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Queen Arcade, 110 Renfrew street, n. side.
Queen's Buildings, corner of St. Viucent
place and Buchanan street.
Queen Court, 62 Queen street.
Queen's crescent, west of St. George's road.
Queenstown, Great Western road, adjoin-
ing Botanic garden.
Queen's Place, Western road.
Queensberry Place, North street.
Queen Street, from Argyle street to George
Queen Street (North), north-west side of
George square.
Queen Terrace, from Cumberland street to
West Prince's street.
Randolph Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill.
Redrow, North Woodside road.
Reform Court, 50 Commerce street.
Regent Piace, east end of Blackfriars st.
Regent Place, West Campbell street.
Regent Street, from West Nile street to
Blythswoocl square.
Regent Terrace, Stirling's road.
Reid Court, Bridgetou.
Reid's Court, 56 Trongate.
Renfield Lane, from Renfield street to
Hope street.
Renfield Street, from Union street to Cow-
caddens street.
Renfrew Court, 18 Renfrew street.
Renfrew Lane, from West Nile street to
Hope street.
Renfrew Street, from Buchanan street to
St. George's road.
Renwiek Place, corner of Catherine and
Stobcross street.
Richmond Lane, 82 Gallowgate.
Richmond Street, from Montrose street to
Portland street.
Richard Street, from Cadzow street to
Elderslie street.
Richard Court, off Bedford street.
Risk Street, from Great Hamilton street
to Thomson's lane, Calton.
Ritchie's Lane, 19 Clyde street, Calton.
Robertson's Court, 179 Argyle street.
Robertson's Lane, Robertson street.
Robertson's Place, corner of Shuttle street
and Nicholson street.
Robertson Street, from Argyle street to
Rochester Place, west from Charing Cross,
Sauchiehall street.
Ronald Street, from Taylor street to Dob-
bie's loan.
Ropework Entry, 108 Stockwell street.
Sopework Lane, from Jackson street to
Great Clvde street.
Roslin Place, west end of Buruside street,
Garscube road.
Roslin Terrace, corner of Abbotsford place,
Cumberland street.
Rosehall Buildings, 41 Burnside street.
Rose Place, corner of Rose street and Hill
street, Garnethill.
Rose Street, from Adelphi street to Ruther-
glen loan.
Rose Street (East), from Abercromby St.
to Greenvale street.
Rose Street, Garnethill, from Sauchiehall
street to Cowcaddens.
Rottenrow, from High street to High
John street.
Royal Circus, foot of Clarendon place.
Royal Crescent, west end of Sauchiehall st.
Royal Bank Buildings, from 92 to 100
Buchanan street.
Roj'al Bank Place, from Buchanan street
to Ro}-al Exchange square.
Roval Exchange Place, from Buchanan
street to Royal Exchange square.
Royal Terrace, back of Royal crescent
Rumford Street, Main street, Bridgetou.
Russell Street, from Kent street to New
street, Calton.
Russell Street (West), north end of Hope
Rutherford Lane, from Renfield street to
Hope street.
Rutherglen Loan, from Main street to
Little Govan.
Rutland Crescent, Govan road.
Rutland Place, Govan road.
St. Andrew's Open, from Gallowgate to
St. Andrew's square.
St. Andrew's Road, Shields.
St. Andrew's Square, principal entry from
Saltmarket street.
St. Andrew's Street, from Saltmarket st.
to St. Andrew's square.
St. Ann Street, from Duke street to the
Merchant's quarry.
St. David's Court, 16 Canon street.
St. Enoch Chambers, 13 Dixon street.
St. Enoch Lane, 145 Argyle street.
St. Enoch Square, south side of Argyle
street, opposite Buchanan street.
St. Enoch Wynd, south side of Argyle
street to Howard street;
St. George's Court, 94 West Nile street.
St. George's Place, west side of Buchanan
St. George's Road, from Sauchiehall st. to
North Woodside road.
St. James' Road, from Taylor street to
Parliamentary road.
St. James' Street, from Castle street to
Parliamentary road.

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