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Peat, William, collector of assessments, Police buildings, 22 Struthers street ; house ,
23 Mouteith row.
PEDDIE and Tennent's School, 10 Cambridge street ; Miss Stirling, teacher.
Peddie, John, leather merchant and shoe furnisher, 62 Oxford St. and 12 Findlay St.
PEDEN, Adam, hosier, 171 Argyle street and 156 Crown street.
Peden, James, wine and spirit merchant, 29 North Frederick street.
PEEBLES, Francis, letter-carrier, P.O., 1 Pettigrew street.
Peebles, Fyfe, & Co., drysalters and commission merchants, 57 Miller street.
Peebles, J. G., commission agent, 3 St. Enoch square ; house, 3 Windsor street.
Peebles, W. J., & Co., commission merchants, 58 Buchanan street.
Peebles, W. J., of W. J. Peebles $ Co., 185 Hill street, Garnethill.
Peebles, William, of Peebles, Fyfe, <$ Co. ; house, 10 Royal terrace.
Peebles, Mrs. Andrew, 185 Hill street, Garnethill.
Peebles, Mrs., boarding-house keeper, 156 Gallowgate.
Peebles, Mrs., lodgings, 292 Argyle street.
Peebles, Miss, dressmaker, 110 King street, Tradeston.
PEFFERS, Robert, spirit dealer, 154 Garscube road.
PEGLAR, John, clothier, 3 Gordon street ; house, 93 Waterloo street.
Pelican Life Office; John Louden, 68 St. Vincent st. agent ; ho., 18 Woodside ores.
PENDER, James, and Sons, linen and cotton bleachers, Clober. Orders left at J.
Davie's, 51 Brunswick place.
Pender, James, contractor, 75 King street, Tradeston.
Pender, James, spirit dealer, 1 5 Little street, Calton.
Pender, James, 34 Eglinton street.
Pender, John, wine and spirit merchant, 67 London street.
Pender, John, & Co., merchants, 28 St. Vincent place.
Pender, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 141 Cambridge street; house, 137 do.
Pender, Mrs. Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Water st. Port-Dundas ; house, do.
PENMAN, Alexander, marble-cutter and sculptor, Blythswood terrace, 120 Bothwell
street ; works, Partick road ; house, Chesham place, Kent road.
PENNEY, Charles, manufacturing chemist, Whitevale chemical works, East Nelson
street, Gallowgate.
Penney, Daniel, of J. and W. Steel and Penney; house, 220 Hope street.
Penney, D. J., commission merchant, 3 N. court, Royal Exchange ; ho. 4 Sandyford pL
Penny, Dr. Frederick, professor of chemistry, Andersonian University.
Penney, Scott Moncrief, stockbroker, Globe Insurance agent, and notary public, 16
St. Vincent place ; house, 3 Royal circus, New city road.
Penney, William, & Son, commission merchants, 3 North court, Royal Exchange.
Penney, Mrs., furnishing shop, 43 West College street.
Penney, Mrs. E., 4 Sandyford place.
PEOPLES, George, butter, fowl, and egg merchant, 9 Bazaar ; house, 90 Bell st.
PERMAN, J. and F., corn merchants, 135 St. Vincent street.
PERRY, Arthur, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 Hospital street.
Perry, Arthur, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Anderston quay; house, 60 Hospital st.
Perry, D. T., of Perry and Kennedy ; house, 144 Renfrew street.
Perry and Kennedy, drysalters, 19 Cochran street.
Perrie, Robert, spirit dealer, 228 New Dalmarnock road.
Perry, Samuel, carter, 7 Wood lane, Broomielaw.
Perrie, Mrs., 201 St. Vincent street.
PERSTON, James, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 10 Greyfriars' wynd ; ho.
2 Havannah street.
Perston, Moir, & Co., manufacturers and merchants, 24 Gordon street.
Perston, William A., M.D., surgeon, 44 Adelphi street; house, 45 do.
Perth Baking Company, 78 Union street ; Thomas Hutchison, manager.
PETERKIN, David, spirit dealer, 44 Port-Dundas road.
Peterkin, William, clothier and outfitter, 5 Carrick street ; house, do.
PETERS, James, of Craig and Peters ; house, 4 Steel street.
Peters and M'Farlane, coppersmiths and tinplate- workers, 62 and 64 Crown street ;
house, 109 do.
Peters, Smith, & Co., millwrights and machine makers, 30 Lancefield quay.
Peters, Stewart, of Peters and M l Far lane; house, 109 Crown street.
PETERSON, Peter, of Scott and Peterson; house, 134 Thistle street.
PETRIE, David, wright, 33 King street, Tradeston; house, 33 Bridge street.

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