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Stewart, Miss E., ladies' bootmaker, 107 West George street ; house, 23 South Port-
land street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Stewart, Misses dress and cloak makers, 120 Renfrew street.
Stewart, Fanny, grocer, 18 South Coburg street.
Stewart, Helen, eating-house, 19 Lancefield quay.
Stewart, Miss Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 435 Argyle street.
Stewart, Miss Jane, green-grocer, 16 Oxford street; house, 103 Hospital street.
Stuart, Margaret, grocer, 26 Cleland street; house, 92 Thistle street.
Stewart, Susanna, matron of Govan Parish Poor-house ; house, 222 Eglinton street.
STIELL, Dr. James, surgeon, R.N., 463 St. Vincent street.
STILLIE, Thomas L., at James Black $ Co.'s; house, 34 South Portland street.
STIMPSON, Mrs. William, 200 Buchanan street.
STIRLING, David, bleacher, Hoggarifield. Letters left at 1 Trongate.
Stirling, Francis, merchant, 106 Hutcheson street; house, 51 St. Vincent crescent.
Stirling, George, 218 St. Vincent street.
Stirling, Gordon, & Co., merchants, 142 West George street.
Stirling, James, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 88 Gallowgate; house, 77
Abercromly street.
Stirling, James, grocer, 30 John street, Bridgeton.
Stirling, John, 6 South Wellington place.
Stirling, John, spirit dealer, 1 8 William street, Cowcaddens.
Stirling, John, dairyman and cowfeeder, 11 Saracen's lane.
Stirling, Joseph, and Son, spirit dealers, 701 Gallowgate.
Stirling, Patrick, locomotive manager, Glasgow and South West. Rail., 17 Cook st.
Stirling's Public Library, 48 Miller street ; J. B. Simpson, librarian.
Stirling, Robt, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 3 Saltmarket ; ho. 6 E. Nile St.
Stirling, William, and Sons, calico-printers, 32 St. Vincent place ; works, Cordale
and Dalquhurn, Renton.
Stirling, William, of W. Stirling and Sons; house, 266 St. Vincent street.
Stirling, William, of Stirling, Gordon, <f Co. ; residence, Kenmure, Bishopbriggs.
Stirling, William, jun., of Stirling, Gordon, $ Co. ; house, 198 West George street.
Stirling, William, wine and spirit merchant, 298 Buchanan street ; house, 17 Holm-
head street.
Stirling, William, baker, 11 Bridge street.
Stirling, Mrs. William, 84 Abbotsford place.
Stirling, Mrs., 266 St. Vincent street.
Stirling, Miss S. B., teacher, 10 Cambridge street.
STIRRAT, David, cart and wheel wright, 122 Renfield st ; ho. 17 Cowcaddens st.
Stirratt, David, 112 Hope street.
Stirrat, Hugh, and Sons, joiners and tun-builders, 119 Renfield street.
Stirrat, Hugh, sen., of Hugh Stiwat and Son ; house, 1 1 5 Renfield street.
Stirrat, Hugh, jun.. of Hugh Stirrat and Son; house, 88 Cambridge street.
Stirrat, Robert, grocer and fruit dealer, 1 8 Clyde place.
Stirret, Robert, hay merchant and victualler, 55 Bridge street ; house, 57 do.
Stirrat, Mrs., 7 Killermont street.
Stirrat, Mrs. Duncan, 28 Garscube place, Cowcaddens street.
STIRTAN, Mrs., milliner, 353 Argyle street.
STITT, Adam, flesher, 77 Bell street ; house, 24 Wilson street.
Stitt, James, at Lancefield Spinning Co.'s works, Centre street; house, Govan.
STOBBS, Richard, bookseller and stationer, 27 South Portland street.
STOBO, David, house-factor, 283 High street.
Stobo, David, spirit dealer, 57 West Milton street.
Stobo, George, M.D., physician, 52 Parliamentary road; house, 109 Parson street.
Stobo, Peter, smith, gasfitter, bellhanger, tinplate-worker, and ironmonger, 73 Nor-
folk street; house, 18 Warwick street.
Stobo, Robert, oflice, 54 Maitland street ; house, 2 Holyrood place, New City road.
Stobo, Thrift, tobacconist, 43 Sauchiehall street ; house, 36 do.
Stobo, William, ironmonger and builder, 42 Maitland street ; residence, Sandbank
cottage, Partick.
Stobo, William, spirit merchant, 6'. Rottenrow.
Stockwell Street Free Church, Ropework lane ; Rev. Peter Currie, minister.
STODDARD, A. F., of A. and S. Hendry $ Co ; resid. Thomhill house, by Johnstone.
Stodart, George, of J. and G, Stodart; house, 72 St. George's road.

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