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To wart, Miss, 22 Nicholson street.
TOWER and Arrol, merchants and commission agents, 16 Dixon street
Towers, Robert, 144 Bath street.
Towers and Roberton, writers, 48 West Nile street.
Towers, William, writer, of Towers and Roberton ; house, 27 Blythswood square.
TOWNSEND, Joseph, manufacturing chemist, 414 Debbie's loan; house, 35 Port-
Dundas road.
Town's Hospital, 324 Parliamentary road.
Trades' Hall, 85 Glassford street.
TRAILL, Mrs., Falkland place, 320 Renfrew street.
TRAIN, James, flesher, 494 Gallowgate ; house, 492 do.
Train, Richard, cattle dealer and grazier, 290 Duke street.
Train, Thomas, commission agent. Agent for Gilkison and Hunter, distillers, Camp-
belton, and Robert Younger, brewer, Edinburgh, 179 Argyle street ; house, 22
South Apsley place.
Train, Thomas, flesher, 48 Stevenson street, Calton ; house, 3 Tobago street, do.
Train, Thomas, flesher, 630 Gallowgate.
Train, Mrs., 14 Salisbury street.
TREINER & Co., brassfounders, 38 Charlotte lane, 114£ London street, and 79
Greendyke street.
Trainer, James, French polisher, 105 Stockwell street.
Treiner, Thomas, of Treiner cf- Co.; house, 50 Charlotte street.
Treanor, Mrs., midwife, 167 High street.
TRENCH, J. and A., spirit dealers, 8 Marlborough street
Trench, Thomas, joiner and blockmaker, 4 Centre street and 46 Dale street ; house,
Darnly terrace, Crossmyloof.
TRESS, W. J., commercial house, 194 Buchanan street.
Tron Church (Established), 67 Trongate ; Rev. Dr. Boyd, minister.
Tron Free Church, 90 Dundas street; Rev. Robert Buchanan, D.D., minister.
Tron Parish and Bell School, 71 Princes street.
TROTTER, Mrs., lodgings, 11 Ure place, Montrose street.
TROUGHT, Stephen E., carver and guilder, picture-cleaner, liner, and restorer, 74
Queen street ; house, 49 West street.
TROUP, Alexander, superintendent and collector of Glasgow Lock Hospital, 41
Rottenrow street.
TRUMAN, Hanbury, Buxton, & Co., brewers, London ; Bulloch & Co., 41 Dunlop
street, agents.
Trustees of the River Ch'de, chambers, 16 Robertson street; George Knight, treas.
TUCKER, Edward, glue and starch manufacturer, Belfast; W. N. Gemmill, agent,
23 St. Vincent place.
TUDHOPE, Robert, of Campbell, Tudkope, # Co.; house, 68 Cumberland street
TULLIS, James, builder, 71 Rose street, Hutchesontown.
TULLOCH, Henry, wine and spirit dealer, 34 Parliamentary road.
Tulloch, John, provision merchant, 279 Argyle street; house, 57 Oswald street.
Tulloch, Thomas, spirit merchant, 23 Milton street ; house, 56 do.
Tulloch, Mrs. William, victualler and grocer, 401 Argyle street.
TURBET, A., tobacconist, 75 Dundas street; house, do.
Turbet, James, broker, 5 Piccadilly street.
TURBYNE, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 376 Argyle street.-
TURIFF, Sharp, & Co., iron founders, &c, Newtowu Foundry', Paisley; house at
New Cummock Iron Co., 12 Howard street.
TURNBULL, Alexander, miller, Crown Point Grain Mill, 772 Gallowgate.
Turnbull & Co., manufacturing chemists, 276 George street ; works, Camlachie.
Turnbull, David, grocer and provision merchant, 236 High St. ; house, 2 Duke street.
Turnbull, George, of Shaw, Turnbull, $ Co.; house, Pollokshields.
Turnbull, Gregor, & Co., merchants, 40 St. Vincent place.
Turnbull, James, master, Thistle steamer, 96 Washington street.
Turnbull, James, spirit dealer, 13 King street; house, 144 Stirling's road.
Turnbull, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 King street.
Turnbull, J., confectioner, 162 Argyle street.
Turnbull, John, teacher of music, 80 North Frederick street.
Turnbull, John, merchant, of Turnbull <f Co. ; residence, Bonhill pi. Dumbartonshire,
Turnbull, John, accountant and house factor, 35 Union st. ; ho. 20 Cumberland pi.

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