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To the Medical Profession and the Public in general.
As Administered under the Advice of the most eminent Medical
Authorities, under Medical Superintendence, at
( West from the Gushet Housed)
THESE Baths are similar in construction to those used in the Hospitals of France
and other continental countries, and to those celebrated Baths at the private
residence of that eminent physician, Jonan. Green, Esq., M.D., Marlborough Street,
London, and used by him for upwards of 30 years as a remedy of unknown value in
hundreds of cases, some of them medical gentlemen themselves, who had been treated
by the most eminent of the Profession in London without success, and with whom Dr.
Green succeeded without giving a particle of medicine internally. Certain modifica-
tions and improvements have been made, the result of several years' practical experi-
ence in Glasgow and England, the most potent, safe, and agreeable for curative
purposes ; as yet they are not sufficiently well known to be duly appreciated in this
country, but happily, for a large class of sufferers, they are gradually forcing them-
selves upon the attention, not only of the highest class of medical practitioners, but
also of the public in general.
Separate Baths set apart for particular Diseases,
Superintended by Mr. Jack himself and Assistants.
Medicines of any degree of strength may be administered in the form most favour-
able for influencing the whole system-^viz., the Gaseous form — without the slightest
inconvenience or unpleasantness to the patient, the head not being included in the
Bath. There is no fear of taking cold ; even the patients themselves, after their first
bath, lose all such fear— so much heat has been absorbed and retained in the system
as to dispel all such apprehension. No occasion to go to bed, nor confinement to the
room or house, even after the most powerfully medicated Bath : it is not at all neces-
sary — my own patients not doing so (except in particular cases). The Vapour Baths
are preservatives of health, as they produce the good effects of exercise — viz., increased
and equal circulation and perspiration without fatigue, and may be taken by the most
delicate person, and children, being always tonic in effect when properly administered.
Persons, from their use, are much less liable to take cold.
Mr. Jack never interferes in the cases of patients coming from Medical Gentlemen,
and is at home daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and 7 till 9 evening. — A Bath can be had
from Is. to 2s. 6d.
Much might be added, but' it is unnecessary, as the most eminent medical men send
their patients to him for these Baths, and have visited them themselves. Mr. Jack
is aware that some members of the profession are inclined to doubt the remedial powers
here set forth; he therefore courts their investigation and testing of the means, lest
they might think he has unwarrantably extolled them.
Baths in a few minutes' notice daily from Nine a.m. till Ten p.m.
The opinions of the Medical Press of London and Edinburgh, and the Report of
the Committee of the Faculty of Physic of Paris, signed by such names as Leroux,
Dubois, Dupuytren, Richerand, &c, Barons and Professors of Physic, Paris, upon the
utility of these Baths, may be seen at the Establishment ; also, a long list of cases
cured of inveterate diseases principally by them.

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