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Wilson and Co, shop, 117 Trongate,
works, 119 Milton st., Port-Dundas.
Eglin, Wm., and Son, 47, 49 London st.
Foster and Gray, and Patent hide, rope
makers, Kerr St., St. James's road, and
96 Q.ueen street.
Muirhead, Andrew, 18 Saltmarket.
Anderston Foundry, 79 Cheapside street.
Annan, W., and Co , 390 Parliam. road.
Black and Bowie, 3 Jamieson's la., And.
Bowser and Cameron, M'Neil street.
Broadfoot, Robert, 38 Miller's place.
Brodie, Thomas, 152 London road.
Brown, John, aud Sons, York street.
Brownlie and Co., 79 Stockwell street.
Campbell and Christie, 598 Gallowgate. ,
Campbell, James, and Co., Elliot Works,
Douglas street, Lancefield quay.
Canal Basin Foundry Co., Port-Dundas.
Clark, John, 39 Crown street.
Cook, D., and Co., Commerce street.
Cormie, James, 118 Clyde St., Anderston.
Craig, William, and Co., Govan street.
Crichton and Eadie, 44, 46 London st.
Cuthbert, John, 12 Dunlop street.
Drummond, R., Calton Foundry, 57 Can-
ning street.
Dunn, W., 110 High John street.
Erskine, John, 110 High John street.
Forrest, E., 11 Soho place.
Forrest, James, 1 Hope street.
Forrest, Wm., and Co., 412 Dobbie's loan.
Eraser, John, weighing, Salisbury street.
Grandison, James, and Sons, 25 Govan st.
Greig, Robert, 20 Greyfriars' wynd.
Hardie, H. and W., 73 Duke street.
Herkless, Wm., Broad close, Shuttle st.
Herriott and Co., 115 Grseme street.
Holiday, John, and Co., 77 Bishop street.
Houldswortli, W. and J., 124 St. Vin. st.
Inglis, A. and J., Warroch st., Anderston.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lindsay, Alexander, 39 Old wynd.
Lomas, Joseph, & Co., 61 Duke street.
Lyon, Lawson, & Co., Mountainblue,
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., 158 Gallowgate.
M'Farlane, William, 39 Stockwell street.
M'Gillivray, W., 10, 11 Windmillcroft.
M'Naughtan & M'Phail, 18 Market St.,
M'Onie & Mirrlees, Scotland st., Tradest.
M'Onie, W. & A., 1 Scotland St., Tradest.
Melvin, Thomas, 12 Melville lane.
More, A., & Son, 33 Montrose street.
Morris, John, 29 Tureen street.
Murdoch, Aitken, & Co., 36 E. Hill st.
Neilson & Co., Hydepark street.
Norman & Clinkskill, Broomhill Iron-
works, Canal street.
Randolph, Elder, & Co., 12 Centre st.
Steven, Alexander, 6 Cochran street.
Tannahill, David, 8 Orr street, Calton.
Thomson, R. & W., 33 Gt. Hamilton st.
W T ebster, David, 28 Hill street.
Whyte, David, 5 Sydney street.
Wood, A., & Sons, 14, 18 Stockwell st.
Yule & Wilkie, 58 Port-Dundas road.
Baillie, James, 106 Stobcross street.
Baird, H., & Co., Great Canal Brewery,
and 28 Gordon street.
Honeyman, John, 76 Gallowgate.
Kerr, William, 78 Maxwell street.
M'Niven, James, 165 Duke street.
Bennie, J. D., 155 North St., Anderston.
Crawford, George, 45 Carrick street.
Greig, Robert, 20 Greyfriars' wj'nd.
M'Farlane, Wm., 39 Stockwell street.
Abercrombie, Laurie, & Co., 1 Prince's sq.
Adam & Wright, 114 Trongate.
Affleck, Thomas, 13 James st, east.
Aitken, A., Smith's ct., 53 Candleriggs.
Aitken, William, 38 Queen street.
Allan & Cars well, 4 Montrose street.
Allan, David, St. Rollox.
Alston, J., & Sons, 55 Glassford street.
Anderson, Graham, & Co., 114 Candlegs.
Anderson, J. & A., 40 Buchanan street.
Anderson & Gray, Queen's ct. 62 Queen st.
Anderson, J. W., & Co., sewed muslin, 62
Queen street.
Anderson, Wm., & Son, 90 Mitchell st.
Arthur, Wm., & Co., 19 Cochran st.
Auchinvole, David, 4 Montrose street.
Auchinvole, John, 4 Montrose street.
Auld, Berrie, & Mathieson, muslin, 111
Union street.
Auld & Buchanan, 14, 22 West Nile st.
Barnwell, Stephen, 98 West Nile street.
Barr, P., 79 Glassford street.
Barr, W., muslin, 100 Queen street and
163 Ingram street.
Bartholomew, John, & Co., 78 Ingram st.
Begbie, Wiseman, & Co., 99 Mitchell st.
Bell & Ewing, 86 Buchanan street.
Bell, Robert, 93 Glassford street.
Black, James, & Co., 23 Royal Exchange
square and 74 Buchanan street.
Black & Wingate, 9 Royal Exchange sq.
Blackie, W., gala plaid, 59 Hutcheson st.
Bow, John, 15 Candleriggs.
Boyd, Alex., 62 Hutcheson street.

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