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Cadenhead, Robert, at Barclay, Paton, $ Co.'s; house, "Wakefield villa, Pollokshields.
CADDELL, Mrs., 103 Renfrew street.
Cadiz and Clyde Traders, office, 51 Union street ; M'Kean and Lamont, agents.
Cadiz Wine Co., London ; Reid and Dick, agents, 12 Dixon street.
Cadiz Wine Co., Craig, Bisset, and Co., 383 Argyle street.
CADZOW, W. and R., carters and contractors, Glasgow Iron Co. ; ho. 96 Garngad rd.
CAIE, John, brush manufacturer, 5 Hutcheson street ; house, 36 John street.
Caie, Rev. Thomas, secretary, Glasgow City Mission. Letters, &c, left at the Reli-
gious Institution Rooms, 12 South Hanover street.
CAIRD, J., plasterer, 80 Hope street.
Caird, William, plasterer, 94 North Frederick street; house, Port-Glasgow.
CAIRNEY, John, glass-stainer, glazier, bender, and painter, 46 Bath street ; house,
Reddrie vale.
CAIRNS, Adam, manager, Friendly Bread Association, 10 Carlton court ; house, 45
Eglinton street.
Cairns, Charles, accountant and sharebroker, 57 West Nile st. ; ho. Westminster ter„
Cairns, David Young, contractor, Ardgowanpl., 107 Cumberland St., Hutchesontown.
Cairns, James, and Son, tailors and clothiers, 35, 37, and 39 London street.
Cairns, James, of James Cairns and Son; house, 2 Morris place. Monteith row.
Cairns, James, at Dougall and Mathie's ; house, 42 West street.
Cairns, John, of James Cairns and Son ; house, 20 Monteith row.
Cairns, John, of John Cairns <$■ Co.; house, Hamilton crescent, Partick.
Cairns, John, painter and paperhanger, and oil and colourman, 97 High street.
Cairns, John, & Co., cotton-brokers, 163 Ingram street and 100 Queen street.
Cairns, Joseph, clothier, 4 Saltmarket ; house, 97 do.
Cairns, P., & Co., smiths, bellhangers, and gasfitters, 38J St. George's road ; work-
shop, 162 Graham street, off St. George's road; house, 157 Shamrock streer.
Cairns, Walter, paper-ruler and bookbinder, 74 Glassford st. ; ho. 124 Bothwell st.
Cairns, William, leather merchant, 18 Blackfriars street ; house, 19 do.
Cairns, William, glass and china warehouse, 38 Jail square.
Cairns, Mrs. Thomas, 37 South Portland street.
CALDEB and Dunlop, patent enamelled thread manufacturers, Broomward mill,
Canning street, Calton. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Caldee Ironworks Office, 1 Dixon street.
Calder, George, spirit dealer, 5 Marlborough street.
Calder, James, spirit dealer, 51 Main's street, Blythwoodsholrn ; house, do.
Calder, John, commission agent, 14 Garthland street.
Calder, John, spirit merchant, 68 Carrick street; house, 70 do.
Calder, John, commission merchant, 35 Miller street.
Calder, Thomas, & Co., sugar merchants, 31 Miller street.
Calder, Thomas, of Thomas Calder <§ Co. ; house, 14 Royal terrace.
Calder, Thomas, superintendent of model lodging-house, 53 Greendyke street.
Calder, William, of Calder and Dunlop ; house, 12 Monteith row.
Calder, William, Ayrshire inn and carriers' quarters, 66 New wynd.
Calder, Mrs., victualler, 65 Brown street, Anderston.
Calder, Mrs., 81 Abbotsford place.
Calder, Miss, 37 Abercorn street. New City road.
CALDERHEAD, Mrs., spirit retailer, 54 Bishop street, Anderston.
CALDERWOOD, David, teacher, Murdoch's school, 40 Blackfriars street; house, 19
Great Hamilton street.
Calderwood, J. and M., leather and boot and shoe merchants, 56 Main street, Gorbals ;
house, 102 Hospital street.
CALDWELL, D., at A. Balder stores, 18 Renfield street; house, 29 Cowcaddens st.
Caldwell, Henry, cartwright, 85 Main street, Gorbals; house, 70 Rose street.
Caldwell, James, picture liner, 54 Renfrew street; house, do.
Caldwell, James, of Caldwell, Robertson, <f C°- > house, 4 Windsor terrace.
Caldwell, Job, cabinetmaker, 39 Crown street; house, 18 Rose street.
Caldwell, Job, general broker, 153 Castle street.
Caldwell, John, 136 Renfrew street.
Caldwell, John, wine and spirit merchant, 5 West Campbell street.
Caldwell and Ritchie, calico-printers, Kelvinhaugh.
Caldwell, Robertson, & Co., drysaltery and merchants, 12 Croy place, Maxwell st.
Caldwell and Scoular, merchants, 28 Cochran street.

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