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Thomson, William, jun., grocer, Westminster place, 4 Kelvingrove st. ; house, 2 do.
Thomson, William, ironmonger, ship-chandler, tinplate-worker, and gasfitter, 94 and
96 Jamaica street ; house, Westfield cottage, Dundas street, Kingston.
Thomson, William, flesher, 37 Candleriggs; house, 42 Millburn st. Garngadhill.
Thomson, William, agent, Western Bank of Scotland's Branch, 73 South Portland
street; house, 57 Charlotte street.
Thomson and Yorkston, plumbers and gasfitters, 489 aud 491 Gallowgate.
Thomson, Mrs. A., 46 Hill street, Garnethill.
Thomson, Mrs. Andrew, Orchard terrace, 264 West Bath street.
Thomson, Mrs. Daniel, commission agent, 18 Clyde street, Calton.
Thomson, Mrs. David, 102 Bath street.
Thomson, Mrs. D., dress and straw-bonnet maker, 29 North Coburg street.
Thomson, Mrs, George, hosier, glover, and outfitter, 32 Candleriggs ; house, 4 East
Russell street.
Thomson, Mrs. James, general furnishings, &c,, 178 Hospital street.
Thomson, Mrs. John, Bazaar tavern, 6 Wilson street.
Thomson, Mrs., green-grocer, 43 Shuttle street.
Thomson, Mrs. J., lodgings, 104 North Hanover street.
Thomson, Mrs. Mungo, 221 Sauchiehall street.
Thomson, Mrs. Robert, druggist, 476 Argyle street.
Thomson, Mrs. William, milliner, 10 East Russell street.
Thomson, Mrs., 7 Melrose street.
Thomson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 66 Sauchiehall street.
Thomson, Miss, 12 Cumberland street.
Thomson, Miss, lodgings, 32 Adelphi street.
Thomson, Misses M. and A., dressmakers, 280 George street.
Thomson, Misses, 15 Wellington street.
Thomson, J. and A. B., milliners and dressmakers, 8 North Clyde street.
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 178 Hospital street.
Thomson, Miss, teacher of singing, 121 Douglas street.
THORBURN, Charles, agent, 33 Virginia street ; house, Bent road, Hamilton.
Thorburn, Thomas, bootmaker, 122 Buchanan street; house, 38 West Campbell st,
Thorburn, Thos., iron merch. and iron broker, 81 St. Vincent st ; ho. 8 St. George'3 rtL
THORNTON, Matthew, and Son, opticians and jewellers, 51 Trongate ; house, 6 St-
Andrew street.
Thornton, Terrence, spirit dealer and cowfeeder, 103 Saltmarket.
THORP, Thomas, postmaster, 41 Renfield street; house, 39 do.
THYNNE, James and Robert, seedsmen, florists, and nurserymen, 60 Buchanan street r.
nursery, at North Woodside cottage, out New City road.
TIERNAN, John, sheep and cattle salesman, and general commission merchant, 62
York street.
TILLIE and Henderson, manufacturers, 189 Argyle street.
Tilley, Thomas, cloth merchant ; warehouse, 8 Canseyside, Paisley ; ho. 23 Newton pi.
Times Life Assurance and Guarantee Co., D. Fisher, 77 St. Vincent street, secretary :
agents, John Cook, 56 Dundas street; John Porteous, 33 Buchanan street; A.
M'P. Campbell, 98 West Nile street ; Archcl. Allison, 58 Oswald street ; David
Clark, 20 Union street; John Martin, 74 Wellington street; D. Bmnner, 56
Howard street ; and J. Greig, 3 Green street, Calton.
TIMPERLEY, John, civil engineer, 63 Abbotsford place.
TINDAL, David, surgeon, 4 Eglinton street; house, 4 Apsley place.
Tindal, J., & Co., manufacturers of aerated waters and ginger beer, 163 Cowcaddens st.
Tindal, Son, & Co., cloth-workers, pressers, and waterproofers, and silk, satin, and
velvet dyers and dressers, 163 Cowcaddens street, and 5 Nicholson square, Edin-
burgh. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
TINSLEY, James, lithographer, 19 Ronald street.
Tobacco Warehouse, 5 York street ; John Brown, agent, 31 Argyle street.
Tober and Eigh Distillery, Campbeiton; David Reid, 25 Stockwell street, agent.
TOD, A. & G., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 33 St. Andrew square.
Tod, Andrew, of A. and G. Tod ; house, 11 Monteith row.
Todd, Charles, and Higgiubotham, spinners, power-loom cloth manufacturers, and
calico-printers, Springfield court, 69 Queen street ; works, Springfield and Com-
mercial road, Hutchesontown.
Todd, Daniel, at J. and W. Todd's; house, 76 Gallowgate.

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