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Clyde Trustees Appointed by the House. — Richard Kidston, William Con-
nal, John M'Ewan.
Clyde Commissioners Appointed by the House. — John Wright, James
Wright, Archibald Galbraith, John Jamieson, Thomas Buchanan, jun., David Hope,
William Mills, James Dale, Alexander Drysdale, Archibald G. Kidslon.
Port-Glasgow Harbour Commissioners Appointed by the House. — Allan
Gilmour, John Wright, William Evving, Thomas Brown, Mungo Campbell, jun.,
William Brown, Thomas Richardson, Richard Kidston.
Greenock Harbour Commissioners Appointed by the House. — -William
Connal, Graham Russell, Humphrey E. Crum, Thomas Richardson, James Burns,
A. G. Kidston, Lewis Potter, George Henderson.
James M'Leish, Superintendent of Cemetery and Quarries.
William G. Crawford, Officer.
The Hon. the Lord Provost, Chairman. — James Scott, Esq., Deputy-Chairman.
Trusters. — The Hon. Robert Stewart, Lord Provost ; William West Watson,
James Gouiiay, George Mitchell, John Stewart, William Whyte, William Gilmour,
George Brown, James Drummoud, Bailies ; James Hannan, Dean of Guild ; David
Yuile, Deacon, Convener; John Fleming, Sir James Anderson, James Scott, James
Playfair, David Dreghorn, Archibald M'Lellan, John Mitchell, William Cochran,
William Rae, Charles Gray, Hugh Wilson, Peter Hamilton, William Bankier, John
Macdowall, William Murray, William Brodie, Councillors ; Hugh Cogan, Chairman
of the Chamber of Commerce; Richard Kidston, William Connal, John M'Ewan,
appointed by the Merchants' House ; William Alexander, James Wilson, appointed
by the Trades' House. — William Davie, LL.D., and A. Turner, Secretaries; George
Knight, Treasurer ; John F. lire, Engineer and Master of Works ; Captain Johnson,
Harbour Master ; James Brown, Officer.
Hugh Cogan, Chairman. — G. L. Walker, Deputy-Chairman.
Directors. — J. A. Anderson, J. G. Kinnear, James Clark, Graham Russell, A.
Gilmour, jun., H. E. Crum, William Johnston, Henry Dunlop, William Graham,
Elias Gibb, Robert Baird, A. Johnston, William Brown, A. M'K. Kirkland, Thomas
M'Call, Archibald G. Kidston, Colin Campbell, Hugh Cogan, Andrew Wingate, G. L.
Walker, Sir James Anderson, William Crawford, William Hamilton, John King,
George Burns, James Bogle, James Jamieson, Thomas Buchanan, W. P. Paton,
Michael Connal, Thomas Richardson, James A. Campbell. — John G. Kinnear, Secre-
Humphrey Evttng Crum, Chairman. — Graham Russell, Deputy-Chairman.
Directors. — John Ronald, William Hamilton, W. F. Burnley, Mungo Campbell,
jun. — C. D. Donald, Secretary and Treasurer.
Constituted under the Act 13 & 14 Victoria, chap. 93.
Robert Stewart, Lord Provost, Chairman. — Allan Gilmour, Deputy-Chairman.
Dirhctors. — William Connal, Captain W. Douglas, R.N , Sir James Anderson,
John Mitchell, Lewis Potter, Robert M'Gavin, James Allan, William Kidston, George
Smith, jun. — James Muirhead, Secretary, 42 West George Street.

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