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191 Herveys, Wilson, & Co., silk merch.
193 Bow, William, silkmercer.
192 Liddell, Archibald, & Co., painters.
190 Darling, William, agent.
Herbert, William, tailor.
Taylor. James, jun., ivory turner.
Austin, George, writing-desk maker.
M'Nab, Alexander, pattern-drawer.
188 Robertson, David, bookseller.
186 Austin & M' Asian, seedsmen.
Thomson, Robert, seedsman.
184 Stewart, Duncan, stationer.
182 Spreull's Court.
Taylor, Mrs., Temperance hotel.
M'Gregor & Gardner, jewellers.
AVilliamson, James F., tea merchant.
Grange, J. K., & Co., agents.
Smith, James, & Son, needle manuf.
M'Callum, James, printer.
Williamson, Geo., manufacturer.
Herald Office ; Geo. Outrain & Co.
180 Nisbet, Alex., ironmonger.
178 Falconer, R. and T., hosiers.
176 Pigott, H., hat manufacturer.
174 Bald, Robert, ironmonger.
172 Proudfoot, Hew, glover.
170 Menzies, James, tailor and clothier.
Shaw, Thomas T , clothier.
168 Gardner, Alexander, draper.
164 Carter and M'Nab.
Thom, Robt, and Son, wine merchts.
Stewart, J. and J. , cane-workers.
Free Press Office.
Love, John, tavern-keeper.
160 Macrae, D , paper-hangings.
158 Dunlop, Hugh, hosier.
156 Gourlay, G , straw-hat maker.
154 Ferguson, J., straw-hat maker.
150 Smith, W. and J., cabinetmakers.
148 Wood, John F., plumber.
Nimmo, Archibald, spirit dealer.
Young, D., engraver.
146 Duncan, Thomas, milliner.
144 Martin, James, confectioner.
142 M'Moneagle, James, provis. mercht.
Old Exchange Loan Co.
Christian News and Day Star Office.
140 Douglas, James, confectioner.
138 Love, George, bookseller.
136 M'Innes, Matthew, hatter.
134 Leggat, O, shirt-maker.
132 Melville Place.
Wbyte, Robert, Temperance hotel.
Britton, Martin, tailor.
130 Miller, James, cabinetmaker.
126 Robertson, W. and R., warehousemen
124 Munro, Robert, and Son, clothiers.
Stewart, Alexander, rectifier.
Allan, James, envelope-maker.
Young, Alexander, sheriff-officer.
Moffat, Mrs., victualler.
Lang, John, print-cutter.
124 Co-operative Tailors' Association.
Oats, Thomas, & Co., slaters.
122 Fleming, Joseph, straw-hat maker.
120 Borthwick, A., smallware merchant.
118 French, R., hardware merchant.
114 Old Post-Office Court.
Adam and Wright, smallware mer.
Hunter and Barr, hatters.
M'Kenzie, D., brushmaker.
Stewart, J., & Co., wine merchants.
Scott, Thomas, bootmaker.
Elliot, William, Burns tavern.
Walker, A. & Co., warehousemen.
Taylor, Wm , tailor and clothier.
Jaffray, William, & Sons, tailors.
110 Brown, Brothers, druggists.
106 Landell, William, ironmonger.
104 Donaldson, John, watchmaker.
1C2 Taylor, James, ironmonger.
100 M'Arthur, D., hosier.
98 Muirhead, M., wine merchant.
94 Kaye, John, jun., tea merchant.
92 Wright, Miss A., furnishing shop.
88 Donelly, James, spirit merchant.
Dodds, James, bootmaker.
Bulloch, J., whip and thong maker.
86 Rattray, C. & A., booksellers.
84 Dick, Alexander, spirit dealer.
80 Turnbull, Mrs., Britannia tavern.
Thomas, James, lastmaker.
76 M'Farlane, A. P., watchmaker.
74 M'Kay, D., eating-house.
72 Ferrie, John, pastry-baker
68 M'Quaker, William, hat manufact.
58 Eastern Hat Depot.
56 Reid's Court.
Coutts, James, tailor and clothier.
54 Spencer, William, ironmonger.
50 Colvill & Co., tea dealers.
48 Bryden, A. and A., confectioners.
46 Long, J. J., cutler and ironmonger.
44 Buchanan Court.
Stephens, Mrs. George, brassfounder.
Smith, John, & Co., pawnbrokers.
M'Gregor, James, lastmaker.
Smith, Mrs., Cottage tavern.
M'Gregor, W. & J., cutlers.
Stewart, James, tailor.
Bell & Wright, reedmakers.
42 Scott, Andrew, druggist.
40 Morton, R.
36 Sharp, H., tavern-keeper.
34 Tontine Close.
30 Clydesdale Bank Branch.
28 Logan, M., Tontine hotel.
26 Tontine Coach Office.
16 Russell, John, commission agent.
14 Tontine Reading-room.
12 Crosbie, Andrew, warehouseman.
10 Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist.
4 Langlands, R. & Co., drapers.
2 Allan, J. R. & M., druggists.

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