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P E E F A C E.
The Publishers of the " Glasgow Post-Office Directory," in suhmitting the
present -volume for public approval, feel confident that the measure of favour so liberally
bestowed on former publications will not be withheld from this. On no former occa-
sion has so much valuable matter been introduced, giving an increase of 44 additional
pages of letterpress, as compared with volume 1853-54. In a work of this kind,
prepared by Post-Office officials, it is natural that postal information should be ample
and prominent. The present volume will show a large increase in this department.
For the first time, Lists have been introduced of the Departments of Government, the
Scottish Peerage, and Members of the House of Commons for Scotland; and, as pro-
mised, the Local Institutions and Societies have been so largely increased, that very
few, it is presumed, will be found omitted; but, while the publishers are not insensible
to the value accruing to the public by the introduction of the additional Lists above
explained, they are fully alive to the more important, and indeed chief features of their
work — viz., the correction and necesssary extension of the List of Names, and to this
object no effort has been spared. The greatest care has been bestowed on the present
volume, which, on inspection, will be found to maintain that high character for accuracy
hitherto accorded to it. In a work so minute in detail, and as a whole of such mag-
nitude, it is pleasing to reflect how few complaints of errors, inadvertently committed,
have been brought under the notice of the publishers ; and they take this opportunity
of acknowledging the general kindness and forbearance exercised towards them on
these occasions. The annual increasing size of the volume has been attended with
great additional expense ; and while the publishers have hitherto resisted the idea of
increasing the price, they have been necessitated to resort to this measure, both from
the increased price of labour and material, as well as from the extension of the
Directory itself.
The increase of price, however, will be found trifling, and which, it is believed, will
be met with no objection from any quarter. The publishers beg to thank the gentle-
men connected with the local institutions and societies for their kindness in furnishing
the necessary information and correcting the Lists ; thus giving to the public a very
valuable appendage to the Directory.
Post Office, Glasgow,
1st June, 1854.

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