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Clark, P. W., &Oo., merchants, 31 Dundas street.
•Clark, Robert, brickbuilder, brickworks, College park, Hunter st. ; house, 43 Young
street, off Gallowgate.
•Clark , Robert, of Clark <§■ Co. ; house, 4 Sommerville place.
Clark, Robert, writer, 28 Miller street; house, 1 Melrose street, Queen's crescent.
'Clark, R. and R., saddlers and harness makers, 53 and 54 Argyle arcade ; house, 1 do.
Cllark, R. S. and D., grocers and provision merchants, 3 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Clark, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High street; house, 168 George street.
Clark and Struthers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 17 Royal Exchange sq.
Clark, Thomas, oil and grease merchant, Dixon square, Finnieston street. — See Ad-
vertisement in Appendix.
Clark, Thomas, rag merchant, 16 M'Alpine street.
Clark, W., & Co., manufacturers, 104 Hope street.
Clark, William, of W. Clark tf Co. ; house, 23 Kinning place.
Clarke, William, of Clarke and Bell; house, Oakvale, Hillhead.
Clark, Wm, Eben. Cook, surgeon, 63 John street.
Clark, William, cotton- yarn merchant, 42 Cochran street.
Clark, William, tinsmith and gasfitter, worker for mills and printfields, 44 John st ;
house, 239 George street.
Clark, William, merchant, 24 St. Vincent place; house, 19 South Apsley place.
Clark, Williarn, mill furnisher, 91 Warroch st. Anders ton ; ho. 12 Anderston quay.
Clark, William, of John Clark, jun., cf- Co. ; ho. 5 Moray pi. Cumberland st. west.
Clark, William, flesher, 3 Miller's place; house, 17 do.
Clark, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Landressy street, Calton.
Clark and Wilson, waterproof and airproof cloths, waterproof garments, &c., 74
Buchanan street.
Clark, Mrs. D., spirit merchant, 211 Stirling's road-
Clark, Mrs., spirit dealer, 18 Saltmarket.
Clark, Mrs., 183 Buchanan street.
Clark, Mrs., 9 Claremont street.
Clark, Mrs., Temperance hotel and Commercial lodgings, 28 Jamaica street.
Clark, Mrs., Temperance hotel and Coffee-house, 23 Jamaica street
Clark, Mrs., 237 Brandon place, West George street.
Clark, Miss, lodgings, 92 South Portland street.
Clarke, Margaret, victualler, 465 Gallowgate.
CLARKSON, John, draper, 34 Canning street, Calton.
Clarkson, Ann, fruiterer and confectioner, 36 Canning street, Calton.
CLAVERING, Thos., Russia merchant and broker, 22 Royal Exchange square ;
house, 276 Bath street.
CLEAT, John, spirit dealer, 51 Clyde place.
CLELAND, Charles, 2 Carlton court. Bridge street.
Cleland, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 74 Sauchiehall street ; ho. 220 Hope st.
Clelaud, Mrs. A. S., 102 South Portland street.
Cleland, Mrs., lodgings, 84 Great Hamilton street.
Cleland Coal Office, 37 West George street.
CLEMENT, John, spirit merchant, 245 Main street, Gorbals.
Clements, Robert, surgeon, 750 Gallowgate.
CLEPHEN, William, coppersmith, 22 Washington street; house, 12 North street.
Clerk to the Commissioners for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire; John Findlay, 29
St. Vincent place.
CLEUGH, Mrs., 222 Shaws road, Muirhouses.
Clifton Hill Coal Co., 56 West Howard street
CLIMIE, Robert, civil engineer and land surveyor, 1 Newstead place, Govan road,
and 26 Great George street, Westminster, London.
CLINKSK1LL, James, of Norman and Clinkskill; house, 17 Buccleuch street.
CLOUGH, Robert, 1 M'Auslan street.
Clough, William, manager, Wellington Pottery ; house, 1 M'Auslan street.
CLOUGSTON, Mrs., broker, 85 King street, Calton.
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennett, Browne, $ Co.; house, 9 Lynedoch crescent.
CLOW, A. G., of Clow and Macrone; house, Oakbank, Bowling.
Clow, Andrew, jeweller and watchmaker, 62 St. George's road; house, 12 Newton st.
Clow ( Andrew and David, wrights and builders, 20 Great Western road.
Clow, Andrew, of A. $ D. Clow; house, 119 New City road.

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