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Anderson and Mimro, 128 Blvthswd. ter.
Brydon and Suns, 112 Buchanan St., and
65 George street, Edinburgh.
Bryden, \V„ and Son, 7 Royal Bank pi.
Cocliran and Provan, 44 Gordon street.
Jamieson, Jonathan, 329 Sauchiehall st.
M'Kenzie, Alex., & Co., 87, 89 Buch. st.
Richmond, Jas., & Co., 96 Buchanan st.
Rome. John. 14 Jamaica street.
Stoddard, Robert, 296 Argyle street.
Toshach, John, 5 Wellington street.
Wylie and Loehead, 28 Argyle street.
Andersnn, William, 32 Great Clyde st.
Cockburn, William. 50 Sauchiehall street.
Connell, John, 23 King street, Tradeston.
Downie, William, 14 East Campbell st.
Finlay, Peter, (i2 Hope street.
Laing, David, 68 Hope street.
M'Lean, John, 53 Maxwell street.
MaeRobie, Robert, 43 Cathedral street.
Newlauds, R. and J., 19 E. Howard st.
Black and Bowie, 3 Jamieson's lane.
Black, R., and Sons, Finnieston street.
Holiday, John, & Co., 77 Bishop street.
Abernethy, John, 223 High street.
Agnew, Mary, 42 Bishop street.
AiUenhead, John, 35 Stevenson and 20
King streets, Calton.
Aitkenhead, John, 120, 122 Kingst, Cal.
Aitkenhead, Margaret, 40 Broad St., Cal.
Aitkenhead, Mrs., 10 Main st , Calton.
Aitken, Janet, 33 High street.
Alexander, James, 18 Littlest., Calton.
Alexander, Jan.es, 249 George street.
Alexander, John, 53 Mainst., Bridgeton.
Allan, Robert, 10 Stobcross street.
Allison, Robert, 69 Cheapside street.
Anderson, David. 407 Gallowgate.
Anderson, David, 67 Richard street.
Anderson, William, 432 Gallowgate.
Anderson, William, 26 Oxford street.
Andrew, James. 30 Bridgegate street.
Andrew, Mrs. Robert, 201 Gallowgate.
Angus, John. 153 Gallowgate.
Armstrong, T., 76 Clyde street, Anderst.
Baillie, Robert, 52 Abercromby street.
Baillie, John, 124 Stobcross street, and
5i Catherine street.
Baird, John 36, 38 Ladywell street.
Bannatyne. Wm , 69 Main St., Gorbals.
Barr, John, 149 Main street, Anderston.
Barrie, James, 7 Rottenrow.
Barron, Alex., 30 Rutherglen road.
Bell, John, 57 Stobcross street.
Beaumont, John, 15 Malta street.
Bilsland, James, 246 Mainst, Bridgeton.
Bilsland, Robert, 1 13 Canning street and
54 King street, Tradeston.
Blair, John H., 280 High street.
Blair, John C , 5 King street, Tradeston.
Bowie, Matthew, 59 Havannah street.
Bowstead, Thomas, 54 Barrack street.
Bogie, Charles, 75 Brown st, Bridgeton.
Boyd, Helen, 19 Duke street,
lirown, John, 140 Gallowgate.
Brown, John, 38 Main street, Bridgeton.
Brown, Niven, 1 1 1 Gallowgate.
Brownlie, A. and J., 117 Canning street
Bruce, Mrs., 25 Marlborough street.
Buchanan, J., 5 North Woodside road.
Buchanan, Robert, 12 Rutherglen loan.
Buchanan, W., 165 Main street, Gorbals.
Burgess, Robert, 53 Saltmarket.
Burgess, Mrs , 8 New street, Calton.
Burns, David. 93 Carrick street
Burn?, J., 203 Main street, Bridgeton.
Calder, Mrs., 65 Brown street, Anderston.
Cameron, Catherine 27 Stobcross street.
Cameron, Donald, 8 Canning st., Calton.
Cameron, Peter, 312 Gallowgate.
Campbell, A., 7 Clyde St.. Port-Dundas.
Campbell, Archd., 64 M' Alpine street.
Campbell, James, 75 Cumberland street.
Campbell, John, 224 Gallowgate.
Campbell, Miss J., 70 Norfolk street
Carmiehael, James, 470 Gallowgate.
Carmichael, James, 122 Bridgegate.
Carrick, James, 47 Saltmarket.
Carrick, Robert, 415 Argyle street.
Chalmers, John. Bogside, St. Rollox.
Clark, John, 6 Marlborough street.
Clark, Margaret, 465 Gallowgate.
Coats, Philip, 18 Laigh Kirk close.
Cochrane, Hugh, 211 High street.
Colquhoun, J., 1 Clyde street, Calton.
Connell and M'Divett, 69 Bridgegate.
Corsair, David, 102 Great Hamilton st
Costello, Patrick, 370 Gallowgate.
Cowan, James, 93 New Dalniarnock rd.
Cowie, James, 37 Port-Dundas road.
Craig, David, 46 William street, Andert.
Craig, James, 79 King street, Tradeston.
Craig, John, 260 Gallowgate.
Craig, Hubert, 408 Duke street.
Craig, Mrs. John, 81 North St., Anderston.
Crawford, Andrew, 37 Rutherglen road.
Crawford, Hugh, 26 Cleland street
Crawford, Jas , 100 Thistle st, Hutchn.
Crawford, John, 151 Canning street.
Crawford, Mrs., 7 South Mungo street.
Crombie, Mrs., 31 Anderston quay.
Cullen, William, 30 Stevenson street.
Currie, James, 12 M'Alpine street.
Darroch, William, 45 15 urn side street.
Davidson, A., 141 New Dalmamock rd.
Davidson, W., 105 Mainst, Bridgeton.
Darhohn, James, 79 Main st, Bridgeton.

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