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Bell, George, architect, 51 St. Vincent
street, house, Lower Mosesfiell.
Brown, William, Janefield.
Campbell, James, flesher, 568 Main st.
Carmichael, Duncan, boot and shoemaker,
. 584 Main street.
Crawford, James, farmer, Saughs.
Finlay, Hunter, Balgray bank villa.
Findlay, Joseph, & Co., cotton-spinners,
Springvale. Letters left at Mr. R. Brv-
son's, 111 Ingram street.
Gray, Rev. William Forrester, Millerston
Free Church, house, Mossbank.
Gillies, Malcolm, locomotive department,
Edin. and Glasgow Railway, Cowlairs.
Gillies, N., boot & shoemaker, 565 Main st.
Glover, Alexander, portioner, Millerston.
Govan, John sub-postmaster, builder, and
grocer, 573 Main street.
Graham, William, spirit dealer, Riddrey.
Gray, John, 57 Springvale, Cowlairs rd.
Hunter, William, Edgefauld cot, Balgray.
Hutcheson, John, builder and house-factor,
house, Edgefauld cottage, Balgray, office,
Hill street, Springburn,
Jack, S. John, farmer, Germiston Mains.
Johnston, George, time-keeper, Cowlairs,
Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.
Kay, James, portioner, house, 162 Upper
Crown street, Glasgow.
Kay, Miss Ann, grocer and spirit dealer,
Old Post-office, house, 539 Main st.
Knox, Thos., joiner and cartwright and
wood pump-maker, 580 Main street.
Landles, Jas., commission agent, Spring-
vale, Cowlairs road.
M'Calman, John, boot & shoemaker, 542
Main street.
M'Callum, Daniel, spirit dealer, 293 Co-
burg place, Springburn road.
M'Donald, Donald, spirit dealer, 53
Springvale, Cowlairs road.
M'Dowall, David, farmer, Steps road.
M'Geechan, Neil, spirit dealer, 35 Spring-
vale, Cowlairs road.
M'Gilp, Mrs, Biaekhill.
M'Lean, Daniel, smith and spirit dealer,
588 Main street.
M'Leod, George, grocer, Springvale, 445
Springburn road.
Malcolm, James, teacher, N. School, 556
Main st., house, Hill st., Springburn.
Menzies, William, farmer, Balarnock.
Mitchell, Alex., spirit dealer, 582 Main st.
Meek, John, Inspector of Barony Poor-
house, house, Balgray cottage.
Millar, Andrew, baker, 558 Main street.
Munroe, A. R., Old Balgray bank cottage.
Neil, Gabriel, Edgefauld house.
Ormond, Chas., bankhead man, Cowlairs,
E. & G. Rail., ho., Martyr's stone.
Patou, William, manager, E. & G. Rail ,
Patrick, James, surgeon, 560 Main st.
Rankin, Jas., manager, Economical store,
Main street.
Rankin, William, and Sons, grocers and
spirit dealers, 540 Main street.
Reid, Peter, boot and shoem., Main street.
Russell, Agnes, dressmaker, Coburg pi.,
Springburn road.
Russell, David, grocer and spirit dealer,
Simpson, George, civil and mining en-
gineer, office, 13 Moore place, West
George St., house, Milton, Provanmill.
Stirling, Allan, grocer, Millerston.
Stewart, Geo., spirit dealer, Balgraybrae.
Strang, James, spirit dealer, Millerston.
Swan, J. & R., boat-buils., Blackh. locks.
Thomson, James, manager, Springvale
mill, Cowlairs road.
Thompson, Mathew, overseer, Monkland
Canal, Biaekhill.
Turnbull, John, farmer, Smithycroft.
Walker, Andrew, E. & G. Rail., Cowlairs.
Walker, John, farmer, Eastfield.
Watson, George, Hogganfield house.
Weir, Walter, farmer, Barmulloch.
Weddel, William, commercial traveller,
with Thos. Chalmers & Co., house,
Balgray cottage.
Wilson, Andrew, salesman, Economical
store, 535 Main street.
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Hogganfield.
Wood, William, governor, Pooihouse,
Wright, John, station-master, Cowlairs
station, Edin. and Glas. Railway.
Young, David, ofNeilson 4' Young, quar-
riers, Coltpark quarries, Kenmure, ho.,
24 Centre street.
Andrew, Robert, teacher.
Audsley, Charles, mercht., Violet cottage.
Cox, Edward, scythe-stone manufacturer.
Gilmour, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Gorman, Wm., engraver, Howbank.
Graham, Mrs. spirit dealer.
Lowe, John, Copelawhill nursery.
M'Dougald, Peter, spirit dealer.
M'Nichol, Walter, boot and shoemaker.
Matheson, Walter, grocer.
Opray, Archibald, ropemaker.
Smith, James, victualler and spirit dealer.
Sutherland, Rev. Alexander.
Whyte, J., spirit dealer.
Aikman, Wm., spirit dealer, Foxley pi.
Aitken, Adam, spirit dealer, Carmyle.
Aitken, James, spirit dealer, Thorn.
Allan, John, farmer, Lusshill.
Alston, Andrew, grocer.
Alston, George, blacksmith, Broomhouse.

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