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M'Intosh, Alexander, accountant and house-factor, 239 Buchanan street.
Mackintosh, Angus, hat manufacturer, 107 Argyle street; house, 171 Eglinton st.
M'Intosh, A. andR., oil and tallow merch., 9, 11, and 13 Macfarlane St. : ho. 32 do.
Mackintosh, D., & Co., tar distillers and varnish-makers, 26 Maitland street.
M'Intosh, Donald, ehurch officer and cabinetmaker, 66 William street, Auderston.
M'Intosh, Donald, provision merchant, 31 West College street.
M'Intosh, Henry, wire-worker and wire-cloth manufacturer, 190 Trongate. — See Ad-
vertisement in Appendix.
Macintosh, Hugh, hosier and draper, 165 Great Hamilton street.
M'Intosh, James, of Neilson and M'Intosh; house, 6 Carlton place.
M'Intosh, J. and J., turners, 88 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 99 do.
M'Intosh, John, muslin manufacturer, 73 Hutcheson St.; house, Ibroxholm, Paisley rd.
M'Intosh, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 128 Hope street; house, 124 do.
M'Intosh, John, spirit dealer, 78 Canon street.
M'Intosh, John, painter, 112 New City road; ho. 45 Rose Hall buildings, Burnsidest.
Mackintosh, John, at Archd. M'Connell 6; Co.'s, 24 West Nile street ; house, 23 St.
Vincent crescent.
M'Intosh, John, & Co., lace and muslin manufacturers, 48 Queen street.
M'Intosh, John, of John M'Intosh $ Co.; house, 27 South Apsley place.
M'Intosh, J., of M'Intosh and M'Farlane ; house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road.
M'Intosh, John, spirit dealer, 5 Findlay street.
M'Intosh and M'Farlane, sewed muslin and Hamilton lace manufac, 38 Queen st.
M'Intosh, Peter, tanner, currier, leather merchant, belt, hose, cotton and woollen card-
maker, boot and shoe maker, and saddler, 129 Stockwell st. ; ho. 6 Carlton pi.
M'Intosh, R. B., at Dougall and Mathies' ; house, 79 Abbotsford place.
Macintosh, Robert, tincase-maker and general tinplate-worker, 90 Mitchell street ;
house, 32 Cumberland street.
M'Intosh, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 96 King street, Calton.
M'Intosh, Roderick, spirit dealer, 8 Nicholas street.
Macintosh, Sprunt, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 26 Renfield street.
M'Intosh, Thos., house painter and paperhanger, 5 Bath street ; house, 109 Parson st.
M'Intosh, William, spirit dealer, 7 New City road.
M'Intosh, William, merchant, 119 St. Vincent street.
M'Intosh, Mrs., spirit dealer, 34 Blackfriars street.
M'Intosh, Miss, millinery and straw-hat warehouse, 184 Hope street.
M'INTYRE, Alexander, surveyor and collector, Gorbals Gravitation Water Co., 90
South Portland street; house, 5 Gloucester street, Kingston.
M'Intyre, Andrew, chimney-sweeper, 68 Rutherglen loan.
M'Intyre, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Main street, Calton ; house, 120
South Albion street.
M'Intyre, Archibald, tailor and clothier, 239 Argyle street.
M'Intyre and Begg, wholesale shirtmakers, 58, 60, and 62 Brunswick street.
M'Intyre, Daniel, at Alexander Mitchell's; house, 87 Cumberland street, Laurieston.
M'Intyre, Donald, slater and slate merchant; slateyard, 11 Oswald st. ; house, 15 do.
M'Intyre, Donald, measurer, 29 Hutcheson street ; house, 144 West Campbell street.
M'Intyre, Dugald C, brickmaker and builder, 26 Scotia st. ; ho. Prince George pi.
M'Intyre, Dugald, & Co., com. merchts., ship and insur. brokers, 65 Jamaica street.
M'Intyre, Dugald, of D. M'Intyre $ Co.; house, 15 Watt street, Paisley road.
M'Intyre, D., wholesale tea and coffee merchant, 42 Hutcheson street ; house, 86
John street, Greenhead.
M'Intyre, D. and P., ship, commission, and slate agents, 83 Jamaica street.
M'Intyre, Duncan, spirit dealer, 57 Cheapside street.
M'Intyre, Duncan, spirit dealer, 61 Cheapside street.
M'Intyre, Duncan, hosier, glover, and shirt manufacturer, 44 Argyle street.
M'Intyre, Duncan, flesher, 60 Cowcaddens street.
M'Intyre, James, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Duke street ; house, 26 George street.
M'Intyre, James Smith, auctioneer and appraiser, 165, 167, and 171 Saltmarket.
M'Intyre, James, teacher and assistant chaplain, North Prison ; ho. 9 Adelphi street.
M'Intyre, John, bootmaker, 41 Sauchiehall street.
M'Intyre, John, builder, 27 Charlotte street.
M'Intyre, John, & Co., warehousemen, 1 Gallowgate, 2 and 12 High street.
M'Intyre, John, & Co., cotton- waste dealers and mill furnishers, 35 Rope Work lane.
M'Intyre, John, of J, M'Intyre $ Co, ; house, 8 Douglas street.

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