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Thomson, J. & J , 87 Union street.
Thomson, John, 21 Drygate.
Thomson, Ritchie, & Craig, 101 Miller st.
Thomson, William, 34 Kent street.
Turnbul), John, 35 Union street.
Turnbull, John, 1 Kinning place.
Ore, Robert, 10 Graham st. Bridgeton.
Walker, Peter, 9 St. Vincent place.
Walker, Robert, 21 Stockwell.
Watson, R. B., County builds. Wilson st.
White & Gardner, 20 Buchanan street.
Whyte, James, 35 Miller street.
Wilson, James, 33 Bath street.
Wilson, William, 67 Trongate.
Woodside, Archd., 112 West George st.
Young, Peter, 475 Gallovvgate.
Bellingham, John, 165 Stirling's road.
City of Glasgow Works, 33 Douglas st.
Douglas, William, 61 Nelson street.
Johnstone, T., & Co., 137 George street.
M'Dougall, Dougall, 33 Douglas street.
Port-Dundas Ink Co., 33 Douglas street.
Robertson, James, 3£ College street.
Abbotsford Hotel, 25 Nelson street, Mrs.
Albert Hotel, 63 Wilson street, John
Coulthard. — See Advertisement in Ap-
Albion Hotel, 74 Argyle street, M. and A.
Antigua Bay Inn, 55 Bell street, R. B.
Ayrshire Hotel, 47 Clyde place, Jas. Orr.
Ayrshire Inn, 66 New wynd, W. Calder.
Balloch Hotel, foot of Lochlomond, Alex-
ander Williamson.
Bell Hotel, 40 Great Clyde street.
Biack Bull Inn, 259 Duke street, John
Long well.
Buck's Head Hotel, 61 Argyle street,
Charles P. Bush.
City Temperance Hotel, 39 Stockwell,
John Lennox.
Clyde Hotel, 13 Anderston quay, Henry
Clydesdale Inn, 15 East Nile street, M.
Coach Close Inn, 151 Gallowgate, John
Commercial Hotel, 169 Buchanan street,
Commercial Hotel, 9 Glassford street,
Mrs. Wm. Forrester.
Cossack Inn, 39 Miller's place, Andrew
. M'Lellan.
Coulthard 's Hotel, 63 Wilson street.
Cranston's Hotel, 39 George square.
Crow Hotel, 25, 33 Geo. sq., Jas. Dickson.
Donelly's Hotel, 88 Trongate.
Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street,
John Gibson.
Eagle Hotel, 4 York street, Mrs. Collier.
Garrick Hotel, 24 Stockwell, George
M 'Donald.
Garrick Hotel, 30 Dunlop street, Alex-
ander M'Laren.
George Hotel, 210 Argyle st., Mrs. Shearer.
George Hotel, 26 George sq., J. Walker.
Glasgow Bridge Inn, 20 Broomielaw,
J hn M'Niel.
Glasgow and Liverpool Hotel, 1 Ander-
ston quay, Andrew Anderson.
Globe Hotel, 45 George sq., Jas. M'Lean.
Imperial Hotel, 26 Broomielaw, John
King"s Head Inn, 20 Stirling street,
John Drummond.
Lambre's Hotel, 64 Great Clyde street.
London Temperanc3 Hotel, 29 Maxwell
street, Alexander Graham.
Londonderry Hotel, 3 Anderston quay,
Alexander Speed.
Lord Byron Hotel, 6, 8 Broomielaw,
J. and W. Smith.
M'Donald's Hotel, 49 Broomielaw.
Maxwell's Hotel, 1 Anderston quay.
National Hotel, 10 St. Enoch square,
Mrs. David Crawford.
New Wellington Hotel, 272 George st.,
James Norris.
North British Hotel, Francis Josez, 7 N.
Queen street.
Queen's Hotel, The, 70 George square,
James M'Gregor.
Railway Arms Hotel, 16 Bridge street,
Alexander Dewar.
Railway Hotel, 7 Clyde place, J. Govan.
Rainbow Hotel, 6 Bridge street, James
Ramsay's Inn, 10 Charlotte street.
Red Lion Hotel, 72 Great Clyde street,
James Melville.
Regent Hotel, 49 Broomielaw and 2 Os-
wald street, Donald M'Donald.
Robertson's Inn, Paisley road.
Rose Hotel, 109 Argyle street, Mr3. G.
Royal Arms Hotel, 17 Anderston quay,
Andrew Strathern.
Royal Hotel, 66 George square, James
Royal Hotel, 1 N. Queen street, Donald
St Vincent Hotel, 93^ Main street, An-
derson, Andrew Orr.
Star Hotel, Sandyford, James Paterson.
Star Hotel, 302, 304 Buchanan street,
Peter M'Donald.
Temperance Hotel, 108 Argyle St., Mrs.
Temperance Hotel, 72 Broomielaw, John

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