, Peter, 118 Possil road.
Lindsay, R., 317 Bath street.
Lyon, David, 26 South Portland street.
M'Call, William, 5 Balmanno street.
M'Callum, Duncan, 1 7 Pitt street.
M'Coard, Robert, 517 St. Vincent street.
M'Donald, A. & J., 23 Broad street.
M'Dowall, John, 220 Main st. Gorbals.
M'Farlane, R., 34 Anderson st. Partick.
M'Gregor, Alexander, 24 Cook street.
M'Guffie, T., 35 Miller street
M'Indoe, James, Wilson street, Hillhead.
MTntyre, John, 27 Charlotte street.
M'Kinnon, John, 14 Young street.
M'Lean, Allan, 211 Thistle street.
M'Lean, William, 12 Anderson street.
Manuel, Mrs. A., 49 Duke street.
Miller, D., & Co., 53 Dale st. Tradeston.
Miller, James, 281 Dobbie's loan.
More, David, Hayburn place, Partick.
Muir, J. & R., 22 Taylor street.
Munro, George, 100 Holm street.
Neilson, John, 348 Parliamentar)' road.
Neilson, William, 36 Bothwell street.
Neilson, William, 56 Whitevale.
Orr, Hugh, 8 Finnieston street.
Park, Samuel, 14 Maitland street.
Paul, M., 117 Duke street.
Paul, William, 245 Duke street.
Philip, Andrew, 435 Argyle street.
Philip, Andrew, jun., 230 Holm street.
Philips, Thomas, 3 North Apsley place.
Philp, Robert, 93 Pitt street.
Reid, Andrew, 279 Parliamentary road.
Rennie, John, 355 Sauchiehall street.
Russell, James, Franklin ter. Partick rd.
Scott, James, 25 West street.
Scott, James, 19 St. Vincent crescent.
Shannan, Peter, 105 Stockwell street.
Sharp, George, sen., 32, 34 Cambridge st.
Sharp, George, & Co., 25 Clyde street,
Shaw, Alexander, 68 Surrey place.
Smith, Robert, 6 1 Duke street.
Sommerville, A. J. Letters left at 93
Spence, James, 41 Macfarlane street.
Stenhouse, George, 84 Finnieston street.
Steven, George, 63 Duke street.
Stirrat, Hugh, & Son, 119 Renfield street.
Stobo, William, 42 Maitland street.
Taylor, J. & R., 177£ St. Vincent street.
Taylor, William, 23 Bath street.
Taylor, William, jun., 118 Union street.
Thomson, John, 54 Abbotsford place.
Veitch, Robert, 6 Cambridge street.
Waddell, William, 52 Holmhead street.
Walls, Hugh, 91 Maitland street.
Watson & Bruce, 129 Cambridge street
and 30 Bath street.
Watt, John, 8 Sauchiehall street.
Wilkinson, Jn., 13 Dundas st. Kingston.
Wilson, John, & Son, 468 Gallowgate.
York, W., 30 Hope street,
Cameron, Paul, 87 London street,
Cameron & Blakeney, 76 Great Clyde st.
Gardner & Co., 21 Buchanan street.
Gardner, William, 3 Royal Bank place.
Hilliard & Chapman, 56 Buchanan street.
Hilliard, W. B., 148 Buchanan street.
Long, John Jex, 46 Trongate.

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