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Old Cavalry Barracks, Head of Eglinton Street.
Odt-Door Department. — James D. Kirkwood, Inspector of Poor ; Alexander
Sutherland, William Bell, and Henry Reid, Assistant-Inspectors; Robert Cassels,
Book-keeper; William C Gordon, Clerk. — David Dreghorn, 19 St. Enoch Square,
Workhouse Department. — Governor, Charles Forsyth ; Matron, Susanna
Stewart ; Chaplain and Teacher, Rev. Alexander Laurie ; Surgeon, James Stewart,
M.D. ; Porter, James Speirs.
David Yuile, Deacon-Convener ; William York, late Convener.
David Black, Collector ; James M'Culloch, late Collector.
Hammermen. — Alexander Bilsland, Deacon ; John Neil, late Deacon ; Archibald
M'Lellan, John Morrison, William Alexander, John M'Callum.
Tailors.— Henry Clow, Deacon ; Hugh M'ColI, late Deacon ; George Paul,
James Coutts, James Cairns, Robert Pirkpatrick. >
Cordiners.— James Craig, Deacon; Robert Woodside, late Deacon; Thomas
Bell, Thomas Blyth, James Kerr, James M'Farlane.
Maltmen. — William Ross, Visitor; James Logan, Charles Malloch, James Renton.
Weavers. — Andrew Wilson, Deacon ; Allan M'Dougal, late Deacon ; William
Fraser, John Orr.
Bakers. — Robert Osbourn, Deacon; Peter M'Arthur, late Deacon; John For-
Skinners. — Robert Thompson, Deacon; Alex. Burns Glen, late Deacon; George
Wrights — John Dykes, Deacon ; Andrew Miller, late Deacon ; James Wilson.
Coopers. — Ma.th.ew Semple, Deacon ; John Stewart, jun., late Deacon ; John
Fleshers. — Alexander Malcolm, Deacon; John M'Ley, late Deacon; Robert
Masons. — Robert Craig, Deacon ; Robert Philip, late Deacon ; Thomas Brownlie.
Gardeners. — John Pinkerton, Deacon ; John Graham, late Deacon ; Robert
Barbers. — John Moore, Deacon ; Walter Tennant, late Deacon ; Steven Baird.
Dyers. — Angus M'Alpine, Deacon ; Joseph Brown, late Deacon.
Committee on Buildings. — The Convener, the Collector, the late Convener, the
late Collector; James Cairns, George Dick, Robert Rankine, John Morrison,
James M'Farlane, James Wilson, John Moore, James Renton, William Fraser, Peter
M'Arthur, John Stewart, Jan., Thomas Brownlie, John Graham, Angus M'Alpine. —
Five a quorum.
Delegates on Gorbals Lands. — The Convener, the Collector, the late Convener,
the late Collector; Daniel M'Adie, Thomas Blyth, James Scott, Alexander
Glassford, George Dick, Robert Sclanders, James Watt M'Gregor, William Alexander,
William Ross, Robert Rankin, John Christie, jun.
Directors op Trades' Free School. — The Convener, the Collector, the late
Convener, the late Collector; Robert M. Lindsay, George Paul, James Bain,
Adam Monteith, John Reid, Joseph Brown, William Murray, John Stewart, jun.,
George Smith. James Reid, James Service, William Shaw, John Dunn, James Cruick-
shanks, Duncan Smith.
Committee on Kelvin Bank and Sandyford. — The Convener, the Collector,
the late Convener, the late Collector ; Archibald M'Lellan, John Stewart, sen.,
James Cairns, Robert Craig, Charles Malloch, John Morrison.

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