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Allan, Mrs. John, dyer, 56 Cowcaddens street; house, 21 Garscadden street.
Allan, Mrs., brush manufacturer, Bazaar, Candleriggs.
Allan, Mrs., teacher, 46 1 West St. Vincent street.
Allan, Miss, Newhall, Greenhead.
Allan, Miss, lodgings, 168 Gallowgate.
Allan, Miss, 33 North Hanover street.
ALLEN, Alex., pianoforte manufacturer, tuner, and musical instrument seller, 109
Eglinton street; house. Ill do.
Allen, John, corn and flour factor, 4 Bothwell street ; house, 52 Buccleuch street.
Allen, John, pianoforte maker, hirer, and tuner, Corunna street ; ho. 10 Franklin ter.
Allen, Stephen, 14 Wilson street.
ALLARDICE, John, of Stephenson and Allardice; house, 44 Abbotsford place.
Allardice, W. P., of Mitchell, Allardice, and Mitchell ; house, 33 St. George's road.
ALLHUSEN, C, & Co., Tyne Soap and Alkali Works, Gateshead ; W. N. Gemmill,
agent, 23 St. Vincent place.
ALLESTER, David, 34 Cochran street.
Alliance British and Foreign Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London, Charles
Cunningham, 54 St. Vincent street; John M'Vey, 33 Virginia street; Tennant
& Co., 101 Miller street; Robt. and Alex. Thomson, 14 Moore place, West
George street ; J. C. Foulds, 64 Buchanan street; C. J. Ord, 116 St. Vincent St. ;
Thomas Wylde, Commercial Bank; and Gabriel Neil, 13 Virginia street, agents.
— R. S. Hamilton, 179 St. George's road, surveyor. — See Adv. in Appendix.
ALISON, Sir Archibald, Bart, sheriff of Lanarkshire, and advocate, County buildings,
Wilson street ; residence, Possil hous(^
Alison, Archd., commission merchant, and agent for Times Life Assurance and
Guarantee Co., 58 Oswald street; house, 33 North Hanover street.
Alison, Charles, agent, 58 Oswald street.
Alison, Walter, spirit dealer, 38 Kelvin street.
Alison, Marion, green grocer, 3 William street, Calton.
Alison, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, 93 New vennel.
Alison, Mrs., 33 North Hanover street.
Alison, Miss, retailer of provisions, 6 Wood lane.
ALLISON, Andrew, dyer, 49 Spoutmouth; house, 50 Graeme street.
Allison, Hugh, of Wilson and Allison ; house, Shawlands by Crossmyloof.
Allison, Thomas, farmer, 139 George street ; house, Sim's hill, Cathcart.
Allison, Miss, 1 Columbia place.
ALLSOP, Samuel, & Sons, brewers, Burton-on- Trent ; agents for Scotland, William
Milne & Co., 115 St. Vincent street.
ALLWOOD, Jonathan, glazier, 55 Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
ALSTON, Gavin, cowfeeder and cattle dealer, 50 Sauchiehall lane.
Alston andGourlay, ironfounders, Govan Street Foundry, Hutchesontown.
Alston, James, cowfeeder and coal agent, 103 High John street.
Alston, James W., of W. Stirling $ Sons; house, 6 India street.
Alston, John, joiner, 9 Risk street, Calton.
Alston, John, Son, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 55 Glassford street,
Alston, John James, of Alston and Gourlay ; house, 3 South Wellington place.
Alston, R. F., merchant, 134 Bath street,
Alston, William C, of John Alston, Son, cf' Co. ; house, Rosemount, Gamgadhill.
Alston, William, poulterer, 86 West Nile street; house, 99 Dundas street.
Alston, Mrs. T. Scott, 13 Elmbank crescent.
Alum and Copperas Works, Springbank; office, 82 Buchanan street.
AMBROSE, William, writer, agent for North of England Fire and Life Insurance Co.,
65 St. Vincent street ; house, Silverwell, Bothwell.
American Royal Mail Steam-Packet office ; G. and J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
ANCELL, Joseph, baker, 55 Shuttle street/'
Ancell, Elizabeth, lodgings, 2 Burrell's lane.
Anchor Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London, Hugh Tassie and Sons, 8 Gordon
street; John M'Harg, 21 St. Vincent place ; John Hood, jun., 20 Union street;
John Notman, 32 Exchange square; Wm. B. Faulds, 46 George square;
Wm. J. Carsewell, 122 Hope st. ; and Wm. Hendrie, 116 St. Vincent st., agents.
ANDERSON, Alexander, of J. and A. Anderson; house, 6 Lynedoch crescent.
Anderson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 648 Gallowgate.
Anderson, Alexander, sugar refiner, 43 Virginia street; house, 206 Renfrew street.

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