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Tweedie, James, & Co., wholesale ironmongers and iron merchants, Morrison's couit,
108 Argyle street, and 16 Buchanan street; house, 10 Woodside place.
Tweedie, Mrs. Ann, milliner, Clarence place, 200 Sauchiehall street.
TWEEDLY, William, dairyman, 43 South Coburg street.
TYRE and Campbell, wool and commission merchants, 9 St. Vincent place.
Tyre, John, of Tyre and Campbell; house, 64 Buccleuch street.
Tyre, William, 11 Sauchiehall street.
Underwriters' Association, Royal Exchange.
Union Bank of Scotland, 97 and 99 Ingram street ; branch offices, 15 Trongate and
6 Washington street.
Union Club, 95 Wellington street ; Edgar E. Dolby, master.
Union Free Church, Morrison street, Kingston ; Rev. George Phillips.
Union Loan Company, 8 East Clyde street ; John Lundie, manager.
Union Loan Fund, 5 Drury street ; Thomas Lochhead, secretary.
United Guarantee and Life Assurance Co. of London; William Mudie, jun., 109
Fife place, West George street, agent. — See Adveriisment in Appendix.
United Kingdom Life Assurance Company; Alex. B. Seton and William Stirling,
agents, 120 St. Vincent street. — /See Advertisement in Appendix.
United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident (Life), and Essex Economic Fire
Offices, 97 Union street; James Robertson, manager and agent. — See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
United Loan Company, 20 Brunswick place.
United Presbyterian Church, 40 North Albion street ; Rev. Dr. David King, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 44 Blackfriars street ; Rev. John Edmond, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Cambridge street ; Rev. John Eadie, LL.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Duke street. ; Rev. J. B. Johnstone, minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Second), 25 East Campbell st. ; Rev. W. Ramage, min.
United Presbyterian Church, 28 East Campbell street ; Rev. John Ker, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Eglinton street; Rev. William Burgess, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 80 Gordon street ; Rev. Dr. Beattie, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, (Gillespie,) 71 Gt. Hamilton St. ; Rev. J. W. Borland, min.
United Presbyterian Church, Hutchesontown, 61 Hospital st; Rev. J. S. Taylor, min.
United Presbyterian Church, 18 John street; Rev. Dr. William Anderson, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 31 John st., Bridgeton; Rev. John Edwards, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 26 Kirk street, Calton ; Rev. J. G. Stewart, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, London road ; Rev. George Jeffrey, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 68 Main street, Anderston ; Rev. Gavin Struthers, D.D.,
United Presbyterian Church, 8 Cathedral street; Rev. Dr. William Lindsay, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 135 Main street, Gorbals ; Rev. David M'Rae, A.M.,
United Presbyterian Church, 52 Montrose street ; Rev. Hamilton M'Gill, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 85 Renfield street ; Rev. Dr. Taylor, minister.
United Presbyterian Church (Erskine), South Portland street ; Rev. John Macfar-
lane, LL.D., minister.
United Presbyterian Church, Shamrock street ; Rev. Dr. James Robertson, minister.
United Presbyterian Church, 77 Wellington street ; Rev. Dr. Robson, minister.
United States Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office; G. and J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
Unity Fire Insurance Association; George Chisholm, agent, 98 West Nile street.
Universalists' Place of Worship, Trades' Hall buildings, 85 Glassford street.
University Lying-in Hospital, 82 George street ; Mrs. Paterson, matron.
University Printing Office, 35 Miller street, George Richardson.
URE, George, gingham manufacturer, 54 Ingram street; house, 117 Stockwell st.
Ure, James, provision merchant, 16 Bell street; house, 7 do.
Ure, James, sheriff, commissary, and justice of peace officer for the counties of Ren-
frew and Lanark, 61 South Coburg street.
Ure, John, and Son, flour merchts., 159 Bridgegate ; ho. 8 Franklin ter. Sandyford.
Ure, John, baker, 119 Stockwell street; house, 117 do.
Ure, John F., engineer, Clyde Trust, 1 6 Robertson street.
Ure, John, English and mercantile academy, Stewart street; house, 15 Hill street.

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