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Gordon street ; John D. Ewing, 85
West George street ; A. G. M'Cormick,
14 Gordon street, agents. — See Adver-
tisement in Appendix.
National Fire and Life Insurance Com-
pany of Scotland, 33 Renfield street.
Kerr, Anderson, & Brodie, secretaries ;
R. S. Hamilton, surveyor ; James Al-
exander, 151 West George street;
Fairlie & Moore, 76 Wilson street;
Nicolson& Stiven, 20 Buchanan street;
Adam Pearson, 22 St. Enoch square ;
and Hugh Reid, 4 Bothwell street,
agents. — See Advert, in Appendix.
National Loan Fund Life Insurance Co.
Agents — D. M. Dewar, Western Bank ;
W, G. Smith, writer, 115 St. Vincent
street; and A. Jamieson, 15 Buchanan
street, accountant.
National Loan and Discount Company,
52 Brunswick st. S. Rohb, manager.
National Mercantile Life and Fire Assu-
rance Societies. Chief Office, Poultry,
Mansion House, London. Dixon and
Dow, agents for Glasgow and neigh-
National Provincial Fire and Life Assu-
rance Co. of London, R. & J. Laugh-
land, agents, 22 St. Enoch's square. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Nadejda Marine Insurance Company of
St. Petersburg. A. G. M'Cormick,
14 Gordon street, agent.
North British Insurance Office, 8 Royal
Exchange square. Archibald Hamilton,
resident manager. Wm. D. Johnston,
resident secretary. Agents — D. & N.
Bamiatyne, 46 Renfield street; James
Ritchie, 1 8 Moore place ; W. Paterson,
100 Brunswick street; W. M'Lean, 98
West George street ; Moody & Maclure,
26 Gordon street ; John Graham, 107
Buchanan street ; James A. Taylor, 9
Gordon street ; Wylie and Mitchell,
100 St. Vincent street ; Thomas Nelson,
29 Hutcheson street ; and Gavin
Paisley, 37 Virginia street. W. D.
Johnstone, secretary, 8 Royal Exchange
square. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
North of England Fire and Life Insurance
Co. Agents — William Ambrose, 71
Queen street ; William Sneddon, City
of Glasgow Bank, Calton; William
Renison, 20 Buchanan street ; James
S. Stevenson, Royal Exchange; Wm.
Bailey, jun., 30 St. Enoch's square ;
Symington & Millar, 41 West George
street ; James Latta, 33 West Nile st. ;
and David Tweedie, 77 St. Vincent st.
— See Advertisement in Appendix.
Northern (The) Assurance Co. Head
Office in Glasgow, 19 St. Vincent place,
James Smith, manager. Agents — Win.
Snedden, 47 Canning street; John
Kirkwood, 33 Buchanan street ; W. &
J. B. Kidston, 71 West Nile street;
D. Bird, 107 Buchanan street ; Knox
and Guild, 59 St. Vincent street;
James Pearston, 11 West Kile street;
John Reid, sen , 21 Bath street ; Geo.
Smith, 19 St. Vincent place; and D.
M'Callum, Chamberlain's Office.
Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance
Society. H. M'Lachlan, 12 Gordon
street; Robert M'Cowan, 17 Gordon st.
Norwich Equitable Fire Assurance Co.,
48 Buchanan street. W. MTntosh, 48
Buchanan street, and Robert Thomson,
6 Washington street, agents.
Palladium Life Insurance Society. John
Baird, 83 Jamaica street, and Adam
Monteith, 73 St. Vincent street, agents.
Patriotic Life Assurance Co. of Ireland.
G. Thomson & Co., 11 Exchange sq.,
Pelican Life Assurance Office. John
Loudon, 68 St. Vincent street; J. and
T. Tassie, 41 Miller street; and J.
Stiven, 41 Miller street, agents.
Phoenix Fire Insurance Company. John
Loudon, 68 St. Vincent street, agent ;
James Thomson, 68 St. Vincent street,
Phoenix (Foreign) Fire Insurance Co., 68
St. Vincent st. ; John Loudon, agent.
Phoenix (Foreign) Fire Office, 32 St.
Vincent place; James Watson, agent.
Plate Glass Insurance Co. J. Connell,
65 St. Vincent street, agent.
Prince of Wales Life Assurance Co. John
Nicolson, agent, 60 William street,
Prince of Wales Life and Educational
Assurance Co., 4 Bothwell street.
Hugh Reid, agent.
Professional Life and Unity Fire Office,
40 Miller st. A. G. Hossack, agent.
Promoter Life Assurance and Annuity
Company. William Easton & Co., 82
Mitchell street, and John Paul, 108
Hutcheson street, agents.
Provident Clerks' Mutual Benefit Asso-
ciation for Life Assurance and Annui-
ties, 36 Renfield street. Wm. L.
M'Phun, agent.
Provident Life Office of London. Robert
Gow, jun., 71 Queen street, and James
Gourlay, Prince's Court, Buchanan St.,
agents. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Railway Passengers' Assurance Co., 116
St. Vincent street.
Royal Exchange Fire and Life Assurance
Co. Ritchie and Murdoch, 145 Ingram
street; and Charles Reddie, 146 West
George street, agents.

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