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Paton, Andrew, commission merchant, 49 Virginia street ; house, 16 Riehmond street.
Paton, Daniel, grocer and victualler, 51 Kent street; house, 4 East Russell street.
Paton and Grant, commis. merchts. and ship and insurance brokers, 87 Union street.
Paton, Hugh, umbrella and parasol maker, 13 Eglinton street.
Paton, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 75 Wellington street ; house, 80 do.
Paton, James, of Sclanders and Paton; house, 24 Taylor street.
Paton, James, flesher, 171 Co wcaddens street, house, 154 do.
Paton, J. and J., bakers, 27 Cathcart street, off Upper Main st. Gorbals ; ho, 29 da
Paton, J. and D., woollen manufacturers, 59 St. Vincent street.
Paton, J. and J., victuallers, 98 Main street, Gorbals, and 27 Eglinton street.
Paton, John, shoemaker, 15 College street.
Paton, John, grocer and victualler, 56 Saltmarket; house, 41 Adelphi street.
Paton, John, wine and spirit merchant, 7 and 9 Cathcart street; house, do.
Paton, M. and W., ironmongers, 7 and 9 Saltmarket ; house, 1 Grafton square.
Paton, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21 Richard street and 94 and 96 Union
street ; house, 98 do.
Paton, Robert, provision merchant, 18 Canal st. Poit-Dundas ; ho. 68 Cambridge St.
Paton, Rev. Robert, D.D., of St. David's Parish, 6 Newton place.
Paton and Small, nursery-seedsmen and fruiterers, 4 Charing cross; nursery,
Paton, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 87 Ingram street; ho. 10 Killermont st.
Paton, William, of Paton and Small; house, 11 Franklin terrace.
Paton, William, bootmaker, 17 Hutcheson street; house, 14 Renfrew street.
Paton, William P., merchant, Virginia buildings; house, 8 Newton place.
Paton, William, tea merchant and commission agent, 39 Crown street.
Paton, William, of Thomas Chalmers $ Co. ; house, 65 Abbotsfcrd place.
Paton, William, shirtmaker, hosier and glover, and tailors' trimmings warehouse, 84
Buchanan street; house, 71 South Portland street.
Paton, Mrs., 37 South Portland street.
Paton, Mrs. James, 10 George street.
Paton, Miss C, brush and bellows shop, 21 High street; house, 29 do.
Paton, Miss, lodgings, 79 Renfield street.
PATRICK, David, M.D., surgeon-aurist, 197 Athole place. Advice on the Ear
from 12 to 3 o'clock.
Patrick, Hugh W., wine and spirit merchant, 59 Stockwell street ; house, 3 Queen's
place, Great Western road.
Patrick, James, probationer of the Free Church ; house, 167 Main street, Gorbals.
Patrick, John, spirit merchant, 32 Sauchiehall street.
Patrick, John, & Co., merchants, 31 Montrose street.
Patrick, Robert, spirit merchant, 19 William street, Cowcaddens.
Patrick, William, warden of Cathedral, St. David's and Blackfriars' burying grounds,
Cathedral lodge, Castle street; house, 71 Parson street.
Patrick, William, warehouseman, 18 Clyde terrace.
Patriotic Fire and Life Assurance Company of Ireland; Branch office, 54 St. Vincent
st. ; Wylie & Mitchell, local secretaries.
PATTISON, Adam, & Co., drysalters, and sole agents for the patent lactarine, 62
Buchanan street.
Pattison, Adam M., agent for the Bridgewater Trnst, 62 Buchanan street.
Pattison, Andrew, manufacturer and commission agent, 35 Miller street ; house,
57 Clarence place, Kingston.
Pattison, Cree, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, 53 Rose st. Hutchesontown.
Pattison, Fred. H., of Godfrey, Pattison, § Co.; house, 273 Sauchiehall street.
Pattison, Godfrey, of Godfrey, Pattison, § Co.; house, 27 Newton place.
Pattison, Godfrey, & Co., merchants, 29 West George street.
Pattison, James, of Godfrey, Pattison, § Co.; ho. 224 Hampton Court terrace, Ren-
frew street.
Pattison, James, provision mercht., 120 & 122 King st. Calton ; ho. 96 Abercromby st
Pattison, John, hairdresser, 43 Main street, Bridgeton.
Pattison, John, of Pattison, Cree, cf Co.; house, 114 Castlemilk place.
Pattison, M. M., agent for Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Co., and
agent for the Birmingham Battery Co., 62 Buchanan St.; house, 12 Wood-
lands terrace.
Pattison, Mrs., 28 Florence place.

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