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Fullarton and Hamilton Farme Office, 97
West George street.
Garnkirk Coal Co., Railway Depot, office,
5 Catheart street.
Gartsherrie Office, 1 Moore place, West
George street.
Govan Colliery Office, 1 Dixon street.
Grant, J., 74 Eutherglen loan.
Gray, James, 42 Maitland street.
Gray, William, 118 Union street.
Hamilton Farme and Fullartoii Coal Office,
97 West George street.
Hay, Matthew, and Son, Port-Dundas.
Horn, John, 104 Hope street.
M'Andrew, John, & Co., Carfin Colliery;
office, 28 Miller street, and Charles st.
St. Rollox.
M'Naughton and Hood, 20 Union street.
Main, J. T„ 146 Rottenrow.
Merry and Cunningham, Monkland Canal
Basin ; office, 105 St. Vincent street.
Merry, James, Monkland Canal Basin.
Morris, Munro, & Co., 36 Renfield street.
Mossend Co., 33 Renfield street.
Mount Vernon Coal Co., 89 St. Via. st.
Napier, Win., jun.; work6, Cowdenhill,
East Kilpatrick.
Nethercroy CollieryOffi.ee, 160 W. Geo. st.
Netherwood and Newarthill Office, 86
Renfield street.
Nitshill Coal Co., near Hurlet.
Omoa Coal Office, 37 West George street.
Paterson, Robert, Hollowglen Colliery,
159 West George street.
Possil Colliery Office, 160 W. George st.
Provanhill Coal Company ; office, 20
Jackson street ; depot, 188 Castle st.
St. Rollox, Townhead.
New Cumnock Iron Co., 1 2 Howard st.
Rawyards Smithy Coal Office, 2 Railway
depot, St. Rollox.
Robertsons and Eddie, Kip Byre Colliery;
office, 32 St. Enoch square.
Rochsoles Coal Co. ; office, 5 Hutcheson st.
Roxburgh and Faulds, 83 Jamaica street.
Russel, Archibald, 33 Union street.
Shanks, James, 10 George street.
Shotts Co. ; Alexander M'Kinlay, agent,
18 St. Enoch square.
Simpson, A. G., 56 Howard street.
Simpson, Wm., Dalmacouther Colliery,
56 West Howard street.
Skateriggs Coal Co., 37 Ropework lane.
Smith, Hugh, head of Centre street.
Sneddon, D. & J., 65 Jamaica street.
Spittal Colliery Office, 33 Union street.
Spiinghill Coal Office, 89 St. Vincent st.
Stevenston Coal Co.. 9 Buchanan street.
Thomas, John, Govan Colliery and Iron
Works Office, 1 Dixon street.
Wallace, M., & Co., 50 Renrield street.
Walker, Wm., Monkland Canal Basin.
Watson, John, 46 Renfield street.
Watson, John, jun., Wishaw Colliery,
22 St. Enoch square.
Watt, James, 5 St. Rollox depot.
Wilson and Allison, 109 West George st.
Waddell, James, Cather Colliery, Gushet-
faulds depot.
Woodhall Colliery, Monkland Canal Basin :
office, 105 St. Vincent street.
Young, R. and T., 19, 27 Gallowgate.
Angus, Peter, 127 Argyle street.
Bell's, 46 Great Clyde street.
Buchanan, John, 3 Clyde place.
Clark, Mrs., 23 Jamaica street.
Clark, Mrs., 28 Jamaica street.
Diamond, John, 72 Broomielaw.
Fleming's, 80 Broomielaw.
Franklin Coffee-house, 17, 19 Maxwell st.
Garrick's, 24 Stockwell street.
Graham, Alexander, Eagle Temperance
Hotel, 29 Maxwell street.
Haddow, James, 59 Trongate.
Hamilton, Thos., 49 Stockwell street.
Kinloch's, 20 Oandleriggs.
Lapsley, Mrs., 10 Bridge street.
Lennox, John, 39 Stockwell street.
M'Callum's, 26 Glassford street.
M'Donald, George, 24 Stockwell street.
Meiklejohn, John, 32 Argyle street and
110 Ingram street.
Robertson, P. M., Australia buildings,
Smith, Thomas, 17, 19 Maxwell street.
Squires, John, 39 Dundas street.
Steel, Gavin, 90 Argyle street.
Taylor, Mrs., 182 Trongate.
Wallace, Mrs. Wm., Victoria buildings,
6 Great Clyde street.
Welsh, Mrs., 108 Argyle street.
Wilson, James, 42 Broomielaw.
Wilson, William, 144 Queen street.
Wright, G., 145 Trongate.
Wright, Malcolm, 87 Glassford street,
Ferguson, John, 49 Gallowgate.
Minto, David, 29 M'Pherson street.
Alexander, James, of Clyde dues, 14 Ro-
bertson street.
Black, Robert, 90 Portland street.
Cochran, William, Water-works Office,
23 Miller street.
Cumming, John, 246 Argyle street.
Dreghorn, D., 21 St. Enoch square.
Dunlop, James, Slaughter-house, 48 Mar-
ket street.
Dunlop, Joseph, 42 Moore street.
Elder, Donald, 31 Argyle street.
Henderson, J., Gorbals Police ; house, 4
Rutland crescent, Govan road.

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