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Dundas, Clerks ; James Baird and Jacob Ord, Landing Surveyors ; John W. Fou-
bister, Andrew A. Thomson, William Watt, John Hoggan, William J. Mathews,
Colin M. Spalding, Thomas Laidlaw, William T. Nimmo, John K. Bruce, Currie
Elles, George Ord, Robert H. Leishman, and Andrew G. Anderson, Searchers and
Landing Waiters ; Thomas Gordon, Hamilton Cleland, and John Lyall, Tide Sur-
veyors ; Alexander Donald, Principal Coast Officer, at Renfrew ; William Campbell,
Do., at Bowling Bay ; Richard Purdie, Messenger and House-keeper ; James Paul,
Superintendent of Lockers and Appointer of Weighers ; 15 Lockers, 16 Weighers,
28 Tidewaiters, and 6 Boatmen.— Hours of attendance for the Despatch of Public
Business: In-door Department, from 10 till 4 ; Out-door and Warehouse Depart-
ment, from 1st April to 30th September, from 6 to 9 a.m., and from 10 a.m. till 4
p.m. ; during February, March, October, and November, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. ; and
during January and December, from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. The following Holidays are
observed : Christmas-day, Good Friday, and the Anniversary of the Birthday of her
Dean of Guild Court. — Arthur Forbes, Assessor ; John Carrick, Superintendent
of Streets and Buildings ; William G. Crawford, Officer. — Court sits every second
Thursday, at 11 o'clock. The Courtis presided over by James Hannan, Esq., and
the Brethren in Council consist of eight members, appointed by the Merchants' House
and Trades' House.
Electric Telegraph Company's Office, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Excise Office, 45 Dunlop Street. — Robert Smith Sharp, Collector ; Mark Wen-
ley, Henry Spry, and John Russell, Collector's Clerks ; William Swan, Thomas Dob-
son, William Buchanan, John Thorn, John Pearson, William Russell, and James
Macfadzian, Supervisors. Export Officer: William Robinson. Packing Officers:
James F. Rich, James Francis Ware, and James Dockery. John R. Emmerson,
Messenger ; Margaret Minnie, Housekeeper. Permit Writer : Duncan Macdonald.
Warehousekeepers : George Esther, Thomas Beetliam, Patrick Read, Ambrose B,
Bell, James H. Nash, James Walton, and John R. Emmerson.
Extractor's Office, City Chambers. — Thomas Simpson, Extractor.
Faculty of Physicians' Library, 17 St. Enoch's Square.
Faculty of Procurator's Library, 13 John Street.
Glasgow Gas-Light Company's Office, 42 Virginia Street. — James Ritchie,
Engineer and Manager; Charles Liddell, Surveyor; John Purves, Accountant;
William Kay, Collector.
Glasgow Water Company's Office, 23 Miller Street. — Wm. Guthrie, Secre-
tary and Treasurer; D. M'Kaiu, Manager and Engineer; James Smith, Accountant;
William Cochran, Collector.
Gorbals Gravitation Water Company, 90 South Portland Street.
Govan Annexation Poor's Office. — 125 Dale Street, Tradeston.
Govan Parish Poor-Rates and Road-Money Office, 19 St. Enoch Square. —
David Dreghorn, Collector.
Harbour-Master's Office. — 16 Robertson Street.
Income-Tax Collector, 43 Virginia Street.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Court for Lanarkshire, County Buildings, 107
Brunswick Street. — Geo. Crawfurd, Clerk. Meets every Tuesday and Friday, at 11
o'clock, in the Court Hall, Jail Square, for deciding claims of £5 and under.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, for the Balfron or Western District of Stir-
lingshire, 13 Exchange Place. — Wm. Jeffrey, Clerk-Depute.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, for the Lennoxtown of Campsie, or Southern
District of Stirlingshire, 40 George Square. — Andrew Tennent, Clerk-Depute.
Merchants' House.- — Collector's Office, 70 Hutcheson Street. — Archibald Newall,
Police Chambers, Central, 9 South Albion Street.
Police Office, Southern, 47 South Portland Street, Laurieston.
Police Office, Eastern, 33 Stevenson Street, Calton.

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