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Johnston, Archibald, 37 King street.
Johnston, James, 649 Gallowgate.
Johnston, William, 83 Argyle street.
a Kay, H. & W., 38 Forth street.
Kaye, John, jun., 94 Trongate.
Keith, Mrs. F., 196 St. George's road.
Kellie, James, 66 Renfrew street.
Kelso, William, 44 Commerce street.
Kelt, William, 181 Main st. Gorbals.
Kennedy, Robert, 400 Duke street.
Kennedy, Mrs. D., 50 Clyde place.
Kennedy, Mrs. M., 654 Gallowgate,
Kent, John, 46, 48 Brook st. Mile-end.
Kiddie, Matthew, 2 Kelvin street.
Kilpatrick. J., 19 Portugal street.
King, John, 108, 110 Cathedral street.
a King, Mrs. Agnes, 123 Rottenrow.
a Kirk, Thomas, 13 College street.
a Kirkwood, J., 418 Parliamentary road.
Kirkwood, William, 256 Buchanan street
and 132 Garscube road.
Knox, James, 107 Finnieston street.
a Knox, Mrs. J., 502 Duke street.
Knox, Mrs., 16 Findlay street.
a Lang, Robert, 37 George street.
a Lang, R., 146 Canning street.
Lawson, Miss Janet, 3 New street, Calton.
Leek, J., 18 Cleland st. Hutchesontown.
Lennox, Peter, 49 Maxwell street.
Lennox, Wm., 35 Orr street
Leslie, Robert, 106 New City road.
Liddell, Alexander, 57^ Drygate.
Liddell, John, 56 Candleriggs.
a Lindsay, George, 34 Bedford street, 73
Crown street, and 133 Eglinton street.
a Little, Thomas, 69 Taylor street.
Livingston, C, & Co., 190 Hope street.
a Lochhead, James, 31 Crown street.
Loudon, William, 38 Lady well street.
Love, John, 257 Buchanan street.
Low, David, 23 Norfolk street.
Lyall, W. and G., 8 Croy place.
M'Allister, James, 148 London street.
M'Ara, Andrew, 8, 10 Main st. Gorbals.
a M'Auslan, J., 171 Main st. Bridgeton.
M'Auslan, Mrs. A., 38 Warwick street.
M'Bryde, Alexander, 3 Grove street.
a M'Call, Mrs., 109 Graeme street.
M'Callum, Daniel, 67 Stewart street.
a M'Callum, Daniel, 163 Buchanan st,
M'Callum, John, 50 Hospital street.
M'Clymont J., & Co., 58 Parliamenty. rd.
M'Coll, John, 51 Howard street.
M'Crone, George, 355 Argyle street and
77 Maitland street.
M'Crone, R., 143, 145 Stobcross street.
M'Culloch, James and John, 147 Argyle
street and 249 Sauchiehall street.
M'Culloch, Malcolm, 51 Duke street.
M'Culloch, S. and W., 23, 25, 27 Argyle
St., 33 Norfolk st., and 1 Clyde place.
M'Cunn, James, 1 Melville st. Tradeston.
M'Donald, D., 90 Rutherglen loan.
M'Donald, John, 47 North Frederick st.
M'Donald, Mrs. Dugald, 67 Renfrew st.
M'Donald, Mrs. William, 98 Eglinton st.
M'Dougall, Allan, 103 Main st. Anderston.
M'Ewan, W., Sons, & Co., 146 Gallowg.
M'Ewan, W., Sons, & Co., 121 Trongate.
M'Ewan, Walter, 142 Gallowgate.
a M'Ewan, Wm., 256 Parliamentary rd.
a M'Farlane, James, 20, 22 Bridge street.
M'Farlane, John, 107 Reid st. Bridgeton.
M'Gee, John, Tennant street.
M'Gibbon, John, 44 Govan street.
M'Glashen, Arch., 30 Cook st. Tradeston.
M'Gregor, Duncan, 51 George street.
a M'Gregor, Henry, 42 Green st. Calton.
M'Indoe, William, 21 George street.
MTntyre, John, 22 Garscube place.
M'Kay, Henry, 218 Stobcross street.
M'Kay, Miss J., 57 Tobago street.
Mackie, James, 60 Taylor street.
Mackie, Mrs., 54 Turner's court.
M'Kechnie, John, 31 Kirk st. Townhead.
M'Kenzie, James, 256 George street.
M'Kenzie, John, 122, 124 London street.
a M'Kim, Alex., 22 Parson street.
M'Kinlay, John, 13 Garscube road.
a M'Kinlay, Wm., 14 Bishop street.
M'Kinlay, Miss Jane, 48 Gt. Hamilton st.
a M'Lachlan, Mrs. Hugh, 29 Cadogan st.
M'Lardy, Wm., 15 John st. Bridgeton.
M'Laren, Mrs., 33 Warroch st. Anderst.
M'Lay, Archibald, 39 Kent street.
M'Xean, Dun., 191 Main st. Bridgteon.
M'Lean, Malcolm, 10 M'Alpine street.
M'Lennan, Donald, 139 Bridgegate.
M'Leod, Alex., 287 Sauchiehall street.
M'Leod, Angus, 65 Carrick street.
M'Lintock, A., 27 Kirk street, Calton.
M'Lintock, John, 155 Cowcaddens street.
M'Lintock, Mrs , 4 Kirk street, Calton.
M'Master, J., 103, 105 Fife place, West
George street.
M'Master, Miss, 9 Govan street.
M'Millan, Edward, 24 East Clyde street
and 107 Bridgegate.
a M'Millan, Neil, 52 Barrack street.
M'Nab, Richard, 218 Hope street.
a M'Nab, Mrs. D., 2 Bolton street.
M'Naughton, Wm., 28 Portugal street.
M'Naughton, Mrs. A., 46 Glebe street.
M'Nicol, Mrs. J., 31 Renfrew street.
M'Niven, Malcolm, 52£ Bridge street.
M'Omish, Robert, 167 Castle street.
M'Pherson, Dugald, 45 Castle street.
M'Pherson, Robert, 131 Duke street.
M'Pherson, Mrs., 60 Renfield street.
M'Symon, John, 397 Argyle street.
M'Vean, Mrs., Rockvale, Possil road.
M'Vey, James, 19 West Campbell street.
a M'Vey, Mrs. R., 33 Bishop st. Anderst.
aM'Vicar, Wm., 118 N. Dalmarnock rd.
Manby & Stewart, 1 Nelson st. Tradeston.
Manson, James, 17 Eglinton street.

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