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Police Office, Western, 6 Warroch Street, Anderston.
Police Office, Clyde, 16 Robertson Street.
Police Station-House, Milton Street, Cowcaddens.
Police and Poor-Rate Surveyor's Office, 70 Bell Street. — A. M'D. Houston
and James Donaldson, Surveyors.
Police Collector's Office, 70 Bell Street. — E. G. Maxwell, Collector.
Police Treasurer's Office, 70 Bell Street. — David Croll, Treasurer.
Post Office, 40, 42, 44, and 46 Glassford Street.' — Postmaster — Edward D.
James, Esq. (For names of Clerks, see page 1 of Appendix.) Letter-Carriers — James
Gentle {Charge Taker), Robert Miller, James Craig, Alexander Jeffrey, John Miller,
Andrew Clyde, John Montgomery, Eobert Galbraith, James Lemon, William Smith,
James Walker, William Walker, Henry Stenhouse, John M'Kean, Peter Kevan,
William Wishart, Alexander Mackie, Josiah Rogers, Andrew M'Donald, Joseph
Greig, James Stewart, James Drummond, William Martin, William M'Gowan,
William Tait, William Neilson, John Neilson, James MArthur, William Finlay,
Thomas Hughes, David Edwards, Alexander Cameron, Thomas Jeffrey, Francis
Peebles, John Maltman, Lowry Weltone, John Warren, George Coghill, James S.
Morrier, James Rogers, Robert Fisher, Charles Thomson, Donald M'Kay, William
Munn, Thomas Taylor, Thomas Brown, Joshua Colledge, John Ronald, Michael
Blundell, William Baillie, "William King, William Smith, jun., Peter Connell, James
Mathieson, Peter Fletcher, John Hamilton, John Gillespie, James Mellish, John
M'Donald. Stampers — Duncan Cameron, Duncan Benson, William Lean, James
Angus, William Miller, Hugh M'Innes, Samuel Campbell. Paper-Sorters — Robert
Peggie, Richard Aikman. Country-Messengers — Alexander Primrose, John Rodgers,
Robert Blair, John Stewart, James Moffat, Hamilton M'Arthur. Railway and Coach
Messengers — John Riddie, James Tait. Town-Bag Collectors — James Templeton,
John Hastie, John M'Laren, Leslie Barry.
Procurator Fiscal's Office for the City, City Chambers, 66 Hutcheson
Street. — John Burnet, P.F.
Procurator Fiscals for the County, Sheriff, Commissary, and Admi-
ralty, County Buildings, Wilson Street. — George Salmoud and William Hart.
Procurator Fiscal for the Justices of the Peace. — John Lang, jun.,
County Buildings, Wilson Street.
Property and Income Tax for City of Glasgow. — John Ferguson, Clerk ;
Office, 131 Buchanan Street. Robert Donald and R. M. Murray, Assessors; Office,
52 Virginia Street.
Property and Income Tax for Lower Ward of Lanarkshire. — Adam
Monteath, Clerk, 73 St. Vincent Street; James Donaldson, Assessor, 70 Bell Street.
Property and Income Tax for the Eastern District of Dumbartonshire.
Office, 40 George Square. — Andrew Tennent, Clerk.
Recruiting District Offices, Corner of Main's Street and Sauchiehall Street.
Religious Institution Rooms, 12 South Hanover Street.
Royal Engineer's Office, 92 South Portland Street.
Stamp Office, entrance by 78 Queen Street, and 81 Miller Street. Open from
10 till 4 o'clock, and shuts on Saturdays at 12. James Sinclair Lockhart, Distri-
Sasine Office for the Burgh of Glasgow. — Andrew Cunningham, Regis-
trar, City Chambers.
Sasine Office for the Shire of Renfrew and Regality of Glasgow. —
Thomas Graham, W.S., and Thomas Hill, Registrars, 5 Moor Place.

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