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Barr & Co., manufacturers of dyewoods and liquors, Chappellfield, Barrhead ; agent,
William N. Gemmill, 23 St. Vincent place.
Barr & Ewing, tobacconists, 23 St. Andrew's street.
Barr, David, of Moiwrief, Pater son, and Forbes ; house, 42 Hill street, Garnethill.
Barr, Gavin, of Peebles, Fyffe, $ Co. ; house, 143 West Campbell street.
Barr, George, ofFindlay and Barr; house, 84 New City road.
Barr, James, teacher, 4 Oxford street ; house, 89 Hospital street.
Barr, Rev. James, D.D., minister of St. Enoch's; house, 190 St. Vincent street.
Barr, James, at Moody and M l Lure's, 26 Gordon street.
Barr, James, bookbinder and stationer, 42 Canning street, Calton.
Barr, James, brickbuilder, 10 and 12 Tureen street.
Barr, James, spirit dealer, 26 Bedford lane.
Barr, John, & Co., bleachers, Chappellfield, Barrhead, 23 St. Vincent place.
Barr, John M , baker, 24 Nicholson street.
Barr, John, at James Hutcheson $ Co.'s; house, 111 Hill street, Garnethill.
Barr, John, dairyman, 68 St. James' road.
Barr, John, spirit merchant, 74 High street ; house, 12 Ure place.
Barr, John, 36 Commerce street.
Barr, John, Ayrshire dairy, 2 Portugal street, Gorbals.
Barr, John, jun., wine and spirit dealer, 19 and 21 Bedford st, ; ho. 39 Warwick St.
Barr, John, engineer, boiler-maker, and iron shipbuilder, 100 Clyde street, Anderston,
and Kelvinhaugh ; house, 15 Richard street.
Barr, John, victualler, 149 Main street, Anderson.
Barr, Peter, gold thread and plate manufacturer, coloured, tambouring, and sewing
worsteds, &c, 79 Glassford street ; house, 6 Scotia street.
Barr, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer, Upper Crown street; ho. 22 Bedford lane.
Barr, Peter, Oak tavern, 75 Argyle street.
Barr, Robert, & Co., commission merchants ; office, 20 St. Enoch square ; bonded and
free stores, 35 Fox street, Finnieston quay ; ho. Albert terrace, 199 Renfrew St.
Barr, Robert, brickmaker and builder, and hotel keeper, 134 Union street.
Barr, Robert, of D. Cook $ Co. ; house, 12 Gloucester street, Kingston.
Barr, Robert, of Barr and Ewing ; house, 76 Great Hamilton street.
Barr, Samuel, teacher of music, and pianoforte seller, 197 Buchanan street.
Barr, Thomas, provision merchant, 233 Argyle street ; house, 239 do.
Barr, Walter, merchant, 17 Oswald street; house, 11 Rutland place.
Barr, William, oil and colour merchant, 77 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 3 Edwin
place, Surrey street.
Barr, William, of Barr and Buchanan ; house, 12 Ure place.
Barr, William, wine and spirit merchant, 85 and 87 Jamaica street ; house, 83 do.
Barr, William, fancy muslin manufacturer, 54 Gordon street ; house, 7 Albany place,
Sauchiehall street.
Barr, William, general grocer and tea dealer, 22 Marlborough st. and 350 Gallowgate.
Barr, William, warehouseman, 22 Nicholson street.
Barr, Mrs., silk dyer and crape dresser, 143 Gallowgate.
Barr, Mrs., 21 Rose street, Garnethill.
BARRETT, James, spirit dealer, 89 Kirk street, Calton ; house, 91 do.
Barratt, William, at John Roe's, 46 Queen street ; house, 18 Norfolk street.
Barrhead and Neilston Railway Station, head of Main street, Gorbals.
BARRIE, Andrew, portioner, 8 Dyer's lane, off St. Andrew's square.
Barrie, John, commission merchant, 56 Howard street; house, 10 Houston street,
Abbey Green place.
Barrie, John, grocer and victualler, 107 Nelson street, Tradeston ; house, 105 do.
Barrie, Thomas, at J. D. Barker's, 18 Glassford street ; house, 94 Belgrove street.
Barrie, Thomas, flesher, 95 Kirk street, Calton ; house, 1 Abercromby street.
Barrie, Mrs. Thomas, flesher, 75 Stevenson street ; house, 1 Abercromby street.
BARRON, Alexander, house factor, 24 Rutherglen road.
Barron, James, engraver, 18 Hutcheson street ; house, 89 South Wellington street.
BARROW, F. A., drysalter and commission agent, 107 Buchanan St.; ho. 8 Napier pi.
Barrow, William, grocer and provision merchant, 82 Rutherglen loan ; house, 24
Rutherglen road.
Barrowfield Chemical Works, Duncan street, Calton.
Barrowfield Weaving Mill, Peel street, Mile-end; John Yuill, manager; house, 35 East
Rose street.

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