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Millen, John, of Thomas Millen a? Co.; house, 109 Parson street.
Millen, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 20 Little Hamilton street; house, 14
Margaret street.
Millen, James, cashier, National Bank of Scotland ; house, 24 Lansdowne crescent.
Millen, Thomas, tinsmith and gasfitter, 35 George street; house, 44 do.
Millen, Thomas, & Go., coal merchants, St. Rollox depot. Orders left at Mr. Wood's,
35 West Nile street ; house, 74 Taylor street.
MILLER, Adam, broker, 54 and 56 Centre street, Tradeston; ho. 50 Nelson St., do.
Miller, Adam, warper, 26 Duke street.
Miller, Alexander, baker, 138 Canning street, Calton ; house, 60 do.
Miller, Alexander, bread and ship-biscuit baker, 33 West Campbell street; ho. 31 do.
Miller, Alexander, of Inglis and Wakefield, 172 West George street and Busby.
Miller, Alexander, Dumbarton parcel-carrier, 177 Trongate.
Miller, Alexander, vitriol maker, Charlotte street, Port-Dundas ; house, 32 Windsor
terrace, St. George's road.
Miller, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 104 Bridgegate.
Miller, hatter, 189 Trongate.
Miller, Andrew, broker, 143 Main street, Gorbals.
Miller, Andrew, general wood merchant, 88 Maxwell street; ho. 12 Great Clyde st.
Miller, Andrew, weaving utensil and shuttle maker and turner, 27 Stockwell street ;
house, 12 Great Clyde street.
Miller, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 48 Bridge street ; house, do.
Miller, Andrew, grocer, 41 Abercorn street; house, 39 do.
Miller, Archibald, grocer and victualler, 19 Park lane, and 67 King street, Calton;
house, 17 Park lane.
Miller, Archibald G. K., spirit dealer, 17 Trongate, 111 Bridgegate, and 6 Saitiriavket;
house, 109 Bridgegate.
Miller and Bamierman, wrights, trunk and packing-box makers, 30 Gordon street-
Miller, Bowman, baker, 56 Stevenson street, Calton; house, do.
Miller & Co., booksellers and stationers, 85 Ingram street.
Miller & Co., tailors, 27 Findlay street.
Miller, Daniel, civil engineer, 32 St. Vincent place.
Miller, David, superintendent of buildings, valuator, &c. ; ho. 37 Paterson St., Kingston.
Miller, David, at Macrae's paper-hanging warehouse, 160 Trongate; house, 103 Hos-
pital street.
Miller, David, & Co., wrights and builders, 53 Dale street, Tradeston.
Miller, David P., of Wm. Miller and Sons, at Springfield works, Dalmarnock.
Miller, Duncan, boot and shoe maker, 99 High John St. ; house, 33 Low John st.
Miller, Edward, foreman, William Church cf Co.; house, 35 Cleland street.
Miller and Fleming, coppersmiths and biassfounders, 13 Robertson street.
Miller, Gavin, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Hospital street; house, 86 do.
Miller, Gavin B., of W. and G. Miller; house, 93 North Hanover street.
Miller, George, & Co., manufacturing chemists and oil merchants, tar naphtha distillers,
and oil and grease manufacturers; works, 89 Rumford street ; office, 83 Jamaica
street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Miller, George, merchant, 170 Stobcross street; house, 21 St. Vincent crescent.
Miller, George, of George Miller <$• Co.; house. 1 James street, Greenhead.
Miller, George, of Gartcraig. Letters left at 91 High street.
Miller, George, M.D., 167 George street; house, 154 do.
Miller, George S., accountant, N. S. Savings Bank ; house, 6 Franklin terrace.
Miller, Henry, messenger-at-arms, 25 Queen street; house, 36 Ropework entrance,
East Howard street.
Millar, Hillhouse, & Co., merchants and commission agents, 7 Exchange place.
Miller, J. & J., cork manufacturers, 62 Argyle street ; house, Shettleston.
Miller, James, victualler, 64 Saltmarket ; house, 149 do.
Miller, James, manager, Anderston Print Works, North street.
Miller, James, hairdresser, 102 Main street, Anderston.
Miller, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 217 and 219 Argyle street; house, 221 do.
Miller, James, wholesale and export stay manufacturer, 70 Brunswick street; house,
125 Candleriggs.
Miller, James, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, and feather merchant, 130 and 132 Tron-
gate; house, 132 do.
Millar, James, of Muter and Millar ; ho. and works, Milton, Dunglas, Dumbartonshire.

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