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Cameron, Mrs., dressmaker, 116 Sauchiehall street.
Cameron, Mrs. Alexander, lodgings, 4 Dalhousie place, New City road.
Cameron, Mrs. Ann, spirit dealer, 57 Havannah street.
Cameron, Mrs. Ann, furnishing shop, 185 Main street, Bridgeton.
Cameron, Mrs., spirit dealer, 55 Back wynd.
Cameron, Miss M., pawnbroker, 6 East Nile street; house, 81 London street.
Cameron, Mrs., 81 Abbotsford place.
Cameron, Mrs. Mary, spirit dealer, 21 East Russell street.
Cameron, Mrs., teacher of drawing and painting, 75 Bath street.
Cameron, Catherine, victualler, 27 Stobcross street, Anderston.
Cameron, Miss, dressmaker, 14 Shamrock street.
Cameron, Miss J., 149 George street.
Camlaohie Distillery, 230 Argyle street ; N. Hill, agent
Camlachie Foundry, Gallowgate, Mitchell and Wallace.
CAMPBELL, Alexander, and Son, blacksmiths, engineers, and boiler makers, 120
Cheapside street ; house, do.
Campbell, Alex., & Co., smiths and iron turners, 117 Hyde Park St. ; house, 114 do.
Campbell, Alex., 229 Duke street.
Campbell, Alex., slater and plasterer, 9 Surrey street, Gorbals.
Campbell, Alexander, spirit dealer, 47 High street.
Campbell, Alex., spirit merchant, 88 Parliamentary road.
Campbell, Alex., sheriff officer, 3 Thomson's lane, Mile-end.
Campbell, Alex., teller, Union Bank ; house, 5 Montrose street.
Campbell, Alex. M'P., insurance broker and commission agent, and agent for Times
Life Assurance and Guarantee Co., 98 West Nile street; house, Greenfield,
Campbell, Alex , commission merchant, rag and metal stores, 427 Parliamentary road ;
house, 43 Glebe street.
Campbell, A., sen., & Co., designers and print-cutters, Madeira court, 259 Argyle
street ; house, 80 Govan street.
Campbell, Andrew, silk yarn agent and commission merchant, 34 Cochran street.
Campbell, Archibald, master mariner, 56 Paterson street.
Campbell, Archd., baker, 69 King street.
Campbell, Archd., at J. and W. Campbell $ Co.'s; house, 206 Bath street.
Campbell, Archd., of Blythswood, 81 St. George's place.
Campbell, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 248 High street.
Campbell, Archd., cabinetmaker, 22 Surrey street; house, Strathbungo.
Campbell, Archd., victualler, 7 Clyde street, Port-Dundas ; house, 41 do.
Campbell, Archd., 97 Douglas street.
Campbell, Archd., spirit dealer, 47 High street.
Campbell, Archd., wholesale and retail milk dealer, 25 King street, Calton.
Campbell, Archd., victualler, 64 M'Alpine street.
Campbell, Archd., pitch, flour, rosin, &c, dealer, 85 Candleriggs; ho. 140 George st.
Campbell, Archd., grain merchant, 20 Union street; house, 116 South Portland st.
Campbell, Arthur, herbalist, 14 Hill street, Gallowgate.
Campbell, Charles, manager, Bank of Scotland ; house, 68 Ingram street.
Campbell, Charles, tailor and clothier, 44 Dundas street.
Campbell, Charles A., of Struihers and Campbell; house, 110 Peel terrace, Garnethill,
Campbell and Christie, ironfouuders, British Ironfoundry, 598 Gallowgate.
Campbell & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 42 Gordon street.
Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 44 Buchanan street.
Campbell, Colin, 4 Windsor place, Sauchiehall street.
Campbell, Colin, jeweller, 3 Argyle arcade.
Campbell, Colin, jun., of John Campbell, sen., cf Co., 11 Moore pi., West George st.
Campbell, Colin, of Blair, Campbell, and McLean; house, 9 Riehard street.
Campbell, D., of Campbell $ Co.; house, 133 Waterloo street.
Campbell, Daniel, reedmaker, 79 Bell street ; house, 173 George street.
Campbell, Daniel, merchant, 11 Miller street; house, 152 Hill street.
Campbell, Donald, 95 George street.
Campbell, Donald, & Co., merchants, 98 West Nile street.
Campbell, Donald, of Donald Campbell cf Co. ; house, Greenfield by Shettleston.
Campbell, Donald, chemist, druggist, and apothecary, 136 Argyle street, and 1 Buchanan
street ; house, 60 Oswald street.

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