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122 Agnew, S. and G., bootmakers.
112 Gibson, John, chimney sweeper.
110 Hannah, Alexander, baker.
106 Phillips, James, spirit dealer.
94 Ewing, Peter, baker.
92 Johnstone, James, china dealer.
84£Gordon, John, spirit dealer.
82 Foster, Edward, fruiterer.
80 M'Onie, Duncan, flesher.
72 M 'Allan, Walter, hatter.
70 Cameron, A. & D., wine merchants.
68 M'Callum, Mrs., hosier.
66 Paterson, John B., grocer.
64 Jack, William, victualler.
€0 M'Intyre, Duncan, flesher.
58 Morrison, William, tinsmith.
56 Allan, Mrs. M. J., silkdyer.
54 Baird, Alexander, inspector of poor.
50 Grieve, Robert, surgeon.
48 Kay, Mrs., confectioner.
44 Farquhar and Roxburgh, grocers.
42 Hutchison, John, spirit dealer.
40 Johnston, Archd., tailor.
Dick, James, coal agent.
38 Waddell, James, baker.
36 Morrison, Alexander, drysalter.
34 M'Callum, John.
Lumsden, Thomas, builder.
30 Peacock, Thomas, gilder.
28 Grahame, C. H., surgeon.
Stirrit, Mrs. Duncan.
M'Gill, Misses, milliners.
24 Murray, Walter, flesher.
20 Campbell, William.
18 King, Benjamin, watchmaker.
16 Manson, William, law agent.
2 Wallace, Mrs.
3 M'Farlane, T., teacher of singing.
4 Dods, John, merchant.
Hill, Archd.
Jones, Mrs.
Dunlop, Miss.
6 Merry, Mrs.
Urquhart, Wm., merchant.
1 Sommerville, Miss, milliner.
2 Mills, James, wine merchant.
3 Brodie, Neil, spirit merchant.
9 Sharp, Mrs., spirit dealer.
11 Young, Thomas, baker.
13 Steel, Robert, victualler.
15 Black, Robert, engineer.
Bowie, Andrew, maehinemaker.
21 Turn bull, Misses, dressmakers.
23 Turnbull, William, & Co., grocers.
10 M'Intyre, William, gardener.
5 M'Greddie, H., wine & spirit mercht.
7 Forrester, William, plumber.
Malcolm, James, fishmonger.
9 Walker, J., eating-house.
11 Grainger, William, painter, &c.
13 Pettigrew, Moses, beadle.
15 Munro, John, spirit dealer.
17 Meikle, James, boot & shoe maker.
19 M 'Donald, Alex., tailor.
21 Adam, George, & Co., booksellers &
27 M'AUister, John, house-factor.
31 Lochhead, James, grocer.
33 Gentles, John, plumber & gasfitter.
35 Ross, Robert, flesher.
39 Caldwell, John, cabinetmaker,
Paton, Wm., tea merchant.
41 Melville, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer.
43 M'Nab, Robert, tailor.
Yuil, William, general broker.
Henderson, John.
45 Henderson, John, spirit dealer.
45^Greenhom. J., provision merchant.
47 M'Lean, John, spirit merchant.
53 Leper, Andrew, dairyman.
59 Swan, Donald.
M'Gregor, Adam.
61 Ellison & Murray, drapers.
63 Stevenson, James, flesher.
65 Brown, Thomas, cabinetmaker.
69 French, Alex., bookseller and hosier.
71 Russell, Wallace.
73 Lindsay, George, victualler & grocer.
75 Taylor, Daniel, boot and sho#maker.
79 Kennedy, John, baker.
83 Imrie, Alexander, spirit dealer.
85 Horn, William, flesher.
89 Hood, William.
Gibson, Dr. Matthew H.
93 Kirkwood, Mrs., dairy.
95 Smith, Peter, cabinetmaker.
West, William, portioner.
Buchanan, Duncan.
Yuill, Wm., tobacco manufacturer.
Hamilton, Archibald.
97 Sinclair, R., writer.
101 Meek & Galloway, tailors & clothiers.
103 Robb, James, wright.
M'Lellan, William.
109 Nicol, Robert, sen.
Young, James.
M'Mutrie, James.
Neville, W. M.
Peters, S., of Peters and M'Farlaiie.
119 Loftus, Misses, milliners.
Branigan, H. G., tailor and clothier.
Smith, William.
Montgomery, Hugh.
Christie, Andrew, & Co.
Loftus, Charles C, druggist.
Crawford, Hugh.
125 Brydon, James.

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