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Long, John Jex, 46 Trongate.
Lyle, Robert, Woodlands vale.
Mathieson, Alex., & Son, 24 Saracen's In.
Smith & Fleming, 18 Dunlop street.
West of Scotland Establishment, 308 Bu-
chanan street.
Eadie, Mrs. James, 29 Rutherglen loan.
Gilmour, David, 59 Hutcheson street.
Hart, Thomas, 255 George street.
Pritchard, J. & R., & Co., 82 Mitchell st.
Scott, E., 21 Argyle arcade.
Scott, Mrs. J., and pattern-printing esta-
blishment. 21 Argyle arcade.
Scott, Misses, & Neilson, 29 Argyle ar.
Aitken, James, of Murdoch, Aitken, <f Co.
Alexander & More, mining, 24 St. Vin-
cent place.
Allan, John, mining, 1 Dixon street.
Auld, David, 124. Great Hamilton street.
Barr, John, 100 Clyde street, Anderston.
Bartholomew, H. 122 Old Dalmarnock rd.
Baxter, Malcolm, 123 Eglinton street.
Bell, R. B., & D. Miller, 32 St. Vincent pi.
Bourne, John, & Co., 105 Rutherglen loan.
Bowie, Adam, Hydepark Foundry.
Bowser & Cameron, M'Neil street.
Buchanan, W. M., 87 Paterson street.
Campbell, Alex., 126 Cheapside street.
Canal Basin Foundry Co., Port-Dundas.
Chaplin, A., & Co., 1 16 Cheapside street.
Cook, D., & Co., head of Commerce St.
Craig, William, & Co., 29 Govan street.
Crawford, J. & E., Eagle Foundry, Port-
Crawford, John, Andersonian University.
Dodds, R., 10 Pollock street, Paisley rd.
Downie, Robert, 1 Dixon street.
Drummond, R., 67, 69 Canning street.
Duff, John, Oakbank Engine-works.
Edington, Thomas, & Sons, Phoenix Iron-
works, 50 Garscube road
Farquhar, Knox, & Co., 37 to 45 Kerr
street, off Gallowgate.
Forrest, W., & Co., 7, 9 Canal street and
412 Dobbie's loan.
Gilchrist, Archd., at Tod <f McGregors.
Gilchrist, James, Hill Street Fouudry.
Grav, James, & Co., 54 Washington st.
Haden, G. J. & G. N., 279 Parliamen. rd.
Harvey, G. & A., M'Neil street.
Harvey, R., 49 West street.
Hoby, J. W., & Co., Renfrew.
Holiday, John, & Co., 77 Bishop street.
Howie, William, 54 Union street.
Inglis, A. & J., 60 Warroch street.
Johnston, James, 44 South Portland st.
Johnson, William, 166 Buchanan street.
Johnston, William, 14 Bridge street.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Law, Alexander, Shettleston.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lawrie & Co., Whiteinch.
Liddell, John, 93 Parliamentary road.
Lomas, Joseph, & Co., 61 Duke street.
Lovell, James, 50 Ingram street.
Lyle, W. & J., Woodlands road.
Lyon, George, Mountblue.
Lyon, Lawson, & Co., Mountainblue.
Mack & Crawford, 128 Ingram street.
M'Creath, Wm., 112 West George street.
M'Laren, Robert, 32 Washington street.
M'Michael, John, 55 Drygate street.
M'Naught, William, 2 6 'Robertson st.
M'Onie & Mirrlees, Scotland St., Trades-
ton, counting-house, 94 West street.
M'Onie, W. & A., 1 Scotland street.
Martin, William, 109 Hope street.
Mitchell & Wallace, Camlachie Foundry.
More, Alex., & Son, 33 Montrose street.
Morton, Alexander, 1 8 Norfolk street.
Murdoch, Aitken, & Co, 36 East Hill st.
Murdoch, James, Hill Street Foundry.
Napier, Robert, & Sons, 75 Washington
street and 68 Anderston quay.
Neill, J., 3 South Cumberland street.
Neilson & Co., Hydepark street.
Neilson, J. B , 86 West George street.
Neilson, John, Oakbank Foundry.
Norman & Clinkskill, Canal street.
Orr & Wilson, Canal St., Port- Eglinton.
Raeburn, James, 115 Hydepark street.
Ramsaj^, William C, 46 West George st.
Randolph, Elder, & Co., 12 Centre street.
Rigby, William, 666 Duke street.
Ritchie, James, 42 Virginia street.
Robertson & Lister, 346 Parliamentary rd.
Rowan & Co , East Milton street.
Simpson, George, 13 Moore place, West
George street.
Smith, J., 28 St. Enoch's square.
Smith & Rodger, St. James's Foundry,
Broomielaw and Govan.
Steven, Alexander, 6 Cochran street.
St. Rollox Foundry, St. Rollox.
Tait, William, 22 Paterson street.
Thomson, A. G., 146 Buchanan street.
Thomson, James & George. Clyde Bank
Foundry, 169 Finnieston, and Govan.
Thomson,"R. & W., 33 Gt. Hamilton st.
Tod and M'Gregor, Anderston quay and
Meadowside building-yard-
Turnbull, J., Canal Basin Foundry.
White & Grant, 154 New Dalmarnock rd.
Whitelaw, James, 13 Ronald street.
Wilson, B. F., 112 Stirling's road
Wilson, W. G., North -West Foundry,
Wingale, T., & Co., Whiteinch Foundry,
Young, Adam, St. Rollox Foundry.
Yule & Wilkie, 58 Port-Dundas road.

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