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Ross, Hugh G., 62 Queen street.
Seatoti, J. & R., 4 Dunlop street.
Smith, Win. A., 59 St. Vincent street.
Steven, Robert M., 16 Montrose street.
Stewart, William, & Co., 255 George st.
Swan, Joseph, 34 Bothwell street.
Wilson, H., 191 Trongate.
Black Bull Stables, 6 Virginia street.
Dewar, William, 5 West George street.
Ferguson, Colin, 1 4 Douglas street.
Finlay, Jas., 163 Main street, Gorbals.
Foster, James, 42 West Regent lane.
Henry, John, 14 Kent place.
Henry, John, 130 Renfrew street.
Howarth, Samuel, 148 Queen street.
Lawson, H., & Son, 128 Queen street and
58 North Hanover street.
Lynch, James, 156 Saltmarket and 8, 10
Steel street.
M'Caudlish, Mrs. E., 134 West Camp-
bell street and 21 Wellington street.
Menzies, A., 10 Argyle street and 52
North street.
Ricketts, Daniel, 21 East George lane.
Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar. James
Walker, 1 04 West Nile street.
Sudden, James, 58 West George lane.
Thorp, T., 41 Renfield street.
Walker, James, Tontine hotel.
Walker, James, 104 West Nile street and
191 Buchanan street.
Wylie & Lochhead, 28 Argyle street and
Eagle hotel stables, Maxwell street.
Bryden & Sons, 112 Buchanan street.
Buchanan, James, 38 M'Pherson street.
Clark, A. & L., 50, 52, and 56 Union st.
M'Connal, Robert, 112 Port-Dundas rd.,
office, 18 Renfield street.
Paterson, William, & Son. 19 Ann street.
Waddell, George, 37 Stirling street.
Adams, Mrs. James, 60 Renfrew street.
Allan, Miss. 168 Gallowgate.
Ancell, Elizabeth, 2 Burrell's lane.
Anderson, Mrs., 80 South Portland st.
Anderson, Miss, 64 Balmoral place.
Anderson, Mrs. Alex., 16 Queen arcade.
Anderson, Miss J., 12 Anderston quay.
Bain, Mrs., 58 North Hanover street.
Baird, Mrs. C, 46 Oxford street.
Bannerman, Miss, 17 Cambridge street.
Barton, Mrs. M., 120 Broomielaw.
Bell, Mrs., 11 North Coburg street.
Beith, Mrs., 70 Oxford street.
Blackburn, Mrs., 49 Clyde street.
Brackenridge's, 36 Sauchiehall street.
Brown, Mrs. W., 52 Clyde place.
Cameron, Mrs. Alex., 4 Dalhousie place,
New City road.
Cameron, Miss, 181 New City road.
Campbell, Miss, 22 Nicholson street.
Campbell, Miss, 165 Sauchiehall street.
Campbell, Miss Agnes, Horn's court, St.
Enoch's square.
Candlish, Miss, 95 George street.
Chalmers, Mrs., 66 South Portland st.
Chalmers, Miss, 48 Oxford street.
Charles, Miss, 56 Dundas street.
Clark, Miss, 92 South Portland street.
Cleland, Mrs., 84 Great Hamilton street.
Colquhoun, Mrs., 198 Pitt street.
Craig, Mrs. Andrew, 123 West Nile st.
Crichton, Mrs., 38 Hill street, Garnethill.
Currie, Miss, 96 Washington street.
Davison, Miss, 113 Renfrew street.
Dickie, Robert, 2 North Albion court.
Doig, Miss, 56 Bath street.
Dougall, Mrs., 20 Hill pi , Stirling's rd.
Drysdale, Mrs., 29 Kent street.
Drysdale, Mrs., 86 Sauchiehall street.
Duxbury, Mrs., 5 Brighton place.
Edie, Andrew, 3 West Campbell street.
Elder, Alex., 56 Great Hamilton street.
Ewing, Mrs. William, 88 Eglinton st.
Fairley, Mrs., 190 Rottenrow.
Fairley, Mrs. R., 425 Argyle street,
Ferguson, Mrs., 33 John street.
Ferguson, Mrs., 6 Uie pi., Montrose st.
Finlayson, Mrs., 141 George street.
Fowler, Mrs., 31 Norfolk street.
Fyfe, Mrs., 50 North Albion street.
Gardner, Mrs. A., 23 George street.
Gibson, Mrs. Elizabeth, 81 John street.
Gilchrist, Mrs., 84 High John street.
Gilrillan, Mrs., 9 Clyde place.
Gilroy, Miss, 1 Oxford street.
Gordon, Mrs., 3 Stanhope street.
Graham, Misses, 180 Hope street.
Graham, Mrs., 64 Taylor street.
Graham, Mrs., 43 Dalhousie street.
Hamilton, Mrs. G., 10 Robertson street.
Hardie, Mrs., 23 George street.
Harvie, Mrs., 54 Buccleuch street.
Hay, Mrs. Robert, 1 1 George street.
Hay, Mrs., 26 Great Hamilton street.
Howatt, Miss, 1 Norfolk court.
Hoy, Mrs., 26 Great Hamilton street.
Johnston, Mrs., 119 Montrose street.
Johnston, Miss, 32 Buccleuch street.
Jones, Mrs., 122 Hospital street.
Kerr, Mrs., 96 Cambridge street.
Kerr, Mrs., 52 Clyde place.
Lambie, Mrs. Peter, 122 Welling, arcade.
Lawrie, Mrs., 19 North Portland street.
Lightbody, Mrs., 26 Great Hamilton st.
Lindsay, Mrs., 10 Nicholson street.
Love, Miss, 161 Shamrock street.
M'Alister, Mrs., 289 Sauchiehall street.
M'Aulay, Mrs., 121 Wellington street.
M'Callum, Miss, 15 Renfrew street.

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