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1. Entire profits belong to the Assured.
2. No lawsuits— disputes, if any, settled by arbitration.
3. Any sum may be assured, from £25 to £3,000, payable to the Member himself
on attaining any fixed age, or at once to his Representatives, in case of earlier death.
4. Arrears may be paid up at any time, within twelvemonths, upon production of
certificate of health.
5. Policies indisputable, except for palpable fraud.
6. This Society is formed entirely on the Mutual Principle, and possessing advan-
tages resulting from being enrolled under the provisions of the Acts of Parliament
relating to Friendly Societies, whereby the sums assured to the Widow, Widower, or
Children of deceased Members, are payable to them free from Legacy or Probate Duty
— a privilege which the Directors, by considerable effort, were the means of securing.
7. By a clause in the New Act relating to Friendly Societies, the Board is em-
powered to advance Loans to Members on the security of their Policies, of Five Years'
standing and upwards. The mode of procedure in such cases is easy and simple,
entailing no trouble or legal expense, and many Members have already availed them-
selves of the privilege.
8. A lower rate of mortality than in any other office in Great Britain.
9. Liberty to travel or reside in any part of Europe, in Canada, and in the northern
part of the United States, -without extra charges.
N.B.— The Temperance and Public sections are kept in separate classes, and will
each receive their own profits.
Prospectuses, also copies of the Twelfth Annual Report, may be had at the Branch
Offices, and at the Chief Offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester,
Liverpool, and London.
Established in 1823.— Incorporated by Act of Parliament.
CAPITAL, £500,000.
Medical Adviser, Dr. PAGAN.
Messrs. KNOX & GUILD, Accountants, 59 St. Vincent Street.
Mr. D. LOCKHART, Writer, 36 Renfield Street.
rTPIE Company was established in 1823, and has been incorporated by Act of Parlia-
1 ment, for the purpose of carrying on the business of Life Assurance in all its
branches, on the most liberal and approved principles. The success which has attended
the Company since its commencement, and its annually increasing prosperity, is a
gratifying proof that the principles upon which it is founded are calculated to confer
great benefits on Assurers.
The following are the principal advantages given by this Company : —
Mutual Assurance, without liability.
The guarantee of a responsible body of Proprietors, either personally or otherwise,
assured with the Office, affords the most undoubted security to all classes of
Nine-tenths of the whole Profits Septennially divisihle among the Assured.
This is a larger proportion than can ever be divided by any simple Mutual Assur-
ance Society.

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