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7 Franklin, William, paper-ruler.
9 M'Lean, George, watchmaker.
11 Ferguson, J. & R., ironmongers.
13 Baird, Hugh, lithographer.
15 Brownlie, Wm., baker.
19 Wilson, John, eating-house.
21 Glasgow Advertiser, and Railway
and Shipping Journal Office.
Mills, George, Advertiser Office.
Thomson, John, commission mercht.
Palmer, George, tavern-keeper.
Miller, Robert, lithographer.
25 M'Culloch, S. & W., grocers.
29 Fleming, P. & R., ironmongers.
31 Hoodie's Court.
Brown, John, & Co., cotton-brokers.
Groucock, Copestake, Moore, & Co.
M'Kenzie, Peter, engraver.
Carss, John, & Co., bookbinders.
M'Clement, Samuel, printer.
M'Donald, H. & J., lithographers.
M'Neill, L., & Co., plumbers.
Protestant Layman Hall.
M'Gregor, John, tavern-keeper.
Alexander, John, bookbinder.
33 Simpson, James, bootmaker.
37 Leggat, John, and Sons, victuallers.
41 Reid, J. and E., stationers.
43 Wellington Court.
Palmer, Chas., Rob Roy tavern.
Mitchell and Wilson, tobacconists.
Brown, Duncan, & Co., drysalters.
Martin, John, tailor.
Lyon, Robert, auctioneer.
Thomson, James, bookbinder.
Gorman, William, & Co., engravers.
45 Steel, William, baker.
47 Henderson, D., ironmonger.
49 Paterson, Gavin, bootmaker.
51 Browning, W. and R., saddlers.
55 Gall, Adam, clothier.
57 Wilson's Court.
Allan, Andrew, cabinetmaker.
Laird, J., & Co., provision merchts.
Lawcock, James, flour merchant.
61 Buck's Head hotel. C. P. Bush.
65 Field, Henry, tinplate-worker.
67 M'Math, John, woollen draper.
71 Winchester & M'Gibbon, china, &c.
73 Reid, James, ironmonger.
75 Buchanan Court.
Smith and Sharp, wholesale grocers.
Elliot, Sleight, & Co., manufacturers.
Robertson, R. and J., manufacturers.
Stevenson, James, paper-box maker.
Murray, D., paper-ruler.
Vannan, A. & R., wine merchants.
Barr, Peter, Oak tavern.
Courier Newspaper Office.
M'Conechy, James, Courier Office.
Alexauder, John, do.
Logan, George, bookbinder.
77 Shanks, John, clothier.
79 Gray, John, tobacconist.
81 Turnbull, Joseph, fruiterer.
83 Johnston, William, grocer.
85 Watson, J. and A., bootmakers.
87 Turner's Court.
89 Kennedy, Gilbert, stationer.
Kennedy, Walter, do.
91 Fulton, James, provision merchant.
95 Craig's Court.
M'Adie, D., clothier.
George & Co., engravers.
Campbell, Tudhope, & Co. lithogrs.
Warren, William, gilder.
Moir, James, plane-maker.
Moffat, Adam, clothier.
Brown, William, spirit dealer.
97 M'Tear and Kempt, auctioneers.
99 Glassford and French, bootmakers.
101 Hanley, John, trunkmaker.
103 Gilchrist, G. and J., ironmongers.
105 Duncan, Henry, hatter.
107 MTntosh, Angus, hatter.
Praat's Court.
109 Dick, John, tailor.
Ferguson, Mrs. George, Rose tavern.
Nisbet, Mrs., lodgings.
Bain, James, baker.
Goetz and Davis, designers.
113 M'Geoch, William, ironmonger.
115 M'Haffie & Colquhoun, ironmongers.
117 Wilson, J. & T., candlemakers.
119 Anderson, A. S., confectioner.
121 Smethurst, Henry, hat manufactr.
121JMarshall and Black, warehousemen.
123 MAllister, Wm., grocer.
125 Ramsay, William, ironmonger.
127 Angus, Peter, coffee-house.
Dove, Eben., & Co., warehousemen.
129 Picken, John, and Co., tobacconists.
131 Morrison & Son, hat and cap makers.
137 Webster, Robert, & Son, drapers.
141 Bain, J. & W., bakers.
143 Dalveen, Neil B., wine merchant.
145 Gilchrist, William, printer.
Kerr, James, lithographer.
Scotland, Palrick, & Co., merchants.
St. Enoch's tavern.
145 Morier, Wm,, brush manufacturer.
147 M'Culloch, J. & J., grocers.
149 Wilson & Co.'s shoe shop.
151, 153 Drummond & Murray, clothiers.
165 Buttle, F. O, warehouseman.
167 Piggot, H., hat manufacturer.
169 Laws, William B., bookseller.
171 Peden, Adam, hosier.
173 Ferguson, G. R., bootmaker.
175 Sinclair, Robert, & Co., cloth mers.
177 Brownlie, Thomas, spirit merchant.
179 Robertson's Court
M'Eachran, Laughland, & M'Naugh-
tan, warehousemen.
Train, Thomas, commission agent.
Lawrie, Robert, & Co., merchants.

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