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George street. Surveyor — Jas. Cowan,
64 St. Vincent street. — See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
Christian Mutual Provident Society, 33
Glassford St.; Robt. Stark, secretary.
Church of England Insurance Office, 54
West Nile St. ; R. Baird, agent and sec.
City of Glasgow Life Assurance and Re-
versionary Company's Office, 40 St.
Vincent place. Daniel Walkinshaw,
manager. — See Advertisement in App.
City of Glasgow Native Benevolent As-
sociation. R. Findlay, of Eas.terhill,
president; Andrew Tennent, writer, 40
George square, secretary : and Andrew
M'Ewan, accountant, 28 St. Vincent
place, treasurer.
City of Glasgow Property Investment
Society, 59 St. Vincent st. J. "VVyllie
Guild, manager.
City of London Life and Deposit Assur-
ance Society and Annuity Office. Allan
Anderson, 26 Florence place, Stanley
street, Woodlands road, agent. — See
Advertisement in Appendix.
Colonial Life Assurance Co., 35 St. Vin-
cent place. W. Brown, jun., resident
secretary; Henry B. Lacy, 54 St. Vin-
cent street, agent.
Commercial Credit Mutual Assurance So-
ciety of London, 48 Queen st. Robert
Scoble. agent.
County Fire Office, Regent st. London.
Agents, Robert Gow, jun., 71 Queen St.,
and Tolmie and Feid, 8 Prince's sq.
Crown Life Assurance Co. of London.
James Watson, 32 St. Viucent place,
Defender Fire and Life Insurance Co. of
London. Agents for Glasgow : George
Wink, 42 West George street, John L.
Mackirdy, 53 St. Vincent street, and
Dixon and Dow, 25 Gordon street. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Economic Life Insurance Co , 68 St. Vin-
cent street. A. W. Stewart, agent.
Economic Life Assurance Co., London.
Thomson, Ritchie, and Craig, agents,
101 Miller street.
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., 59 St.
Vincent st. Knox and Guild, agents,
and David Lockhart, 36 Renfield street.
Engineers' Masonic and Universal Mutual
Life Assurance Society, 98 West Nile
English and Cambrian Assurance Society,
13 Dixon street. R. M. Peare, agent.
English and Scottish Law Life Assurance
and Loan Association, 46 George sq.
Equitable Fire and National Loan Fund
Life Assurance Co. D. M. Dewar,
Western Bank, Miller street, agent.
Equitable Fire Insurance Co. D. M. Dewar,
Western Bank ; William Jamieson, ac-
countant, 15 Buchanan street, agents.
Era Insurance Society, 140 East George
street. Andrew Mercer, agent.
Essex Economic Fire Assurance Associa-
tion. David Clark, 20 Union street,
agent; James Robertson, 97 Union
street, manager and agent.— See Ad-
vertisement in Appendix.
European Life Insurance and Annuity
Company. John Watkins, 40 George
square, agent.
Family Endowment Society of London.
William Carrick and Son, Virginia
buildings, and Marshall, Hill, and Hill,
41 West George street, agents.
Fire Insurance Co. of Scotland. Charles
J. Ord, 116 St. Vincent street, agent.
General Fire and Life Assurance Company.
David lule, 40 Miller street, and Jas.
Couper, 12 Royal Exchange square,
Glasgow Annuity Society, 49 Virginia St;
Thomas Brown, secretary.
Glasgow Provident Investment Society,
85 W. George street. John D. Ewing,
agent and manager.
Globe Insurance Office. James Christie,
22 Renfield street; S. M. Penney, 16
St. Vincent pi. ; and Robert Buchanan,
157 Buchanan street, agents.
Gresham Life Assurance Office. Craig,
Bissett, & Co., 303 Argyle street, and
Neil Johnston, 288 Buchanan St., agts.
Guarantee Society of London. Brown &
Dunlop, writers, 49 Virginia st., agts.
Guardian Assurance Co., 1 9 Cochran st.
D. T. Perry, and John Porteous, 33
Buchanan street, agents.
Hercules Fire Insurance Co. Wm. Nel-
son, 69 Glassford street, agent.
Imperial Fire & Life Insurance Companies.
Alexander Dawson, 24 St. Vincent st. ;
Kelly & Co., 106 Virginia st. ; D. E.
Outram, 88 St. Vincent st. ; and Jas.
Pearston, 1 1 West Nile street, agents.
Industrial & General Life Assurance and
Deposit Co. George M'Farlane, 116 St.
Vincent street, and George Wink, 42
West George street, agents.
Insurance Co. of Scotland. J. C. Foulds,
64 Buchanan street; J. C. Ord, 116
St. Vincent st. ; Thomas Wyld, Com-
mercial Bank; Gabriel Neil, 13 Vir-
ginia street ; and Charles Thorburn, 33
Virginia street, agents. R. S. Hamil-
ton, 179 St. George's road, surveyor. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Kent Mutual Fire Insurance Society.
Office, 98 West Nile street. R. Thom-
son, 240 Argyle street, agent.
Lancashire Fire and Life Assurance Co.,
David Stewart, 4 South Hanover st., re-

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