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Bartholomew, H., City & Sub. Gas Co.,
122 Old Dalmarnock road.
Bell, E. B., & D. Miller, 32 St. Vincent pi.
Climie, Robert, 1 Newton pi., Govan rd.
Collie, James, 18 Gordon street.
Cross, James, 97 Union street.
Forman, James E., Ill St. Vincent street.
Gale, William, 172 Buchanan street.
Henderson, James, 7 Exchange place.
Johnston, Eonald, 11 Moore place.
Johnston, Wm., Eailway office, Bridge st.
Johnson, William, 166 Buchanan street.
Kirkland & Eussell, 4 Bothwell street.
Laughlen, Andrew, 58 St. Vincent street.
Maclure, Hugh H., 8 Prince's square.
M'Call, Thomas, 48 Gordon street.
M'Ghie, E. & T., 189 Buchanan street.
Mackain, D., 23 Miller street.
M'Lachlan, P., 36 Nelson st, Tradeston.
Martin, George, 109 Hope street.
Miller, Daniel, 32 St. Vincent place.
Nisbet, George, 91, 93 King street.
O'Neill, Charles, Police Chambers, South
Albion street.
Eamsay, William C, 46 West George st.
Rankine, W. J. Macquorn, 50 St. Vin. st.
Eigby, William, 666 Duke street.
Ritchie, James, Glasgow Gas-works and
42 Virginia street.
Eitchie, Eobert, 31 Virginia buildings, and
16 Hill street, Edinburgh.
Eobertson, W., mining, 97 Union street.
Eobson, Neil, and mining, 99 St. Vin. st.
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube place.
Simpson, George, 13 Moore place.
Smith, David, 37 West George street.
Smith, William P., 71 Queen street.
Thomson, A. G., 146 Buchanan street.
Thomson, John, & W. J. Macquorn Ean-
kine, 59 St. Vincent street.
Thomson, John, 59 St. Vincent street.
Thomson, James, 135 Buchanan street.
Timperley, John, 63 Abbotsford place.
Allan, William, 14 Lorn place.
Anderson, J. E., 27 Abbotsford place.
Anderson, Dr. William, 256 Eenfrew st.
Arnot, William, 27 Elmbank place.
Barr, James, D.D., 197 St. Vincent street.
Bates, Stewart, D.D., 1 Coruuna street.
Beattie, Alexander 0., M.D., D.D., 163
Hill street, Garnethill.
Blyth, George, 2 Chatham place.
Bonar, John, 1 Stanley street.
Borland, John W., 90 Eegent terrace.
Boyd, Dr. James, 32 Elmbank crescent.
Boyle, John Thomas, curate, I Welling-
ton place, Sauchiehall street.
Bremner, Eobert, A. M., 10 Kingston pi.
Brown, David, D.D., 9 Bichmond street.
Buchanan, Dr. E., 2 Sandyford place.
Burgess, W., A.M., 20 So. Apsley place.
Caie, Thomas, 9 South Apsley place.
Chisholm, Archibald, 1 Stanhope street.
Chisholm, E., 68 Abercromby street.
Chisholm, S , 24 Waterloo pi , Kingston.
Chisholm, Valentine, 34 Great Clyde st.
Cochran, Matthew, of St. Peter's, 57
Oswald street,
Cody, Thomas, 25 Great Hamilton street.
Colville, George, 19 Canning place.
Cowe, Eobert, 10 Lansdowne crescent.
Craik, James, D.D., 15 Sandyford place.
Currie, P., 4Somerville pi., Monteithrow.
Danaher, Francis, 1 2 Monteith row.
Danaher, James, North Woodside road.
Drake, John, 48 AVhitevale street.
Duncan, Walter, 52 Holmhead street.
Eadie, John, D.D., LL.D., 55 Cambge. st.
Edmund, John, 5 Annfield place.
Edwards, John, 37 Monteith row.
Fenner, Thos. P., M.A., 38 Abbotsford pi.
Ferguson, Fergus, 71 Parson street.
Findlay, James, 36 Whitevale.
Fleming, William, D.D., College.
Forbes, A. Gruar, 106 Woodbine place,
St. George's road.
Forbes, John, D.D., 100 West Eegent st.
Forbes, P., of St. Mary's Catholic Church,
68 Abercromby street.
Fraser, Alex., 27 Eichmond street.
Galloway, Nisbet, 211 Dalmarnock road.
Gibson, James, 29 Kingston place.
Gillan, Robert, Meadowpark house.
Gordon, J. F. S , 20 South Apsley place.
Graham, John, 136 Stirling's road.
Gray, John, Catholic, 38 Portugal street.
Haddin, John, 2 Binniepl., Monteith row.
Hanley, Patrick, 22 Hill st., Anderston.
Henderson, Dr. James, 4 Mansfield place.
Henderson, Thomas, 44 George square.
Henderson, William D., 116 South Port-
land street.
Hill, Alex., D.D., professor of Divinity,
12 College court.
Houston, Robert, A.M., 10 Bedford street.
Jamieson, Robert, D.D., 156 Randolph
terrace, Garnethill.
Jeffrey, George, 28 Whitevale.
Johnston, D., 13 Monteith row.
Johnston, David, Claythorn street.
Johnston, Robert, 56 Dundas street.
Johnston, Gilbert, Govan Free Church,
13 Rutland street.
Kerr, John, U.P., 16 Annfield place.
King, David, LL.D., 19 Sandyford place.
Kirk, Robert, chaplain, Town's Hospital.
Lees, William, 76 Abbotsford place.
Lindsay, William, D.D., professor of Di-
vinity, 33 Monteith row.
Lorimer, John G., D.D., 6 Woodside pi.
M'Conochie, J., 17 St. James's St., East
M'Donald, John, 38 Portugal street.
M'Dougall, Archibald, 5 Holland place.

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