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M'Leod, D., & Sons, 43 Clyde place.
Smith, Wm., & Co., 41 London street.
Bell, George, 38 Queen street.
Bentley, William, 66 Jamaica street.
Bentley, Miss, 1 Oswald street.
Buchanan, James, 221 Argj'le street.
Christie, Andrew, & Co., 119 Crown st.
Dougall, James D., 23 Gordon street.
Martin, Alexander, 20 Exchange square.
Panton, George, & Son, 32 Stock well st.
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Panton, James, & Co., 85 Buchanan st.
Shanks, John, 55 Bell street.
Anderson, Henry S., Charing cross,
Sauchiehall street.
Anderson, Thomas, 119 West George st.
and 325 Sauchiehall street.
Buchanan, John, 36 Stockwell street.
Campbell, Hugh, 8 Main st., Anderston.
Cooper, Richard, 100 Stockwell street.
Crichton, Thos., 102 Main st., Bridgeton.
Dick, William, 4 Wood lane.
Glasgow Fish Hall, 233 Sauchiehall st.
Kane, T., 32 Renfield street and 187
Sauchiehall street.
Jack, William, 264 George street.
Johnston, Peter, 233 Sauchiehall street.
M'Credie, John, 160 Duke street.
M'Dougall. John, 114 Sauchiehall street.
M'Ewan, James, 5 North Albion street.
M'Fadyen, Archibald, 34 Norfolk street.
M'Fadyen, D., 24 Main st., Anderston.
M'Kendrick, A., 34 Saltmarket.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, Fishmarket.
M'Lachlan, Michael, Fishmarket.
M'Leod, William, 42 New Bridge street.
Malcolm, James, 39 King street.
Malcolm, W. & J., 115 West George st.
Meikle, Robert, 240 Buchanan street.
Morrison, Wm.. & Co., 71 Norfolk street.
Mullen, Peter, 6 1 Bell street.
Paterson, Peter, 212 Gallowgate.
Rodger, J., 54 London street.
Roy, James, 41 George street.
Stalker, Mrs., 7 Great Western road.
Whitelaw, Mrs. 65 St. George's place.
Wilson, G., 5 Cambridge street.
Bell, Isaac, 50 Maxwell street.
Bishop, Thomas, 6 Clyde place.
Fulton, A. & J., 134,"l36 Broomielaw.
Fyfe, Samuel H., 32 Clyde place.
Gunn, William, 15 Centre street.
Adam, Robert, 180 Stirling's road.
Anderson, William, 5 Kinning nlace.
Baird, Alexander, 263 Parliamentary rd.
Baird, John, 15 Stirling's road.
Baird, John, 73 Dundas street.
Bankier, Alexander, 274 Gallowgate.
Barrie, Thomas, 95 Kirk street.
Barrie, Mrs. Thomas, 75 Stevenson street.
Bell, John, 178 Argyle street.
Bell, William & Findlay, 176 Argyle st.
Blackley, John, 105 Main street, Gorbals.
Blackstock, William, 379 Argyle street.
Bowie, William, 193 Cowcaddens street.
Brown, James, 17 Main street, Gorbals.
Brown, James, 32 Little street, Calton.
Brown, James, 82 Great Hamilton street,
Brownlie, John, 8 Norfolk street.
Burns, James, 196 Stirling's road.
Campbell, Ivie, 228 Argyle street.
Clark, A. & P., 134 Thistle street.
Clarke, George, 146^ Eglinton street.
Clark, William, 3 Miller's place.
Connaghan, John, 107 King street.
Connell, Charles, 48 Nelson st.,Tradeston_
Connell, Mrs , 70 King street.
Cox, W. S., 388 Argyle street.
Camming, Daniel, 362 Argyle street.
Cunningham, Mrs., 40 Findlay street.
Curr, Wm., 61 West George street.
Currie, William, 118 Canning street.
Dalglish, John, 421 Argyle street.
Davis, William, 86 St. George's road.
Dow, William, 103 Stockwell.
Duncan, D., jun., 57 Stevenson street.
Dunn, James, 10 Wellington arcade.
Dunn, John, 73 King street.
Dunn, John, 34 John street.
Ewing, John, sen., 149 Sauchiehall street.
Ewing, John, jun., 262 George street.
Ferguson, Alexander, 213 Duke street.
Ferguson, Norman, 75 Carrick street.
Forbes, William, 36 Cook street.
Forgie, Peter, 11 Eglinton street.
Fulton, John. 73 Main street, Bridgeton.
Galbraith, Alexander, 41 Norfolk street.
Galletly, Alexander, 170 Hope street.
Gardner, Andrew, 28 Maxwell street.
Gardner, James, 32 Stirling's road.
Gardner, John, 6 North Clyde street.
Gentleman, William, 95 Hospital street.
Gibson, William, 250 George street.
Gilchrist, J., 714 Gallowgate.
Gilchrist, J., 155 Gallowgate.
Gilchrist, Robert, 150 Castle street.
Gilmour, Allan, 127 West George street.
Gilmour, Mrs. A., 67 Abercromby street.
Glasgow, A., 169 Main st., Bridgeton.
Glasgow, A., 108 New Dalmarnoek road.
Graham, D., 17 Main street, Anderston.
Gray, Archibald, 321 Sauchiehall street
and 17 Stobcross street.
Gray, James, 39 George street, Mile-end.
Green, S., 139 Garngad road.
Grieve, William, 48 West Milton street.
Hamilton, John, 23 Clyde st., Anderston.

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