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Brown, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer.
Bruce, Thomas, Oakbank cottage, Shawl.
Craig, M., manufacturer, Langside.
Delgaty, Joseph, bread factory.
Dow, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant.
Ferguson, Wm., lithographer, Westfield.
Foulds, John, Springfield, Pollokshaws rd.
Gait, John, smith.
Gillies, Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer.
Goldie, George R., Springhill house.
Greenlees, Robert, flesher.
Henderson, Rev. Peter, Shawlands house.
Hogg, Mrs., victualler.
Jeffrey, William, writer, Campvale.
M'Call, Aaron, mason.
M'Lean, James, saddler.
M'Nee, Alex. G., manufacturer.
Menzies, Archibald, smith.
Miller, Archibald, teacher.
Miller, Matthew, salesman, bread factory.
Muirhead, James George, iron forge.
MunrO, Hugh, grocer.
Murphy, H., hat manuf., Springhill ho.
Baton, William, gardener, Langside valley.
Proudfoot, Andrew, Moss cottage.
Rodger, William, writer, Bargeddie cot-
tage, Shawlands.
Russell, James S., Darnley terrace.
Scott, Mrs. James, Springhill cottage.
Smellie, James, Langside valley.
Spence, James, merchant, Langside.
Stewart, Andrew, Moss-side.
Stirling, Allan, boot and shoemaker.
Thomson, Neil, Camphill Bread Factory.
Wilson, William, Shawlands.
Adam, Robert, smith, West-end.
Aitken, James, spirit dealer, Main road.
Allan, Mrs. James, Harmony house.
Allau, Wm., baker, Main road.
Auld, H., Lilyvale cottage, Govan road.
Baird, Thomas, joiner, house and land
factor, Broomloan cottage, office, 94
Buchanan street, Glasgow.
Begg, Thos., & Co., West India merchants,
house, Shieldhall.
Bell, Geo., tea merch., Burnside cottage.
Bell, John, flesher, Langlands.
Bird, David, writer, Murrough's park.
Blackwood, James, Cessnock road.
Bow, Daniel, Burns' cottage, Mainst.
Brash, James, Shaw's cottage.
Brodie, Hugh, Parkgrove, Paisley road,
Brown, James, merchant, Govan park.
Brown & Kerr, gen. grocers, 5 Victoria pi,
Brownlie, Alex., flesher, Water row.
Bryce, Colin, farmer, Greenfield.
Buchanan, Mrs., tavern, Water row.
Clark, George, flesher, Main road.
Clark, George, grocer, Water row.
(Jlydehaugh Nursery, Cowan & Co. ; An-
drew Fowler, Govan road.
Connell, Hugh, Park grove, Paisley road.
Copland, William, Deanpark.
Couper, James, grocer, Water row.
Couper, P., baker, Middleton buildings.
Cuthbertson, J., Morris villa, Copland rd.
Dalgleish, Kob., Duiribreck villa, Fais. rd.
Dalveen, Neil B., tavern, 3 Water row.
Darnly, James, Merryflats.
Donald, Andrew, grocer, Main road.
Donald, John, Myrtle cottage.
Dow, Archd., Govandale cottage.
Dowie, Robert, writer, Ibroxholm.
Dunlop, Mrs. G., grocer, Main road.
Dunn, Thomas, printer, Paisley road.
Ewing, W., shipbuilder, Murrough's park.
Fergus, H., Mitchell's land, Ibroxholm.
Forrester, James, Murrough's park.
Fulton, Wm., A.M., parish school teacher
and session clerk.
Galbraith, Robert, merchant, Greenhead.
Gait, J., builder, West-end, Greenfield pL
Gardner, Wm., teacher, Trades' school.
Gardner, James, farmer, Loanhead.
Gibson, R., innkeeper, Three-mile house.
Gilmour, T., bookbinder, 9 Hyndford place.
Glen, Wm., grocer, 3 Victoria place.
Graham, Wm., farmer, Ibrox, Paisley rd.
Gray, J., jun., Avondale place, Paisleyrd.
Hamilton, John, victualler, Main street.
Hamilton, John, farmer, Moss.
Haj', Rev. Jas., U.P.C., Harmony place.
Hardie, Mrs., W. Sheaf tavern, Main rd.
Hart, Robert, Cessnock park, Govan road.
Hislop, P. B., M.D., 8 Hyndford place,
house, Burnside cottage.
Howat, Charles, Coffee-house, Water row.
Hume, Mrs , Sheep Head tavern.
Hunter, J., Cessnockpark cot., Govan rd.
Hunter, Mrs., Hazlewood, Paisley road.
Hutcheson, Joseph, & Sons, gardeners,
Hutton, John, Gothic cottage, West-end.
Johnston, Peter, Greenfield cottage.
Kerr, John J., Moorpark.
Kerr, Robert, Crookston hall.
King, John, Murrough's park.
Kinghorn, David, Iron Shipyard (Napier's),
house, Greenhead.
Kinloch, R., shoemaker, Greenhaugh cot.
Lawrie, Robert, Clyde villa, Govan road.
Learmouth, Thomas, wright.
Leishman, Rev. Dr. Matthew.
Livingston, Charles, Greenhaugh.
Lochhead, John, Ronbank.
Lochhead, Mis. John, Ronbank.
Lochhead, William, Ronbank.
Lyon, Peter, farmer, Longshot, Paisleyrd.
Lyon, Wm., farmer, Hillhead, Paisley rd.
M'Call, Mrs., of Ibrox, Paisley road.
M'Christie, Mrs., spirit dealer, East-end.
M'Cormick, William, farmer, Merryflats.
M'Culloch, A., Newstead place, Govan rd.
M' Donald, Wm. H., Burndyke house.

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