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264 Martin, Charles.
262 Jaap, chemist and druggist.
260 Dalglish, William, spirit merchant.
236 M'Colgun, M.
232 Wilson, William, builder.
224 Galbraith, William, confectioner.
222 M'Dougall, A., dentist.
Fleming and Dunn, dressmakers.
Watson, Robert, civil engineer.
M'Donald, Duncan, contractor.
M'Neil, L , plumber.
220 King, Matthew, grain merchant.
210 Rae, Francis, hat manufacturer.
206 Ferguson, Miller, &Co., briekmakers.
202 Willock and Livingston, gastitters
and bellhangers.
198 M'Kenzie, William, M.D.
194 Tress, W. J., commercial house.
188 Mackenzie, William, surgeon.
184 Lithgow, Miss, teacher of pianoforte.
Lithgow, W. H., professor of music.
Galloway, Alex., accountant.
Rodgers, James & John G., merchs.
182 Cameron, J. and P., carriers.
2 74 Workman, John, tavern.
172 Rose, A. F., & Co., manufacturers.
Rose and Jeffreys, commission mer.
Gale, William, civil engineer.
Berry, Henderson, & Co., corn factors.
170 Ewing, Walter, calenderer and pack.
Anderson, James, & Co., calenderers.
166 Bryson, J. B., writer.
Brown, P. M'Taggart, merchant.
Patent Office and Designs Registry.
Johnson, Wm., consulting engineer.
Johnson, John H., solicitor.
Varsami, C. P., commission mercht.
Tolmie, Alex., commission mercht.
162 Bovd, Lawson, & Co., iron merchts.
Fergus, Thomas, calenderer.
Bennet & Co , wine merchants.
160 Collins, E., and Son, papermakers.
158 Steven and Mason, plumbers.
156 M'Call, J., and Son, wine merchts.
150 Bell, Thomas, bootmaker.
] 48 Hilliard, W. B., cutler.
146 Clark, John, writer.
Stewart, J. G., merchant.
General Trade Protection Office.
Waddell, J. C, writer.
M'Cubbin, David, accountant.
Guthrie, William, writer.
Gebbie, John, writer.
Buchanan, Findlay, & Co , merchts.
Bird, Wm., & Co., iron merchants.
Muter, Thomas, writer.
144 Wilson, W., and Sons, bootmakers.
Queen's Buildings.
138 Terras and Dawson, bootmakers.
136 Lang and Graham, accountants.
Yorkshire Fire and Life Insur. office.
Reid, D. and J., merchs. and contract
Queen's Dining-rooms ; Jas. Pippet.
Wilson, David, hosier and glover.
Themans, Brothers, & Co., cigar mer.
M'lvor, Alexander, draper.
Walker, John, & Co., gen. grocers.
Lochore, Wm., and Son, bootmakers.
Sommerville, James, hosier, &c.
Thorburn, Thomas, bootmaker.
Somerville, J. G., commis. mercht.
Leffman, L., shipbroker.
Tassie, H., and Sons, Insur. agents.
Ormiston, Wm., & Co., merchants.
Lochore, Robert, & Co., bootmakers.
Stoddart, J. and G., wine merchants.
Bryden and Sons, bellhangers.
Black, John, & Co., calico printers.
Aikman, P. and T., com. merchants.
Duncan, A., & Co., Italian wareho.
M'Clure, J., & Sons, carvers and gild.
Blythe, Thomas, bootmaker.
Richmond, J. & R, & Co., upholst.
Duncan, John, tobacconist.
Shaw, W. C, jeweller.
Muirhead, Ja, goldsmith & jeweller.
Bell, Ewing, & Co., manufacturers.
Drysdales & Co., warehousemen.
Cameron, A. and A., manufacturers.
Paton, William, hosier.
Macalister, W., & Co, manufacturs.
Wathew, R., dressing-case maker.
Wilson, James, merchant.
Clark and Wilson, merchants.
Smith, J. and B., manufacturers.
Borthwick, Morris, & Co., agents.
Wardlaw, W., & Co., com. merchts.
Paul, James, manufacturer.
Allan and Ferguson, lithographers.
Hannah, David, spirit merchant.
Findlay and Field, jewellers.
Field, H., & Son, tinplate-workers.
M'Callum, John, silkmercer.
Foulds, John C, accountant.
Magues, Louis, painter.
Gray and Buchanan, com, merchts.
Wardrop, Robert, & Co., merchts.
Smellie, Thos. D., measurer.
Wardlaw, William, writer.
Bird, Gregory, AsphaLte Company.
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker.
Thynne, J. & R., seed merchants.
Springfield Court.
Balfour, William, & Co., merchants.
Arnot, E. C. & W., merchants.
M'Naughtan, A., ship agents.
Peebles, W. J., & Co., com. merchts.
Sillers, James S., &Co., yarn agents.
Gartly, J. B., commission merchant.
Broadley, J. & W., manufacturers.
Bell, R., & Co., commission agents.
Hilliard & Chapman, cutlers.
Adams, Miss E , milliner.
Turner, William, merchant.
Dawson & M'Nicol, merchants.
Anderson, W., & Son, manufacturers.

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