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4. Every patient must be provided with proper apparel. An accurate list of every
article brought with the patient must, on admission, be delivered to the Steward, or
Principal Attendant, to the Superintendent of the Ladies, or the Matron, according
to the House in which the Patient is placed, and the name must be fully marked on
each article. If any necessary part of dress should not be duly supplied, after eight
daj r s' intimation has been given that it is wanted, it will be furnished by the House,
and the cost of it charged against the patient.
On applying to the Physician, the patient will be carefully and expeditiously con-
veyed to the Asylum, the necessary expenses being paid to the Steward by the
Patients in the West House may be visited ever}' lawful day between 10 and
12 o'clock ; those in the East House, who are not paupers, on Mondays, between the
same hours ; and patients who are paupers, on Saturdays, also from 10 till 12 o'clock.
Only those who are duly authorised can be admitted to visit patients.
From Clergy — Eev. Dr. Boyd.
From Town Council — John Mitchell.
From Merchants' House — David Anderson.
From Trades' House — Andrew Millar.
From Physicians and Surgeons— Dr. J. Aitken, Dr. Andrew Risk.
From Qualified Contributors and Yearly Subscribers — James Lumsden,
George Middleton, John Tennant, A. S. Dalglish, Robert Hutchison, John Couper.
Office-Bearers — Dr. J. A. Lawrie, Consulting Surgeon ; Mr. R. Dunlop Tanna-
hill, Dr. Arthur Mitchell, Acting Surgeons.
Secretary, Robert Findlay ; Treasurer, Dr. Aitken, Directors, ex-offioiis.
Superintendent and Collector, Alexander Troup.
President — The Hon. Robert Stewart, Lord Provost.
Honorary Vice-Presidents — His Grace The Duke of Montrose, His Grace The Duke
of Argyll, The Earl of Eglinton, Lord Belhaven and Stenton, Lord Blantyre, James
Oswald of Auchencruive ; James Ewing, LL.D., of Strathleven.
From the Directors of the Royal Infirmary — James Bogle, Professor
Jackson, James Craig.
From the College of Glasgow — Rev. Principal Macfarlan,
From the Town Council — William M'Lean.
From the Merchants' House — James Hannan, Dean of Guild ; John Innes
From the Trades' House — David Yule, Deacon Convener.
From the Faculty of Physicians — Dr. Crawford.
From the Ministers of Glasgow — Rev. Dr. Craik.
elected by the meeting.
John Smith, Charles M'Kenzie, James Leechman, Wm. C. Alston, John Blackie,
juu., William Patrick, Robert Galbraith, James A. Campbell, William M'Lean, jun.
William Brodie, Treasurer. Robert Jameson, Secretarj'.
David Gibson, M.D., Surgeon. Miss MArthur, Matron.
M. Semple, Superintendent, Teacher.
Founded by G. and T. Hutcheson for the maintenance of decayed Burgesses of
Glasgow, and the Widows of Burgesses; and the Education of Boys, Sons of
Preceptor, David M'Kinlay.
Patrons — The Magistrates and Council, with the Ministers of the Ten Established
Churches, and Professor of Divinity in the College of Glasgow.
Chamberlain, Lawrence Hill. Teachers, J. Macarly and G. H. M'Millan.
Music-Master, John Muir. Baron-Officer, Alexander Gemmill.

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