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Hannah, Alexander, 39 Kirk street and
24 Risk street, Calton.
Landell, William, 106 Trongate.
Long, John Jex, 46 Trongate.
Lyle, Robert, Woodlands vale.
Mathieson, Alex., & Son, 24 Saracen's In.
Paterson & M'Intyre, 7 E. Campbell st.
Smith, David, 20, 22 St. Enoch wynd.
Webster, David, 28 Hill street, east.
Smith & Fleming, 18 Dunlop street.
West of Scotland Establishment, 312 Bu-
chanan street.
Hart, Thomas, 255 George street.
Jackson, Miss W., 64 S. Portland street.
Pritchard, J. & R., & Co., 90 Mitchell st.
Scott, E., 21 Argyle arcade.
Scott, Mrs. J., and pattern-printing estab-
lishment, 21 Argyle arcade.
Scott, Misses, &Neilson, 29 Argyle arc.
Smith, John, 25 Cochran street.
Aitken, James, & Co., Cranstonhill Found.
Aitken, James, of Murdoch, Aitken, $ Co.
Alexander, Wm., mining, 124 St. Vin. st.
Allan, John, mining, 1 Dixon street.
Auld, David, 124 Great Hamilton street.
Barr, John, 100 Clyde street, Anderston.
Bartholomew, H., 122 Old Dalmaru. rd.
Baxter, Malcolm, 123 Eglinton street.
Bell, R. B., & D. Miller, 32 St. Vine. pi.
Bourne, John, & Co., 1 1 1 Rutherglen loan.
Bowser & Cameron, M'Neil street.
Campbell, A., & Son., 120 Cheapside st.
Canal Basin Foundry Co., Port-Dundas.
Chaplin, A., & Co., 116 Cheapside street.
Cook, D., & Co., 100 Commerce street.
Craig, William, & Co., 29 Govan street.
Crawford, J. & E., Eagle Foundry, Port-
Dodds, R., 10 Pollock street, Paisley rd.
Downie, Robert, 1 Dixon street.
Drummond R,, 69, 71 Canning street.
Duff, J., & Co., Oakliank Engine-works.
Eadie, Wm., & Co., 25 St. Enoch lane.
Edington, Thomas, & Sons, Phoenix Iron-
works, 50 Garscube road.
Elder, David, 19 Paterson st. Kingston.
Farquhar, Knox, & Co., 41 Keir st. Calt.
Forrest, W.. & Co., 7, 9 Canal street and
112 Dobbie's loan.
Gilchrist, Archd., at Tod <$• McGregor's.
Gilchrist, James, Hill Street Foundry.
Gray, James, & Co., 54 Washington st.
Haden, G. J. & G. N., 279 Parliamen. rd.
Hamilton, John, 112 West George street.
Harvey, G. and A., M'Neil street.
Harvey, R., 49 West street.
Hoby, J. W., & Co., Renfrew.
Hoey, Kennedy, & Co., 56 Cook street
Hopkins & Bell, 21 Greenhead.
Howie, William, 54 Union street.
Inglis, A. & J., 60 Warroch street.
Johnston, R., mining, 154 W. George st.
Johnson, William, 14 Bridge street.
Jones, John, Phoenix Iron Works.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lawrie & Co., Whiteinch.
Lovell, James, 48 Ingram street.
Lyle, W. & J., Woodlands road.
Lyon, Lawson, & Co., Mountainblue.
M'Creath, Wm., 112 West George street.
M'Crindle, John H., 4 Newton street
M'Laren, Robert, 32 Washington street
M'Michael, John, 55 Drygate.
M'Naught, William, 26 Robertson street.
M'Onie & Mirrlees, Scotland st. Trades-
ton ; counting-house, 94 West street
M'Onie, W. and A., 1 Scotland street.
Miller, William, 176 Victoria place.
Mitchell & Wallace, Camlacliie Foundry.
Moore, Ralph, mining, 24 St. Vincent pi.
More, Alex., and Son, 33 Montrose street
Morton, Alexander, 18 Norfolk street,
Murdoch, Aitken, & Co., East Hill street.
Murdoch, James, Hill Street Foundry.
Napier, Robert, and Sons, 75 Washington,
street and 68 Anderston quay.
Neill, J., 3 South Cumberland street
Neilson & Co., Hydepark street.
Neilson, J. B., 159 West George street
Neilson, John, Oakbank Foundn*.
Norman and Clinkskill, Canal street.
Ormiston, Thomas, Clyde navigation.
Orr and Wilson, Canal st., Port-Eglinton.
Raeburn, James, 115 Hydepark street
Ralston, William, 32 Portugal street
Ramsay, John, 138 Sauchiehall street.
Ramsay, William C, 46 West George st.
Randolph, Elder, & Co., 12 Centre street
Reed, B. B., 37 West George street
Rigby, William, 666 Duke street
Ritchie, James, 42 Virginia street.
Robertson and Lister, 47 Mitchell street.
Robson, Neil, mining, 99 St. Vincent st.
Rowan & Co., East Milton street.
Royal Enginees', office, 94 S. Portland st
Simpson, George, 52 Renfield street.
Smith, James. 28 St. Enoch square.
Smith and Rodger, St. James' Foundry,
Broomielaw and Govan.
Steven, Alexander, 6 Cochran street
Stewart, Samuel, 103 Hospital street
St. Rollox Foundry, St. Rollox.
Tait, William, 28* Warwick street.
Thomson, James & George. Clyde Bank
Foundry, 169 Finnieston, and Govan.
Tod and M'Gregor, 33 Anderston quay
and Meadowside building-yard.
Turnbull, J., Canal Basin Foundry.
Turner, Alex., 94 Bellgrove street

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