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Dick, A., 16 Bucha. ct., 105 Stockwell st.
Balfour, Chas., sub-inspector of factories,
house, Millshot cottage, Hillhead.
Ba rd, Jas., landing, 73 Abbotsford place.
Clunie, R., land, 1 Newton place.
Cowan, J., Caled. Ins. Co., 65 St. Villi st.
Crawford, John, gas, 42 Virginia street.
Cross, James, 97 Union street.
Dalziel, Capt. James, Royal Exchange.
Donaldson, James, 70 Bell street.
Gennnell, A., land, 157 Crown street.
Hamilton, R. S., 91 N. Frederick street.
Houston, A. M'D., Police, 4c, 70 Bell st.
Johnston, N., Sun Fire Of, 20 Buch. st.
John-ton, Ron., land, 11 Moore place.
Kyle, Thomas, land, 40 St. Vincent pi.
I aiuhlan, And., land, 58 St. Vincent st.
Liddell, C, Gas Office, 42 Virginia street.
M'l 'all, Thomas, 48 Gordon street.
M'Dougall, N., Police, 47 S. Portland st.
M'Ghie, R. and T., mineral and land, 3 89
Buchanan street.
MTntyre, Alexander, G. G. Water Co., 5
Gloucester street, Kingston.
Maclure, Hugh H., land, 8 Prince's sq.
Mm i tin, Geo., land, 109 Hope street.
Martin, J., of tonnage, 14 Robertson st.
Mitchell, A., road, Greenlaw cot, l'artick.
Morton, John, 85 Cleveland street.
Murdoch, R , road, 3 Royal Exchange ct.
Ramsay, W. C, 46 West George st.
Poliertson, R., Lloyd's, 2 Howard street.
Robertson, Win., mining and land, 70 S.
Portland street.
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube place.
Smith, D., land, 37 West George street.
Smith, James, land, 54 St. Vincent st.
Smith, William, P., land, 71 Queen st.
Thomson, Jas., Pkanix Fire Office, 68 St.
Vincent street.
Wharrie and Steel, la?id, 36 Renfield st.
Wight, James, land, 49 Oxford street.
Ad nnson, Andrew, 120 Thistle street.
A damson, A. and W., 212 Argyle street.
Agnew, Peter, 46 Jamaica street.
Aird, John, 11 Buchanan street.
Alexander, John, 3 St. Enoch's square.
Alexander, Robert, 24 Hutcheson street.
Anderson, Joseph, 240 Argyle street.
Archibald, William, 246 Argyle street.
Ravi George, 9 Blackfriars street.
Baird, James, 209 Cowcaddens street.
Bairn:, Alex., 2 Duke street.
Beaton and Wilson, 2 St. Enoch's square.
Rett, John, 48 Miller's place.
Bennet, Robert and Arch., 7 Queen st.
Black, James, 33 Trongate.
Black, Robert, 32 Argyle street.
Blackwood, James, 2 Jamaica street and
211 Argyle street.
Borland and Fleming, 192 Argyle street.
Bowie, Alexander, 4 Fiudlay street.
Branigan, Hugh G., llo Crown street.
Brodie, M'Leod, & Co., 2, 4 Exchange
square and 143 Queen street.
Brown, William, 323 Argyle street.
Bruce, John, 5 Brunswick street.
Buchanan. Andrew, 8i> W. Nile street.
Burgess, William, 81 Queen street.
Burt, William, 36 Gallowgale.
Cairns, Jas., and Son, 37, 89 London st.
Cairns, Joseph, 50 Saltmarket.
Cameri.n, Alexander, 80 King street.
Cameron, Peter, 95 Candleriggs.
Cameron, Daniel, 9 Oxford street.
Campbell, Charles, 44 Dundas street.
Campbell, John, 1 1 8 Union street.
Campbell, James, 1 New Bridge street.
Campbell, William, 56 Argyle arcade.
Carmicliael, Duncan, 315 Argj'le street.
Cavenie, N. and J., 10 Glassford street.
Chalmers, Thomas, 88 M'Alpine street.
Christie, John, & Co., 85 Union street.
Clark, James, & Co , 35 George square.
Clarkson. John, 34 Canning stteet.
Clow, Henry, 66 Qtteen street.
Connor, John, 40 Union street.
Copland, John, 67 Oswald street.
Coulter, William, 45 John stteet.
Coutts, James, 56 Trongate.
Cowie, William, 54 Queen street.
Crane, Robert, 74 Argyle street.
Crawford, William. 76 Eglinton street.
Crocket, James, 3 St. Enoch's square.
Crooksbanks & Brown, 90^ Cowcaddens.
Cruickslianks, Charles, 54 So. Coburg st.
Currie, Archibald, 44 Bridge street.
Davis, John, 64 Queen street.
Dawson and M'Nicol, 50 Buchanan st.
Devine, William. 11 New City road.
Dick, John, 109 Argyle street.
Donald, John. & Co., 50 Argyle street.
Donaldson, Alexander, IS Hutcheson st.
Dougherty, Edward, 46 Kirk st , Calton.
Downie, Duncan, 1 1 I Saltmarket.
Drew, John, 9n Eglinton street.
Drummond, Andrew, 26 Argyle street.
Drysdale, John, 240 Argyle street.
Dunlop. Hugh, 12 Trongate.
Dunn, William, 24 Hutcheson street.
Edgar, James, 327 Argyle street.
Ewing, John, 63 Stockwell street.
Ewing & Wingate, 79 Buchanan street.
Fairlie, James, 110 West Nile street.
Farquhar, Hugh, 10 Jamaica street.
Ferguson, A., 194 Broomielaw.
Ferguson, Lewis, jnn., 122 Argyle street.
Ferguson, M., 285 Argyle street.
Finlavson, Joseph, 33 Buchanan street.
Fiockhart, William, 82 Londcn street.

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