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Sinclair, John, 12G Main st. Bridgeton.
Sinclair, Mrs. D., 109 Main st. Gorbals.
Sinclair, Mrs. D., 100 Cambridge street.
Sloan, Mrs. James, 65 St. James' road.
Smeal, John, 265 Argyle street.
Smeal, W. & R., 161, 163 Gallowgate.
Smith, Alex., 47 Orrst., 222 Main street,
Bridgeton, 164 New Dalmarnock road.
Smith, Andrew, 34 Main st. Bridgeton.
Smith, George, 20 Melville st. Tradeston.
Smith, James, 382, 508 Gallowgate.
Smith, James, 36, 38 Stirling's road.
Smith, John, sen., 11 Clyde street, Calton.
Smith, John, 52 South Wellington street.
Smith, John, 279 Dobbie's loan.
Smith, M. A., 337 High street.
Smith, Eobert, 140 South Portland street
and 18, 20 Bedford street.
Smith & Sharp, 75 Argyle street.
Snedden, Mrs., 86 Abercromby street.
Speirs, John, 16 Millroad street.
a Speirs, Robert, 217 Holm street.
Sproul, E., Possil road, Old basin.
Stark, D., & Co., 22 Wilson street.
Steel, James, 127, 129 Stobcross street
and 67 Finnieston street.
Steel, R., 13 Cranston place, Anderston.
a Steel, Mrs. Thomas, 50 Salisbury street.
Stevenson, Alex., 3 West George street.
Stevenson, J., 202 Main st. Anderston.
Stewart, Alex., 227 Duke street.
Stewart, R., 1 Nelson street, Tradeston.
a Stewart, W., 49 Commercial road.
Stewart, Mrs. R., 148 Rutherglen road.
Stewart, Fanny, 18 South Coburg street.
Stewart, Margaret, 2G Cleland street.
Stirling, James, 30 John st. Bridgeton.
Stirrat, Robert, 18 Clyde place.
Struthers, Alex., 12 Bath street.
Stmthers, Robert, 44^ Adelphi street.
Swan, Donald, 72 Crown street.
Templeton, James, 48 William st. Ander.
Thom, John, 19 Stirling's road.
Thomas, Thomas, 71 Garscube road.
Thomson, Andrew, 94 Thistle street.
Thomson, Charles, 116 Broomielavv st.
Thomson, George, 82 Garscube road and
54 Milton street.
Thomson, James, 7 Rottenrow.
Thomson, J., 263 Gallowgate and 231
High street.
Thomson, James, 71 Main st., Anderston.
Thomson, John, 106 King street and 85
Back wynd.
Thomson, John, 35 Eglinton street.
Thom on, John, 22 Stevenson street.
Thomson, Robert, 37 Milton street.
Thomson, William, jun., 4 Kelvingrove st.
Torrance, David, 197 Castle street.
Towart, Mrs., 53 Cumberland street.
Tulloch, Mrs. William, 40 1 Argyle street.
Turnbull, David, 236 High street.
a Turnbull, Wm., & Co., 23 Cranston st.
Virtue, Mrs., 18 Marlborough street.
a Waddell, Archibald, 656 Gallowgate.
Walker, J., & Co., 128 Buchanan street.
Walker, John, 4 Taylor street.
Walker, Peter, 5 Corn una place.
Walker, Walter, 233 New City road.
a Walsh, Thomas, 175 Finnieston st.
a Wares, David, 54 M'Alpine street.
Wark, William, 79 Dalmarnock road.
Waterson, Miss Ann, 22 Scotland street.
Watson, James, 167 Duke street.
Watson, James, 109 Canning street.
Watson, R., 151 Main street, Bridgeton.
a Watson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Love loan.
Watt, J. and R., 2 Cathedral street, and
67 Dundas street.
Weir, George, 42J Govan street.
Weir, James, 85 Nelson street, Tradeston.
a Weir, Mrs., 56 John street, Bridgeton.
a Welsh, James, 103 Canning st. Calton.
White, Quintin, 89 Finnieston street,
a Whitelaw, James, 16 Cheapside street.
Whitelaw, Robert, 17 Bath street.
Wilkie, Duncan, 430 Parliamentary road.
Williamson, John, 50 Candleriggs.
Williamson, John, 315 Sauchiehall street.
a Wilson, Adam, 137 Main st. Bridgeton.
Wilson, Arthur, 201 Main street, Gorbals,
and 2 1 Pollokshaws road.
Wilson, Gavin, 20 Little street, Calton.
Wilson, James, 89 Commerce street.
Wilson, James, 36 Renfrew street.
Wilson, John, 144 Thistle street.
Wilson, John, 20 Grove street.
Wilson, John, 27 Green street, Calton.
Wilson, John, 59 King st. Tradeston, 63
Eglinton st. 28 Rose st. & 102 Bridgeg.
Wilson, John, 227 Duke street.
Wilson, R., 101 Hospital street.
Wilson, R., 41 Shuttle street.
Wilson, Thomas, 54 Drygate.
Wilson, Mrs. R., 23 Dean street.
a Woodburn, J., 106 North Hanover st.
a Wotherspoon, Thomas, 20 Broad street.
Wright, Hugh, 108, 110 George street.
Wright, Malcolm, 35 Drygate.
Wright and Manson, 73 Rose street.
a Young, James, 2 Cambridge street
Young, John, 92, 94 Main st. Anderston.
a Young, William, 38 New wynd.
Young, Margaret, 120 Garscube road.
a Young, Mrs. A., 51 Struthers street.
Bell, George, 33 Queen street.
Campbell, Thomas, 39 Saltmarket.
Dobie, John, 205 Argyle street.
Dougall, James D., 23 Gordon street.
Ingram, Charles, 100 Union street.
Landell, William, 106 Trongate.
Long, John Jex, 46 Trongate.
M'Gregor, Wm. and James, 44 Trongate.
M'Lean, D., & Co., 110 Trongate.

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